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  1. @NorwegianWitch The ancient Egyptian Goddesses Hathor and Isis resemble your description.. I knew I had seen it before somewhere.
  2. @NorwegianWitch Wow. So many questions my curious inquisitive mind really wants to ask....but this isn't the place or time (to public). And you may not want to answer them. :) :) In my much younger life I would have said: "OMG it is the devil/Satan and you had better immediately do intense spiritual warfare and exorcism to get rid of that evil dude as fast as possible!!! LOL But at this stage in my life journey I don't know. I used to internet converse with a nice and communicative actively practicing lifelong Satanist willing to disclose and share. But haven't done so for years...If I can remember or find on my computer where/how to contact him I will pass info on to you. He may be able, willing to tell you what he knows or what his opinion is . Also, Surely someone here knows. Hope you find what you need!
  3. Thanks @FancyShadowCat It was harder then I thought it would be :) Had to keep changing my strategy. I thought for sure I was to slow. I kept getting distracted reading so many of the older posts/threads I bumped into out there. You know like, turning people into FROGS (or at least giving them a strong desire to eat bugs !!) LOL Priceless :) :) And some that will make me blush if I mention; so I wont.
  4. That is my experience too. The books, imho, are mostly just someone making the stuff up to make money selling books. :) Seems to me Dream interpretation is a personal/individual/emotion based thing that can't be defined by rules and symbols found in a book. When I started just looking at what was happening, or had happened in the past, in my life, and what I feel about it, then some of the dreams made more sense. Sometimes I think we just stay in our own mind when dreaming, but then I will have a dream that makes me think that maybe we do the OBE thing and go somewhere else......so I am still pursuing the truth on this !
  5. Whew, I must be doing a lot of compartmentalizing......I always wonder "where does my brain get SO MUCH stuff that needs to be sorted?" LOL I dream almost all night every night, Especially between 3 - 5 a.m. Many mornings, during those hours, I just slip right into Lucid dreaming whether I want to or not. And start very actively participating in my dreams, changing, controlling, redoing everything I don't like about what I was and am dreaming. It is like being the actors, director, writers and producer all at once. Around 5:oo ish I wake up but keep dreaming even though I am awake...it takes awhile for me to shut it off! I now only occasionally try to interpret, or make any sense out of any of it. I have tried in the past but cant seem to for most of it... except for the several very realistic, remembered every detail perfectly after I woke up, warning dreams of very, very serious things that were coming...and they did
  6. Wanted to just bump it but couldn't. It has been archived. So I will try being techy and posting it this way! LOL Especially the first post!
  7. Almost always have followed rational thinking, , due diligence, intuition/gut, ...my Head. There are numerous small, less important things, that have little or no non-positive consequences if I get it wrong, that I use my heart... That approach was obviously best for and worked for me because the result was I have made just a few big blunders in life. (But, when I did blunder they were really BIG .) And have only a few, especially the really big important stuff, regrets going into old age. I watched many of my classmates, co-workers, friends, strangers and family members throughout my life follow mostly their heart. Observed the messes , complications, suffering they made and brought on themselves; how their lives were far more difficult and challenging then mine was/is. That all just kept reinforcing my choice to use my head, not my heart, in most things.
  8. Glad you enjoyed them..nothing like a good daily laugh to get thru life :)
  9. Secrecy (and privacy, protection) always has been top priority for us . No one would ever have a clue what our spiritual/esoteric practices or beliefs are. Nothing about our homes, dress, actions, lifestyle, speech etc. gives away anything; learned early in life to only disclose what we know and do on a need to know basis, keep everything close to the cuff. Like that commercial "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", haha
  10. The only knowledge of hand gestures I have is some of these on your chart are used by the esoteric Fraternities/Societies . They use them to communicate with each other. But they could also use them for magic. Since some of the societies go way back to ancient Persia and Egypt, I don't know just thinking, maybe the hand gestures origionated with ancient Eqyptian witchcraft? I might want to be careful and not use hand gestures....my problem lately has been retaining to much energy and not seeming to be able to send it out of me so that I am more comfortable LOL. My physical body energy can be low and I can be physically tired etc. but this other energy is bubbling up inside I obviously need to research this and figure out what's happening and what to do about it! :)
  11. Me too, The more I question it the more confusing it gets. I personally want to have any complex subject taken to: it is this, and it is that, and do this and this will happen! add 2 + 2 and you will get 4 LOL I used to be very afraid of the dark energies/negative energies. The ones within and outside of me. Resisted, ran from, avoided, tried to defeat them every way possible, at all costs, no matter what. When the whole time the dark energy was something that I very much needed and would have helped me greatly in life..... My upbringing and lifestyle sure screwed me over on this aspect of life. But no more, I now work with the dark and light. And am not afraid of the dark. I have a healthy respect for it and try not to cause or allow a problem with it...but not afraid of it. It is now to be accepted and understood and worked with. Although I am not yet very good at working with it. But this hopefully will come with practice. I also don't try to personify it. Which is difficult because I keep accidently/briefly slipping back into trying to talk to it and trying to figure out how to address it (with a title or name). Old habits are hard to break! Just recently I also feel it bubbling up from inside...sometimes it is to much and I need to try to force some of it either up and out or push it into the ground through my feet. Since this is all pretty new to me I am not totally sure why this is so...and what to really do about it. LOL Anyway, got a bit wordy. Said all this to say Great thread. LOL
  12. Personally, I am not the person I was when I joined this forum. I have changed A lot. I came here for a REBOOT, a start over. To throw out everything I had been taught, believed and practiced for a lifetime that was not working and to find the TRUTH about what does work. I am in the process of doing that. My actual actions...some has changed. For example I never really connected with the earth, sky, moon, plants and animals before... I get energy from and enjoy them now. ...BUT mostly, what I think, feel, believe, understand about LIFE and my spiritual practices/workings is different. I will go now I am getting teary eyed writing this!
  13. @AnnaMoon I also read the Older posts. When the mods say the Search Engine Is our friend....IT IS. I have found some ROFL LMAO posts, a few X rated blushers, priceless info, protective warnings and more. I am PM ing you for the PDF
  14. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better I LMAO ROFL !!!!
  15. I am an IDK person about demons.. Even though I have had experiences and seen something that sure looked/sounded like one! Lots of food for thought. Phoenix. This is Priceless!!! LOL Just had to quote it....and I will keep my eyes open for some angry dead relatives! I too would come back to haunt several people....LOL
  16. Thanks, @Onyx. I now know a great deal more about Runes. 😀 Especially the translating part...LOL
  17. My attitude after my recent birthday:


    1. circa1948


      When was it?  Happy belated Birthday. 🎂 🎁

    2. Homeschoolie


      Thanks circa1948,  June 21.

      On my high school class reunion website they  posted this years reunion song . The Beatles song : When I Am 64 !

    3. circa1948


      I remember the song well 🙂 

  18. My sentiments exactly. The hair stands up on the back of my neck and I get ANGRY whenever someone says or I read : think positive thoughts, say ONLY positive things or you will bring bad/negative experiences to you. Gag. Double Gag. Besides IF it was that easy and simple to cause negative with just spoken words, the reverse would be true that we can just say" I am wealthy", "I am healthy", "My Cancer (name ANY physical problem) is gone etc And it would happen. Never does!
  19. They're 2 different skills. One has to do with sensing (seeing) and the other has to do with interacting (touching/manipulating). Yeah, they're both about energy but one has to do with input and the other with output. It would be like trying to plug a microphone into a headphone jack - even though they both have to do with sound. Very helpful description. I know you haven't been on the forum for a long time, RoseRed, but in case you should pop back in sometime, Thank You.
  20. Ditto what you said for me too ... Especially the last line. .If I have any fear about the craft at all it is that I know some of the evildoers I need to send some justice to could be better/stronger/more knowledgeable at witchcraft then me and harm us worse then they already have! I , of course, am going to do all I can to not let that happen.
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