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    So this topic got me thinking... has anyone here tried to do spirital geneaology? By that, I mean actually contacting their known ancestors by journeying or other methods and actually speaking to them and getting it straight from the horse's mouth as it were? I have begun a relationship of sorts with an eight greats grandfather who was sent over here to the colonies from England in 1744 as a convict and ever since I was a kid I have been keenly interested in him and his story from his life as a chimney sweep to his indenture in Virginia and subsequent mysterious marriage and death on the frontier. I have contacted him twice in shamanic journies and have been shown some very vivid images of his life. One time I had to cut the whole thing short, because my head felt very heavy and full and I almost felt sick. He didn't feel negative, there was just "too much" of him. I have had soooo many weird synchroncities with many ancestors throughout my life, but especially this guy. Another time I got in contact with a great grandmother whom I had never met but whom my mom was close to who told me her favorite flower was the sunflower. Weirdly enough, I got a glimpse of a yellow house with yellow and white awnings which I always had a weird deja vu memory of but had never seen in real life and could nevetr really place. Then I saw that same house in some old family photos. It was her house! Does anyone have any experience with doing this? Would it by any worse or less accurate than the dubious DNA tests or possibly bogus Ancestry.com records? Thoughts?
  2. I have not yet done any divination on it. I am of English, German and Scandenavian descent and since I was pretty young, have always been drawn to thebcuatima of these ancestors. I am not Asatru, but follow along with a basic semblance of Germanic/ Northern European magic. I too, have no interest in utilizing magic outside my own culture. I have been exploring bind runes a lot. I know the Vegvisir is supposed to guide through rough weather but I been exploring its use because what is life but weathering the storm? I have smudged with cedar, European sage and mugwort. I truly don't feel as though this spirit is in any way malevaloent. But I do see your point about spiritual hygeine.
  3. Thank you all for your replies. I have done some reading on the Domovoi (part of it was research for a historical novel about the Varangians thayt I was writing) and I found it very interesting. I still haven't found the quiet moment to just sit and be present and listen to whatever is there, but I plan on it. As far as household protections, probably a little weak in this area, thoguh I did place a ward on the house. What do you suggest Phagos?
  4. Thank you, Sagefire and Mona. We do have cats. My one cat will walk around and yowl in a complainy annoying way for no reason. Perhaps she is talking to him? One of my daughters had the idea to use a spirit board to communicate with him. Haven't done it yet. Sometime when the house is super quiet and it is just me, I want to sit and communicate with him/her/it in my head and see what I come up with. I will try to leave an offering. Maybe on the kitchen counter? The basement and area where most of this is happening is next to the kitchen. Also if my husband sees food left on the counter in the kitchen he won't think I am off my rocker. 🙂
  5. So the topic about farm spirits got me thinking... This is an exciting topic and one I have been contemplating of late. I am very interested in the landvaettir. There are also the husevaettir (sp?) or house spirits. We have had a lot of strange occurrances around our house in the past couple of years that has accelerated lately. I have done some research on the internet trying to see if anyone had advice on disginguisihing a ghost from a house spirit. I came up with nothing. My husband is open to things, but not generally as in to the same sort of things as I am. A skeptical believer I guess. But when I had something blow air in my ear (as in even making the small ridges in my ear vibrate) and he heard it when he was several steps ahead of me on the basement steps, he started paying attention. He has witnessed cupboard doors creaking (that had to be opened to creak), I have had lights turn on and heard the basement stairs that had to have weight on them to creak (the sound is very distinctive and one I am familiar with) when no one was around. My daughters have both witnessed a "finger" poking through the shower curtain in the bathroom adjencent to the basement late at night. My 14 year old frequently sees dark shapes flitting around that part of the house. No one ever feels anything negative or really scary about it, though the finger poking thing kind of freaked the girls out. 🙂 My question is, this a house spirit that has taken up residence here or have we suddenly become haunted? How to differentiate? If the former, how best to propitiate such a spirit?
  6. Thank you fro all the great replies. I am sorry I am so late in replying. This summer has majorly sidetracked me. I have been learning a tremendous amount off this site and am ready to get back on here and learn more!
  7. It had occurred to me to use knot magic, but macrame is new to me and I was too busy learning how to do the knots. At the very least, they look very attractive hanging in my windows. Being of mostly English heritage, I am particurly drawn to English folk magic. Thank you both for your replies.
  8. So I searched on here but did not see an in depth discussion of witch balls. I know they have been used to ward off negative entities in England for at least three centuries, but I was wondering what the members on here thought of them. Have you used one? Did you put anything inside? If so, what? Did you do anything else special to it before hanging it in your window? I just got through doing a project that I had put off because I though it would be hard and it wasn't. I macrame'd hemp twine around a large blue orb I had gotten from a craft store last year on clearance. Esthetically, I was very pleased with the results. I have one more orb to do. Part of my intent is because it is very beautiful, but I am also asking on the basis of using it as a ward. I would like a Trad view of this if any have any experience in this area, please? :D
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