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  1. As a newbie here, I would like to begin ancestor work some time soon. The end of this semester most likely. But my question is, how can you tell when an ‘ancestor’ is really a trickster trying to parasitize/prey on you? I’ve read in multiple threads that there are said tricksters but I have not yet seen how to identify the tricksters. Also, I’m open to being redirected to a thread that I may have overlooked.
  2. What do you all think of the view that this misrepresentation of witchcraft or trad witchcraft helps us in a way, with respect to the secrecy component? People not understanding what witchcraft is because of this misrepresentation might help some keep their secret I suppose, and then in turn possibly help their workings. This is a viewpoint I saw in another thread here but I want to see how many are in agreement, and if you’re actually okay with instagram misrepresentation for this reason, or similar reasons.
  3. I’ve only had bad experiences with shadow people. 3 experiences from elementary school to high school. And one I’ve posted on another thread but Id like to post here as well since I’m not sure if this would be classified as a gtfo shadow person. I once had an experience with a shadow person seducing me. And because of what happened, it only came to me once. While I was in 11th grade I was asleep one night dreaming as usual, and all the sudden, my dream cuts to a stop. As soon as my current dream stops, I’m laying in my bed- in my room exactly how it was in real life, except there was a pitch black shadow man standing at the foot of my bed. I sat up and looked at it, I didn’t feel afraid. It climbed onto my bed and began caressing me sexually, and it felt unbelievably-unrealistically good. I’ve had bad experiences with shadow people before but nothing from my past registered to me while I was with this thing. Then, after a few seconds of it seducing me, my little sister walks into my room, looks at me very seriously and says “stop”. After she said that, the dream got more lucid. I snapped out of it immediately, and when I looked back at the shadow man he disappeared right off of me. Something prompted me to get out of my bed and walk into my little sisters room, and as I walked through the doorway some kind of “trap” activated. An old fashion camera on the ceiling in front of the door began flashing and taking photos of me, then fell to the ground. It fell in such a way that I could see the pictures as it printed them out one by one. The pictures were of me standing in the doorway but the shadow thing was standing right at my backside, it looked like it was kind of on me in a way. Once I saw those pictures the dream became completely lucid, and I was completely aware of the situation. I started to get PISSED. And I felt it trying to flee, but something prompted me to “fight it for the energy it had taken from me”. I began this “psychic wrestling match” I suppose, holding it inside the room and fighting it to take back what it took. I believe it let go and then got the hell out of dodge. And then I woke up. But it never came to me again. I think someone was watching over me in that dream, and came to me in the guise of my little sister. And I’m grateful that it did. Because it may have been a gtfo situation but again, I’m not sure.
  4. I agree with blaclbirdsong as well if that wasn’t totally clear, the primary purpose of my comment was to address the witch kit and disrespect towards witchcraft as a culture. Which I agree, became socially acceptable because many don’t believe in it. And let me say as a STEM major who hopes to acquire a graduate degree in the future, I am constantly annoyed at the fallacy of “if there’s no scientific evidence FOR something then it doesn’t exist” this is completely untrue of both science and logic. At times I’ve struggled to feel proud of my beliefs and practices because of the scientific community I belong to as well. But because I was educated specifically in the workings of logic, I understand that it’s not US being illogical when someone wants to arrogantly disrespect our culture by calling us crazy.
  5. The way I see culture, the aesthetic component has its beauty because of its association with the practice. Each culture has its practices that make it something to behold (witchcraft included), and when you use the aesthetics beauty which derives from its practices without engaging in said practices meaningfully- it’s insulting. You haven’t earned the stripes so don’t wear them. With regards to using white sage, part of being a traditional witch is practicality. The plant has power, so why not use it? Although I wouldn’t call it smudging. I’d call it something not associated with Native American culture like ‘smoke cleansing’
  6. I agree, his books have taught me about spellcrafting not only from explanation but giving “recipes” as well. They are inspiring because he encourages you to use these recipes as formats for other spells, using your creativity. There are a few moments where I find myself rolling my eyes. Such as when he talks about hedgecrossing, and how you can’t perform it without strong devotion to the Master. Which is the god he heavily venerates and possibly worships as suggested in The Horn of Evenwood
  7. Horne I have to second your notion of Florence Welch. I’ve always gotten a witchy vibe. Especially from her song Rabbit Heart in one of the choruses. “And in the spring, I shed my skin and it blows away with the changing winds The waters turn from blue to red, as towards the sky I offer it” I honestly feel spiritual power in that line each time I hear it
  8. I didn’t know that I would find my path this way, but I loved witches, and plant shamanism. I was the “animal/nature boy” in my family. I remember having random psychic experiences growing up. Especially during puberty. Premonition, seeing a few spirits, empathy, reading thoughts. I remember one day in middle school I was walking on the bus to find a seat when all of the sudden, the image of a family friend came in front of my eyes. The vision was so strong it stopped me dead in my tracks. I got all these feelings of “gone... illness... death..” and when I came to, a lot of people were staring at me. I had bugged my sister as soon as I sat down saying “where is he? Why is he gone?” She simply reminded me that he no longer rode our bus. It turns out that morning he was hit by a car and I was the first person to know about it, before even his own parents. As for early childhood spells, I had a natural ability to charm people into liking/having a crush on me. I’d focus on them and will my desires to become reality while I was in their presence and in a few weeks I’d be their closest friend or their crush (this helped me a lot because I was very very shy and lacked social skills). I didn’t do the love spells knowingly, just channeled my attraction and focus intuitively knowin it would work. Just a year ago I charmed a very Christian guy into letting me be the first person he ever told about his homosexuality, within just 20 minutes of a one on one conversation with him. Of course I sensed it, which is why I did it (he was cute). Although I didn’t know what I was doing. Just that I had done it all my life and it always worked. This ability seems to be hereditary because my youngest sister has told me very similar stories..
  9. I do find it interesting how people with gifts sense and find each other. My best friend of 9 years is gifted and we have a bond like family. I was the only one in school she had told of her gifts only to find that I was sensitive as well. We can tell each other anything, I haven’t told her I’ve began practicing the craft but from a few comments she’s made I think she may suspect it. In response to the comment of noticing when someone “leans on” you, there have been times where she was trying to pry into my thoughts/emotions and I felt her do it in class. I thought “hey are you in here?” And I felt her slink away with a small smile on her face hahaha
  10. The Seeker before Member policy was actually one of the reasons I joined recently. I myself am selective of those I choose to have around me so having a site that’s as selective as I am helps me feel that it’s a healthy down-to-earth community Sorry for bumping this old thread, I saw a title that peaked my interest and posted before checking the date- my bad
  11. So if I’m understanding this correctly, hedge crossing is usually an experience where you experience spirit communication in an otherworldly location? Just wondering how you could easily identify it, as that’s the usual format I’ve heard accounts of it in
  12. Wow thank you for the reply, I also got it for the imagery, and gold foiled sides :) I liked that it came with a small book too so that I can learn to interpret the cards since I don’t have prior experience.
  13. I just received the Golden Tarot as my first deck to work with (new to the craft). If anyone here doesn’t mind me piggybacking ,would you or anyone else here who works with it like to share a bit about your experience with it? I’d very much appreciate having an example of how a a deck has a certain way of communicating, as it seems all of you read each deck differently
  14. I’m reading The Horn of Evenwood currently and I’ve noticed that Robert Artison has a more sorcerous way of working than I expected. At least from what I can tell from my very limited experience. For instance he states in his book that the witch is a conduit for spiritual power and that without a familiar/deity or other source of power, your working will fail. I was under the notion that traditional witches often acknowledged their own personal power and thought of evoking deities and familiars during a working as more of pooling of power, and optional. I’d be interested to hear others’ opinions on this matter if any are interested
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