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  1. I genuinely have a question as I have been seeing this quite a lot lately, and am new to seeing such a thing. There are times when I am just admiring the beauty of the woods and I will see a shadow "human" figure whether as part of or in front of a tree trunk. These shadow figures have not moved or anything, they are just there. My thought is that they are a spirit of the tree. I am not sure if that is correct. Anyone else ever see this?
  2. Haha! Sorry...didn't realize I had already posted here. I really love the topic though. :)
  3. From a young, young age, I had odd dreams. At 5, I actually dreamed about a witch. Shortly after that I started having dreams about a fire engulfing my hosue with me in it as my family watched. Then, I started having dreams that started connecting that I now know were a past life, but not my own...ended up being my daughter's, who I found shared a past life with me. I have been able to see the past in a different way than most. All of my dreams have meant something to me and I just have to dissect them. I put my hands on my first witchcraft book at age 8. I felt like it belonged to me, though it did not. I couldn't put it down. I grew up with agnostic parents, but in a very Christian family. It just never felt right. The only time I was happy was being in nature, or learning about it, so science was always my favorite subject. I have always been very intuitive and empathetic toward living things. And, I never felt like I fit in with most people. I was called weird, and freak, for my thoughts and ideas. I didn't completely figure it out til 2010 when I realized that a good number of my friends were pagan or occultists. Then, as I started learning, I found that I was already at this place. So much familiarity, so much that I already knew and understood. Then my dreams started making more sense. Once my deity came to me, everything started all coming together. Talk about enlightenment. I am a lot more comfortable in myself and my body. I am still shedding some of my old life, but have come so far. Finding myself more open and free. This year I have made some vows to myself to how I would like to move forward and learn. I know I am what some call a "hedge witch" so I would love to explore more about the veil/void, start my own grimoire, and prepare some new spells. I want to understand the spirits more than I already do, as well as dreams, astro travel (have experienced once), and other such things. Time to start digging into what I know and can do, now that I know who I am. I love reading all your stories. Very enlightening to see others who have known for most of their lives, though life gets in the way, til we awaken to ourselves once again.
  4. Is there a space on here to rant and ask for advice? I don't have a safe space so if there is one here, I would love to participate. If not, I respect that.
  5. I suffer from a form of tinnitus as well. I have it 24/7 and I hear it throughout my day. I went to an audiologist for it, said my hearing is perfect, but yes, my tinnitus is awful. I even have pain throughout the actual ear as well. They offered me a "hearing aid" that helps with tinnitus by emitting a sound from it that would be calibrated based on the right decibel for me to help alleviate the pain/ringing. The bad part is, I cannot wear anything in my ear at all without it being excruciatingly painful. I have a big pair of headphones I wear while listening to light piano music in a "quieter" area of my home when it starts giving me headaches or making me irritable. Any sudden or elongated noises irritate it most. I also looked into alternative therapies and have come across nothing valid in regards to alleviating the pain & ringing. I hear "it might work." But...there's not even a high enough percentage of a chance it will for the money I would pay. If you were doing this on yourself, I wouldn't be as worrisome, but be careful performing new rituals on others without experience, especially avoiding any physical rituals. Smoke, anything inserted near or around the ear, etc...can make it worse.
  6. **May I ask how you found this out? Was there a test done? Thanks!
  7. Here is a graph I found for translations & definitions of some of the wording in the above article. Just thought it may be a help.
  8. I taught my kids about Krampus a year or two after Santa wore off. Explained different cultures have different ways they navigate and celebrate the holidays. My daughter actually found this intriguing and started learning more about the Krampus, including watching YouTube videos about how the germanic countries celebrate the Krampus currently. I was glad that I waited, and that they could find interest in something "scary" to others.
  9. You are Heather You're never daunted by the odds and never run away no matter how tough of a fight you are facing. You have a loyal heart. In difficult situations you thrive and people can always count on you. You never give up, never back down and always get back up when you fall.
  10. I have been working on Ovid's Metamorphoses. Greek mythology. Great stories. One of my fave stories growing up were of Echo and Narcissus. I was pleased to find this story within this book. :) I have a small library of books I need to read. I used to collect them avidly, but couldn't read them fast enough. Now...my fave book I own is an early 1900's Clinical Toxicology book. I would say that it would be a good witchy book to have on hand. Has medical implications for all poisons/toxins. One of my other faves on my shelf is Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic: A Materia Magica of African-American Conjure by Catherine Yronwode...that I also recommend as a reference manual.
  11. I went to look at it and it's gone. :( Anyone happen to get a copy?
  12. When I was 5, I had my first witch dream. I wasn't afraid, rather I followed her, all the way to her home. I was curious. Then I saw townspeople coming toward her to "get rid of her." I knew what they were doing, and somewhat why, but all I can remember is I wished I could talk to her before she took off. I didn't get to though, as she fled over a cliff and was gone. I knew she was safe and I also hid from the townspeople as I even rather feared them. I was always intrigued with books and conversations about witchcraft. It's as if I understood it. Growing up, I had an uncanny knowledge of medical science. I never understood it. I also questioned a lot of religious practices. I seemed to have a deeper understanding of some things that kids my age don't always seem to have. I always knew I was different from a lot of other people. I still feel this way deep in my bones. I have always loved and respected nature in a way most don't understand. I have had miracles/mysteries happen within my life I could never explain. I could "do" things others couldn't. So, I guess, in my gut, I knew, but I didn't have anyone around to teach me.
  13. You got: The Grand High Witch You're a natural-born leader, and people (for good reason) fear challenging your authority. Other than that, the main thing about you is that boy, do you hate kids. You think kids are just the worst.
  14. I call this my "spidey sense." I can sense intentions of people I just walk past. I can feel emotions of others and usually pinpoint the general reason why they feel that way, though if medical, I can usually get more information than normal. I have a tendency to pinpoint certain points in time when someone may try to contact me (and have), when people have done things, etc. It's difficult to explain really. It's like I can look at people and get a sense of a screenplay of what has transpired recently. Rather like seeing someone's online recent activity. I can sense animals and peoples deeper emotional states. I can think/speak at the same moment with a couple people in my life. My syncrocity comes with people I am more close to...my husband, my best friend...but I also believe we choose these people for a reason. My best friend and I can communicate with each other without a word quite often when we are together. My husband and I do this one thinks/one says type of communication. At times, it's weird. Sometimes it's even a song we start singing in unison at the same point of the music, and can't remember the last time we heard that song. It makes me smile. I sometimes wonder if you are able to be confident in one of the "clair-"s...you have the ability to use all. The more you open yourself to this, I believe, the more apt you are to experience such things. I can hear music and voices, at times, where there shouldn't be. And, as I have read in here, I can see where music and voices could come to you when there should be none. I don't usually share this for fear of being told I am delusional and hallucinating. I call it having an open mind and being aware. I have a love of music, so my brain will bring music to me at any time, rather like having my own jukebox. I always thought it was due to the vibrations being something that would either sooth, or help me concentrate, depending on what I was doing at the time. The voices...maybe someone I have heard before and am thinking about them subconsciously. The brain works in very strange ways. I just usually try to see if it is something I should pay attention to or not. But, the other feelings, sensations, and "visions", I believe to be part of my gift. Rather like how I am my own Farmer's Almanac. And...friends and family call me about medical advice, even though I am not a doctor/surgeon. What "scares" me the most...I have yet to be wrong. :)
  15. I use the Druid Animal Oracle. It is the only deck that has every called to me. I love it and it works great for me. I need to use them more, even for my own situations. Would one day like to own a Tarot deck as well, as soon as one resonates with me. Edited to add photo...
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