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    movies, crochet music,etc.
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    a personal solitary path one has with spirit guides, be they deceased human (ancestoral, etc.) or a being that never was one of us.
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    a year all out practicing ;research for over 20.
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    google :)
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    a solid community of like minded individuals
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    divination and speaking with spirits (safely!)
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    have never practiced communally (in a coven)
  1. I started looking into and doing a lot of deep meditation on this god. Has anyone had any dealings with the willing spirits of deceased children? Kuman Thong, to my understanding, has its roots in ancient necromany, where the monks would use stillborn or aborted fetus, dry roast them, and cover this in gold leaf, chanting to call on the spirit the whole time. This is a human spirit that never lived a human life, isn't it? As interesting as this is, I am not interested in owning a fetus, no matter how powerful! I am more interested in its modern practice. Lots of articles show a strong belief in haunted dolls, Look Thep, and dress them, pray to them, and give them offerings. Beautiful statues are for sale online that can be quite expensive. Has anyone had any interaction with spirits like these? Who do you belive is actually summoned? With the ancient tradition, its pretty obvious that the spirit of the child is whats being interacted with, but with the modern Look Thep tradition, I am just curious as to others opinions on what it is that would answer the call, so to speak, to an inanimate dolls worship. videos and srories i have seen all believe that it is a child that comes, and small running feet and childish laughter can be heard from time. These spirits bring good luck and protect, and are invited into the home... Oh yeah, and I have noticed that these spirits like red Fanta. Thanks in advance and i look forward to hearing any and all opinions!
  2. So, I have surfed the site quite a bit, and have not seen any threads on this topic. I have done what research I can online and through videos, and fined that I like the 3-dice system, but have not used it much recently. I would like to use this system to speak with departed, mainly Ancestors. Does anyone have any experience with this system of divination? The main reason I stopped using this as an oracle was that I felt/feel that I am not ready to go to far into divination at this point in my walk. Any and all advice will be appreciated!
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