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    Life, Drawing, reading. Tarot and Crystals.
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I only recently realized I have been doing magic my whole life. I regularly hear others thoughts and I am an empath. This has made finding my own path hard until recently.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I was raised Christian, or so I thought. We church hopped and changed denominations so often I was only confused. And they didn't take it well when I had questions and I wasn't satisfied with the answers I was given. I have explored wicca and yogic teachings. I took what spoke to me and moved on. I am now trusting my intuition and seeing where that takes me. My beliefs are private and they tend to stay that way till a trust bond is formed.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I have been spell casting and banishing invasive spirits/entities my whole life, I just didn't have a name for it as it came naturally.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    I don't know yet what it means to me. I am still searching for that answer.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    I have been different my whole life. My life is steeped in magic and psychic energy. I am now learning what that means for me.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I really don't remember. I have been lurking the general for a few weeks now.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I want to find my path and I hope my experiences will be of use to someone.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    I am working with tarot and divination. But I have always been an empath and have strong intuition. I don't know my strengths yet.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    My weakest points would be my suppressive upbringing. I have worked hard to believe in myself and I have made great progress.
  • Additional Information.
    Haven't read lovecraft, but that picture makes me laugh. :P
  1. Lmao. I nearly choked when I got to the tree. 🙂 very Funny.
  2. Wow. SB, my post could literally be your word for word. I two have both of those books and read the entire Twilight series in a single weekend just to shut up a classmate of mine in college. She was obsessed with them and never stopped talking about it. So I got them on thur and read all four over the weekend. (I am a fast reader lol) when I told her I didn't really care for it(me being polite, since I absolutely hated it. Lol) she didn't believe I could possibly gave read them that fast. I gave her a point by point rundown of why I didn't like it and she never talked to me about it again. It was totally worth it to be able to break it down for her, she never mentioned it again for the rest of the semester. I had a couple others thank me as they were sick of hearing it as well. Lol. I recently found the SRW book when I was moving a bookshelf. I laughed because I had forgotten I even had it still. It never resonated with me.
  3. I will look for them when I have a day off from work. I miss my creativity. It felt like it was smothered for a while and is starting to wake back up. :)
  4. I'm going to revive this topic because it brought back a memory I had forgotten. :) I find the process of creating a memory palace to be both therapeutic and effective. When I first read about tulpas and wonderlands, I didn't tie that together with memory palaces. Until I realized that I had been creating one unintentionally. When someone would say "go to your happy place" when I got depressed as a young child I didn't fully understand what they meant. I would search my mind for that perfect happy memory to lose myself in, but I never could find it. All my memories were tainted by some unpleasantness or worse, so I began imagining a place I could be at peace, without the baggage of unpleasantness. :) it started out small as a single room with the hint of other rooms attached. Over the years it grew I to a beautiful but simple 1 bedroom apartment with a great bathroom. And a stipper pole in the bedroom. :P puberty added some of it's own touches lol. It overlooked the most amazing oceans. I didn't learn of memory palaces till I read an article about one of the memory champions many years ago. What he described really resonated with what I was already doing and the thought of boosting my recall of old memories really appealed to me. I had already started creating a tulpa (she and I have an understanding that she is a part of me so her growth tends to reflect mine, and she doesn't get mad at me for not spending every moment thinking about her.) I have read of tulpas who were very controlling. I I believe that is a reflection of the mind that creates it. Now my definition of tulpa may also be defined a a servitor? But I'm not sure. I do assign her tasks on occasion and she has helped me remember appointments, or smacked me when I forgot to ask her to remember. :) I did create a room for exploring old memories and she has access to it, but I rarely go in myself. She occasionally reminds me of a repressed or forgotten memory when I am in need of it, or when i have grown enough emotionally to handle it. I have recently placed an alter space there and use it for internal meditation on my path. I don't have to reach a deep state to access it, hell I am sometimes there and here at the same time. The dual presence is a side effect of stress that I learned to use to my own purposes. :) I never had a childhood home as we moved about a lot. Never more than a few years in the same place. My Grandparents house might once have served as a place of good memories, but my mother ruined it like most things she touches. My Grandparents left her their first house when they built their retirement home on the coast. She has crammed it to the rafters. She became a hoarder and allowed the house to fall to major disrepair. I wonder if others have unintentionally created there own personal memory palaces and just don't realize it, like I did. :) since moving out my exploration of my mind and it's abilities has started up again. I have to remind myself to be patient ( or she will remind me lol. ) and my memory will improve with work. Sel
  5. I really like these. The cards pop with the color. :) It makes me want to restart the work I was doing a few years ago on a tarot deck. I was at the time attempting to create a Vampirella themed deck. I designed the backs and frame of the cards and was working on Digitally editing the images from the comics into the different cards. I only have the original drawing I did of the back and borders now though due to a computer dying. :( If I can find them I'll try to upload a pic. :)
  6. Until reading this thread I hadn't really thought I had any witchy traits. But now that I've put some thought into it I realized a few of the things that I just considered quirky about myself could be considered witchy. I'll do my best, but wall of text incoming. :P lol First thing that popped into my head: my ability to make others feel what I'm feeling when I bottle up to much energy. I have had family and coworkers stop me mid story or tirade because they were literally having trouble breathing. Like I had sucked all of the air out of the room. Or when I'm angry (real anger that I have a poor grasp on and cant push it aside at the moment) I have had ppl react to me entering the room even when they didn't know I was there. My boss shuddered and commented on it when I entered her energy field. Said I was crackling. The funny thing is she is a student pastor and doesn't appear to believe in magic. I too have trouble with my stare. I make ppl either very comfortable or very uneasy depending on my mood or the situation. When ppl approach me and just randomly spill there entire lives all over me, I cant seem to shake them. It's like my eyes draw them in and I feel trapped by their need to unload all of their problems at me. Before I learned to embrace and control my empathic abilities I was literally trapped and it would trigger a panic attack when I went out in public. I still draw people in if I make eye contact but I am able to redirect the emotions they dump on me and don't feel trapped anymore. :) It's very funny now when I'm in a large group of ppl and make eye contact with someone. I watch the confusion as they try to figure out why they suddenly want to come talk to me. Some resist the urge but will continue to glance over at me till they give in or leave lol. I was homeschooled so I didn't really notice until I got to college how I could affect an entire room full of strangers. In all my classes, no matter where I sat the teachers eyes would always find mine and get stuck there. In the lecture hall the speaker would also find me and then rarely look away. On a few occasions they would answer questions I had only thought to myself while they were looking in my eyes. My classmates would comment on it too. Most were just happy she/he wasn't looking at them. Lol. To this day it still happens. At every staff meeting my boss will stare in my eyes the entire time. No matter where I sit. It was really funny when I sat behind her and she kept turning around every couple min to look at me. Lol. I have wondered if it is a side effect of the fact that I am focused on them. It seems to affect people I am focused on the strongest. Let's see. I also have large hands and feet. But so to all the women on my mother's side. My grandmother is turning 80 and wears a size 11/12 shoe. Lol. My hair is incredibly long. Last measurement was 4feet. But it has gotten longer since I had my son. :) my hair is baby fine and if I wore it short would look like a wavy knotted mess lol. The weight of the length keeps it straight. I keep it braided most of the time. When I was a teenager I wore it down and dressed all In Black. I was asked by many if i was a witch. I didn't think i was at the time. Just a very depressed girl. :) as i learned to embrace myself i got the depression under control. I still dress all in black, but now I just look like a goth mom lol. ;P I probably look more witchy to strangers than I do to ppl who have known me for years. To my family I have always been weird lol. As a child I was drawn to quartz. I never knew why but I would rarely go out of the house without coming home with at least one piece in my pocket. Every time I moved it amazed me how many I had unconsciously collected. Even to this day I get the urge to bring home quartz. I would place them all around my bedroom as a child. It wasn't till I started learning about the occult in my late 20s that I learned about the psychic protections some ppl Associate with quartz. I was unconsciously surrounding myself with it during my darkest times. I now use those same stones around my home as part of my protections. I feel a connection to them. Well that was quite a wall lol. Sel
  7. I am very glad I work in a small home setting. We only house 6 clients at a time. Most have been here for many years. I have on occasion visited much larger facilities and the energy there was almost overwhelming the first time. The loneliness was so thick it was like trying to walk through jello. I don't think I want to ever work in a place that big. It would be too exhausting to have to feel that every day. It's no wonder ppl in this field become cold and detached at work. You almost have to just to stay safe. Not to mention all those ppl have so much mental and emotional baggage.
  8. It might seem weird but I prefer to work with the mentally disabled because they don't feel the same to me as the general public. Somehow more innocent and vulnerable. And there emotions are easier for me to filter than normal peoples. We had a client a few years ago who was abused by her husband when she was younger. It was suspected by her father as well. Her husband had recently died when I met her and i swear he was still coming to her. On several occasions we saw a shadowy figure enter her room at night. Most everyone else was too scared to check on her when this happened but I didn't want to leave her unprotected, if I was there I would put up visualized barriers of light and cast out all negative things. I have to do most of my energy work in my mind when I am at work as I live in the south and Witchcraft is not really welcome, despite the laws. So I keep my activities as PC as I can at work. Lol. I have gotten pretty good at visualizing though lol. It is usually just as effective, only really seems to matter if I'm concentrating fully. It saddened me when she passed. She was a sweet broken lady. :) I miss her.
  9. My boss was responding to one of our clients about evil spirits in the house. She had jokingly expressed concern about seeing something shadowy in the hall at night. To which my boss loudly exclaimed that we all believed in God here and no witches or warlocks were gonna be able to get in the home. I work in a group home btw. Lol. I busted out laughing in the other room before I caught myself and played it off like I was watching the tv lol. What's really funny is I have seen plenty of things in this house. I always wear my protections when I go to work just incase. We deal with the mentally challenged so my guards are usually up psychically. So I'm not sure how much I might be repelling lol.
  10. I realize this is an old discussion and not really on topic either, but I had a spraying issue with my cat when we moved. The neighborhood cats were marking our doors from the outside and it was driving my cat crazy. We found if we move his litter boxes. (He has 2) by the doors. He is more comfortable because he overwrites their scent. Plus we found that sprinkling cinnamon on the shrubs near the doors keeps the strays away from our doors. It's funny to watch the stray early in the morning doing his rounds and skipping our door lol. cats hate cinnamon.
  11. For me traditional is what ever feels right to me. If I don't vibe with an idea or practice I put it aside for now. I have always had to follow my instincts since I had such a conflicted childhood. My instincts have let me to hoard Crystals since I was a child. I didn't find out till I got older and started doing my research that the rocks and crystals I was collecting were boosting and protecting my psychic abilities. I believe I was drawn to them as a defense mechanism against my mother's inconsistent magical defenses. Nearly all of my stones and Crystals are locally found. I even found a quartz arrowhead while walking in The woods one day. I think the word traditional is not as important as how it feels to you as an individual. You are the tradition.
  12. I would like to hear more as well. I have not heard of this and it piqued my interest.
  13. I love your art Onyx. :) I am getting back in touch with my art as well. I was very stressed for many years and it is really relaxing to get back into art. When I figure out how to ad pictures I'll post some of my rock paintings. I have been painting the same image on lots of tiny stones, the moon over a forested lake with a shooting star. I even made the stars and moon glow with luminous paint. I called them wishing stones before I knew wishing stones were a real thing lol. I look forward to your next art update. :)
  14. My familiar was a grey striped tom kitten that was being given away in front of walmart. I looked in his eyes and I knew. I didn't know exactly why at the time, but nothing was gonna stop me from taking him home with me. I had him for 3 years before his kidneys suddenly failed. He stayed with me for a while afterwards. Appearing in dreams and sleeping by me on the bed. I would wake up in the morning and the spot he usually slept in would be dented and warm. Some times when I had a nightmare I would feel him curl up and lay on my chest. He stayed for about a year with me after he died. I feel you will know when it happens and nothing an prepare you for it lol. I have had cats all my life and only bonded like that with him. And his name was flapjack. He kinda told me his name when he looked up at me with his huge eyes and all I could see was the character FlapJack from an old cartoon. 🙂
  15. I'm not sure if I have second sight exactly. I have had a small voice tell me things before they happened, but I haven't heard it clearly since I was a child. My clearest memory of the voice was when I was 5ish. I was sitting in the kitchen and my mom and her boyfriend were talking by the sink. It felt like a voice In my head but kinda behind me and to the left, told me "They are going to get married." Being a small child I immediately and matter of factly told them what was said. To which they responded by grilling me for an hour, asking me who I thought I had heard. They were both Christian's at the time and kept asking if it sounded good or holy, or if it was God. I eventually told them what they wanted to hear just so they would leave me alone. But now that I'm older I'm pretty sure it was my guardian trying to prepare me for the a future I had no control over, being so little. My mother did in fact marry him and he was a horribly abusive man. I am sure ive blocked out most of the time we were living with him because of how stressful it was. But the voice that warned me I remember it seemed almost sad that it had to tell me. Like it knew what I was about to go through but couldn't stop it. That was one of the only times I heard it as a clear voice. I have been warned of things or people I would meet before it happens. I will dream of the person or event, usually the night or week before it happens. Once when I was 10, I had a dream where a man I had never met or seen before was chasing me around my living room trying to molest me. Don't ask me how I knew what he wanted, he never spoke a word in the dream,but he wore this nauseating smile that just dripped with oozing lecherous intent. I woke up and told my mom about it but she dismissed it as a dream, I regularly dreamed of being chased by pedophiles since I was a small child. Still have no memory of being abused as a child but that didn't stop me from having a weirdly uncanny pedophile sense. Anyway the day after I had the dream we went to a convention (my mom was in Amway at the time. Lol) and as we were getting our seats a man walked up and introduced himself. I have no idea what his name was or even who he was because I was in full internal panic mode. Not only was he the man from my dream, but he had something deeply dark attached to him. I could visibly see it as a second entity that resided in him and fed on his urges. For all I know it caused those urges. But as soon as he walked up the entity began to speak to me, but the man was speaking to someone else. It kept telling me to trust the man and how good I smelled, how sweet. I was terrified and hid behind my mother who didn't see it. The whole time the man is just talking to my mother and a couple other people, but the entity continued to try and coax me out and wanted me to go with the man. It had a very hungry vibe and I refused. I told it no and to leave me alone. I remember before he left I tried to push the thought of turning around and leaving at the man and he suddenly remembered he need to do something and just left. The entity was pissed but I was stronger than I knew at the time lol.
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