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  1. Wonderful...Thanks for sharing this!
  2. Dark Phoenix

    Keeping tabs

    I am so happy things are looking up for you! COngrats and keep us posted! Great to see you again!
  3. Beautiful! I love his white coat!
  4. Yea this is just another reason why I am very careful about who I tell about my craft..
  5. Dark Phoenix


    I am glad to hear things are going well!
  6. Aw...hang in there Amber...I'm sure your fatigue is just getting to you...Why don't you take a few days to yourself?
  7. Dark Phoenix

    Post Xmas Blues!

    Oh I know how ya feel...I havent begun taking the Yule decorations down for that reason as a matter of fact...it is very sad...but then again it's kind of like a new beginning!
  8. Aw man...Wait Im too far up to join!!! lol ratss...lol I would love to join yall but I cant :( lol I actually have heard of Zombie Road before though.
  9. I think they are all pretty good looking lol
  10. I listen to like a million things lol too many to list but One band that stands out ( and Im kind of ashamed to say it but ) the Jonas Brothers...**duck and covers** lol
  11. Crap I forgot to actually put in my post above what I am reading lol I just finished the Canterbury Tales and The Lion in Winter...I am about to start Murder in the Cathedral.
  12. OOoo I want to read Interview with a Vampire so badly! Sadlywith all the novels I read for school I have no time.
  13. This is one of the first descriptions of Traditional Witchcraft I can actually relate to and say "Yes this is completely accurate!" Beautiful, Startella!
  14. Dark Phoenix

    Apology accepted?

    Good to see you!
  15. 1. What is your favorite witchy movie? Practical Magic 2. Where is your favorite place to do a spell? My basement or backyard 3. Where do you NORMALLY do your spells? Either basement or kitchen 4. What type of spells are your favorite? Curse or Hex 5. What is your favorite ingredient for a spell? Graveyard dirt 6. What is your LEAST favorite ingredient to use in a spell? Anything I don't have. 7. What is your favorite witchy holiday/festival? Samhain 8. Do you have an animal spirit, If yes, how many? Yes, 1 9. If yes to #8, name the animal spirit(s): Shark 10. Name your favorite witchy character: N/A 11. When was the last time you did a hex/curse? A couple of days ago 12. When was the last time you did a blessing/healing? A few months ago 13. When was the last time you did a binding? Don't believe I ever have. 14. When was the last time you did a love spell? Once and last year 15. Have you ever done a spell on someone just because you were bored? Yep a lot 16. What is your strength as a witch? My knowledge and concentration 17. What is your weakness as a witch? My impatience 18. If you could go back in time to meet ANYBODY associated in witchcraft, who would it be and why? Tituba, the slave accused of witchcraft in Salem, Mass. because I believe she was the only true witch killed at Salem. She began to taught the other children but was caught. 19. How much of a "modern stereotyped witch" applied to you as a witch? Almost not at all lol. Im evil...thats about it lol. 20. How long have you been a member of this forum? A year, and one month.
  16. LOL! I thought the same thing...And Im really behind on everything here!
  17. I think that is a wonderful idea...especially because it is what you want...I say go for it and good luck!
  18. Dark Phoenix

    Just Saying Hi!

    Hello Morgana! Good job on the grimoire...mine is also growing!
  19. Thanks SapphireMoon...Im sick with the flu also...I hope thisll help both of us in our healing!
  20. LOL! Thats so very cute! My dad actually likes to watch Spongebob :cuckoo:lol no but I enjoy it too lol
  21. Yea Ireland has creatures like these...Im sure my family has brought them from the Emerald Isle. We have all sorts of mischievous things around us...Im starting to like them...They get along with our ghosts lol
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