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  1. I agree. I wouldn't want to wear the costume at the top because of the history attached to it, it makes me feel sick just thinking about it. I just think that in my opinion, most trad Witches don't have to wear a costume for Halloween, because they 'are a Witch' all year round. It's nice to see the little'uns dress up though.....it fires their imaginations.
  2. I never really got 'lost' in the excitement of the discovery of being a Witch because it was always kind of there. I mean, there in the background waiting to be recognised (if that makes sense). My mother was very tuned in and had a best friend with the Sight. So I was very young when I first started experiencing the world of Spirit. Then as the Craft called out to me I leaned towards mind, body and spirit teachings. I discovered Witchcraft at around twenty, and knew straight away. All the energies around me - the dreams, hearing things, seeing glimpses into Spirit, smelling things, feeling everything around me, that buzz when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you know you've got 'company'. It all grew so familiar and comforting, I sometimes have to concentrate on not being too relaxed about it or I can get lazy and not notice things happening right in front of me. I can see how it can be overwhelming for some people though. It is wonderful at first, knowing that you finally fit in somewhere.
  3. It's been a strange Samhain this year, literally buzzing with energies from the World of Spirit, but with an underlying sadness and feeling of loss and torment. I'm just coming down now, getting mentally exhausted and really needing some rest time soon.

    1. StanLily


      I had a similar experience.  

  4. These were made by three of my friends....I thought they were a brilliant attempt as they have special needs. 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 (my friends, not the pumpkins).
  5. Onyx, you're a fountain of cool information. Thank you, I'll take a look when I'm not busy.
  6. I used the Witches Tarot. But now I use the Deviant Moon Tarot. I have the borderless cards and they're wonderful...
  7. The Beast : 'You are different from the rest. Your heart is pure! Rejoice! The broken are the more evolved'..... - Split (Movie). Probably my favourite quote ever...
  8. I like both but I like the lighting behind the skulls. Beautiful artistry. She's definitely got a little of her Grandad's influence in there...🤨
  9. Autumnal Equinox coming up soon. I do so love all the colours as the trees shed their leaves. It's my favourite time of the year 🍁🌿

    1. Onyx


      Mine too!  I love the sunny days and the cool nights.

    2. Onyx


      I see you live in Kent.  I know a witch who lives in Kent, he is a writer, I have his book.  It is called "A Cantii Cycle of the Year"  Musings of a Traditional Witch.  by Arianllwynog.  Goes by the name Nog.  In fact I saw him on this site once maybe.  The book has a lot of traditions and lore for Southern England.  Where yu live.

    3. AliacenisAF9


      I live near to Folkestone. It's quite pagan oriented and parts of Folkestone and Hythe are very haunted. It's also near to where HG Wells used to spend his holidays.. xx

  10. I ate mud at 3 too.....!
  11. 'Quiet people have the loudest minds' -S.Hawking One of my favourites...
  12. Brilliant. I love the Bog Monsters and Bog Witch. And what's with the rowboats? Confusing haha! And two Dads....and the 'fuck off space egg'. Had a good hurrumph....
  13. I was always fascinated with circles. From a very early age I would surround myself with toys when I went to bed...and if one fell off my bed I would quickly replace it or it would be breaking the circle. And I was always drawing circles and swirls. I also loved the Seasons - my favourite being Autumn. I could tell when bad things were about to happen, and sense awful places and atmospheres, as well as lovely places and calming atmospheres. I would also catch things out of the corner of my eye. My Mum thought she might be/was raised/ was encouraged by family to be a born-again christian - but she was actually a kitchen Witch without knowing. She taught me that the supernatural was a perfectly normal part of living and encouraged me to ask the question 'why'. I would speak to spirits without batting an eyelid because I became so used to their presence. I adored trees and forests. And I was always around animals (I actually like animals more than some humans!) I suppose I realised subconsciously that I was a Witch from around the start of my teens, when I discovered punk rock, being a goth and getting my tattoos and piercings done. I was shunned, for being quiet, for being different, and bullied for being both. So I thought 'fuck it, if I'm so different, then I'll look the part'. I didn't realise that there was no need, and although I've never regretted that period of my life, I started to get swept up in the love affair between myself and Witchcraft in my late teens/early twenties and finally the penny dropped. The veil was lifted....and I've never looked back.
  14. Hot and extremely bothered. Must be my Scottish roots. Mind you, apparently it's scorching in Scotland too!!!

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    2. Onyx


      Och aye!  Hot Blooded, hot tempered, and dead sexy!

    3. AliacenisAF9


      I couldn't agree more Onyx. There's just something about men in kilts.....

    4. Onyx


      OMG!  I have a lot of pics on Pinterest of Men in Kilts!  Mmmm!

  15. Yes, it's my Witchy Scrap Book. It's mostly just cuttings of spells or pathworking ideas that I find interesting. Astrological charts, palm reading, hexes and curses, auras, anything that I think I might find useful or I can adapt to suit my needs.
  16. I write a lot of notes in my books too, even the scrimped and saved for cherished ones - I think it just adds my personal energies to them (like marking them as my territory). I also have a book of magazine/newspaper clippings that I have found interesting and wanted to keep.
  17. This tribute is gorgeous and reminded me so much of the 'flame that was extinguished too soon' that was my Mum. I feel your pain - beautiful words xx
  18. Just a smidge of light entertainment for the upcoming Samhain: The day is filled with love and light, but my best work is done at night. And in-between the twilight's lull, are creatures dark and beautiful. The 'one of kind', the 'shunned all life', the 'lost' that walk along the knife. These kindred spirits are my kin, the kind I find my interests in. We 'nightmare creatures' fill the night, or so it's thought.... but that's not right. Real 'monsters' also live in day, but not like how the films portray. They prey on youngsters, old, or weak, and sex or drugs is what they seek. So next time someone sees the Witch, the Werewolf, Vampire... flip the switch. And spare a thought for us you might, the misjudged creatures of the night... _AAF9_
  19. I love the Eclipse of the Sun with Solar Flares. You've certainly inspired me, must get out my easel and start painting again. I recently moved to a place by the sea.....my favourite subject! Loving the Northern lights pictures too. You seem to have put an incredible amount of energy put into them. You can feel it x
  20. I agree. The fictional movies are pure escapism for me. A big bag of popcorn and a Coke Zero and I'm a happy bunny!
  21. My partner was always fascinated in my ghostly ramblings but he is very matter-of-fact and told me once: 'I'm not saying I don't believe that you see things, but until I see them I'll always be a skeptic'. So i respected his point of view and left it at that. Then one night he had picked me up from my workplace (I was working a late shift until 10pm) and we were driving home. It was a long quiet stretch of road and suddenly I got goosebumps - and almost simultaneously my partner screeched the car to a halt in the middle of the road. I was so busy checking to make sure there was no other traffic and catching my breath that I didn't realise how shocked he looked until he started driving again. I asked him what had happened, and he said 'there was a sudden blinding light that hurt my eyes for a few seconds and I couldn't see through it so I stopped the car for fear of driving off the road into something'. We got home safely and I forgot about the situation for a while, just putting it down to one of those nights. Then I was visiting with my brother (who also sees things) and we got talking about strange occurrences (as we so often do). He was telling me that he was driving along that same patch of road (this time going to work) and he had been the first on the scene to a motorcycle accident. My brother is a first-aider so he got out of his car and waited with the injured man until the ambulance arrived - but unfortunately the man died of his injuries. I asked my brother why had he never mentioned this before? He replied 'it was too traumatic and I didn't feel comfortable talking about it up until now'. I then asked him which part of the road had the accident occurred and he described the exact place where my partner had screeched to a halt. So I went home and told my partner. He has never questioned me seeing strange phenomena since..
  22. You would think I'm obsessed with vampires....I'm not! I quite like the films though. However, I'm not always so impressed by the way a lot of the vampire films portray Witches, but luckily this film doesn't portray any Witches, just down and dirty vampires. It's not glamorous, just raw and emotional.
  23. LadyeFalcon. Have a good birthday x

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