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    reading, biking, animals, working
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Not as familiar as i would like I'm searching for my path
  • Have you explored other paths?
    wicca (i bet u get that a lot) but it just don't connect with it.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    A deeper understanding of my self and nature, i love nature i always have.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    I have been searching for a few years but can't find what i'm looking for. Been into wicca for about 5 years
  • What brought you to our site?
    A better understanding for traditional withcraft
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    More information, mingling with others of like mind and understanding others belief's
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    I have a love of nature and have always respected my surroundings
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    The basic's to make it a way of like
  1. i just bought awakening to the spirt world by sandra ingerman & hank wesselman gonna crack it open tonight
  2. I'm reading creative visualization by shakti gawain, i found it at a used book store.
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