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  1. That was true, many years ago. I cut it off when I lost what I had on top. I don't care for the Bald-With-A-Ponytail or Benjamin Franklin look. So I just keep it shiny all over. Easier to charge under a full moon.
  2. Mine has fallen out. I don't feel a difference magically speaking.
  3. This is amazing!!! Exactly the sort of item I want to be selling when we get the farm store set up! Very inspiring! I just uncorked some very crappy blackberry wine I bottled last summer, but this is over the top for sure.
  4. Morticia. One of my first crushes.
  5. I've tried all sorts of music. My granddaughter likes to use classic rock. Good girl!
  6. I think I learn more from my screw ups than my triumphs. At least I hope so as the screw ups far outnumber everything else. There is always room for fortunate accidents too! Finally solving a problem feels awesome and I always am proud of myself for moving forward instead of just walking away in disgust and frustration.
  7. Have you ever blindfolded yourself, put on some music and just put pencil to paper? You just move the pencil around instinctively and don't lift it until the music ends. We did this exercise in one of my high school art classes. The results can be surprising.
  8. Having a truly difficult time not being totally pissed off at humanity....

  9. I used that technique with a rope and a fence post to make crop circles a few years ago.
  10. I use a tack in the center of the circle with a string tied to it and a pencil. Old carpenter's trick...
  11. I like where this is going. By it's very nature it should be a multi medium piece. Keep it up!
  12. Wytches crone, wytches fair Fire light and bodies bare Drum and rattle, spell and song Midnight shadows deep and long Stag and doe, owl and crow Summer reaps the Springtide sow From your crafting may we see Autumn's bounty soon to be.
  13. It's my humble theory that places where traumatic energy was discharged hold a residual that can be percieved. Further, I believe that ancient humans who lived as part of nature rather than beside it had a sense for these energies, and perhaps more senses besides. Since we no longer use these senses to survive, many people have lost them through conditional evolution. Since the human brain is hardwired for altered states, it seems natural that despite the dulling of these perceptions, some places are so strong with these residuals that we can still pick them up...
  14. Do not search for another familiar. When the time is right, she will find you.
  15. Remember that Valerian works best when in an alcohol solution. While a tea is excellent, a tincture of brandy and powdered root is best. Add the root to the brandy and seal it for about a week.
  16. My dad is still around but my mom passed a few years ago. When I see her in a dream she never speaks, but we were never very close.
  17. In stark contrast to the rampant white trash we have some amazing tribal influences and events throughout the year that resonate with the natural beauty of the surroundings. Even more incongruous is our Buddhist ashram, Garden of 1000 Buddhas in the rez town of Arlee, just outside Missoula, which hosts an annual Peace Festival, very awesome. Seeing Buddhist monks on an Indian reservation is something to tell the grandkids about. The natural power and energies of this place are part of what keep me here, along with the remaining meditating hippies, and there are more than a few. While I may never dance skyclad with a local coven, naked in the woods is just fine, as long as the snow isn't too deep or the thistles too tall.
  18. Ha! Nice! When I was in high school I became interested in lucid dream experiments. What I can say with certainty is that there are instances when I recognize that I am in a dream and upon realizing it, I try to alter events. Typically this results in me waking up after manifesting whatever change I attempt. During my waking time, I am constantly checking to see if I am dreaming. Habits like checking my watch frequently, mindfully reading things, or using my phone are good indicators of which side of my skull I'm on. I am not sure that we actually go to a different place, but rather we experience free form creativity that is hampered by the rules of our waking life. These rules play with fear and frustration and rarely reward us. If we can live our daily lives in such a way that does not rely on social conventions as laws punishable by being chased by demons, falling off a building, or arriving at work naked, and instead practice form play and spontaneous creative manifestation, we may actually tear down the veil between the two and life will become the dream, or is it the other way 'round? If we can do this Onyx may get her dream lover after all.
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