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  1. "Pain hurts, but only for a minute" - Chris Cagle So.... technically a song lyric more than a quote, but those words have gotten me through just about every painful incident in my life.
  2. Like Sagefire, I spent alot of my childhood hoping the sight would manifest. The closest I got was when my Aunt took me to a field and I used a divining rod while walking around. My sight got very blurry and it felt like something passed through me and then it was over (if you had asked me back then I could have provided more detail, unfortunately my memory isnt what it used to be). As a kid it made my day though! Then, there was one night, a few years back, that I woke suddenly and there was a floating(snarling) wolfs head. We made eye contact and it flew right over my head. It scared the ever living life out of me at the time.
  3. What a great idea! Getting wax off of my candle holders has been such a pain, I cant wait to try this out. (Im not too familiar with how forums work yet, so if this post is too old to be replying to, I apologize).
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