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  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    There was a time before 1,000s of books and cds and such where a Witch was a Witch and practised magic and celebrated under the full-moon. When a circle was cast exactly a certain way and there were good reasons for it. I learned at that time from great-grandmothers and grandmothers and mothers, then came wicca which made it easier to answer questions without others gathering the wood to start the stake but I knew I was a witch plain and simple, been so for many years and will be for many year not wiccan, not pagan a Witch plain and simple. I am interested in learning and looking around a non-wiccan site and sharing what I have learned but also interested in having fun too. - Allie
  1. I find many of the points raised here food for thought. I really hadn't thought about light or dark as separate things. That sounds wrong but I don't know if I can put the words down more than they just are. Two sides of the same coin, I suppose that is it. I can work with light way more easier than dark (going by the ideas of each) I can heal or counsel with light energy but when I try to block or push away anything or use a hex or curse when needed, they kind of fizz out. When that happens I have to figure out a way around it. I finally came to the idea that I had something to learn from it or that it was just not the way my energy works. I have to work with what works for me. City energy (well, my city and some others, huge ones can make me ill - too much energy) Light energy, although I can do like what was mentioned a dark crystal for removing illness and light crystal for bringing health. I don't know if I have made much sense but thought I would put my two cents in and mention I do come by and visit each day - I lurk a lot more ;)than post. Regards - Allie
  2. Hi All - I am new here and this seemed like an interesting discussion to say hello in. I have two tattoos. One on my left breast which is a blue crescent moon with a star between the tips and a phoenix rising from the flames on my back, it runs from the crack of my butt to the middle of my back. It was the last one and a huge job - 5 hours which I did in one sitting. I knew if I stopped it would be awhile before I would get it finished so, held my hubbys hand and had her finish. I would place a picture but as I said I am getting use to the forum and it will take a bit until I can get fancy. I love the pictures I have seen here so far, there are some really beautiful tattoos. Oh, and I love Abby in NCIS, it is the only t.v. show I make a point of watching. Allie
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