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  1. It looks like I have a lot to learn with divination. I appreciate the feedback :) I’m happy and complete being alone so I would be hurt if the relationship ended but I would not be devastated or broken (at this point). I’m hoping this allows my cards to be less biased as I read them, but time and experience will teach me how to read my cards it seems.
  2. This raises another question of mine actually. Is it the meaning I associated with the card that matters in the divination, or is it the meaning traditionally given? The booklet I got for my deck defines the lovers card as signifying a strong bond as well as an ability to overcome obstacles for established relationships. I should also probably mention that the card was not inverted when it lept out.
  3. Thank you both for the replies. And I agree Solanaceae that having additional cards likely would’ve complicated the matter.
  4. I decided to read the cards for myself on the subject of my romantic relationship, even though I’ve heard here that such subjects can be hard to read due to bias. As I shuffled the deck I recited an incantation along the lines of “show me the truth, show me the future, is he the one for me”. After about 10 seconds of shuffling a chunk of my deck fell out of my hands. This chunk fell neatly onto my desk displaying the Lovers Card. I took this as my answer, and one that was as good as any since if I had laid out a full spread I might not believe the results I got (due to inherent bias to the situation). Have unexpected card events happened to any of you, and/or would you take them as your answer to your question? Ive been curious if other practitioners would have interpreted the event in the same way that I did.
  5. There may also be rituals for summoning demons skilled in healing within books such as The Lesser Key of Solomon. I’m curious witchinplainsight, would you say this particular cancer had a mind of its own? And also that it may try to infect those which attempted to heal the victim?
  6. I didn’t mind the satanic aspects as I think it was used in part to stress something abnormal about TW practitioners, which is that most of them embrace the dark. This is something not found in the dominant abrahamic religions so seeing them embrace it to the extent that they did in the show was very satisfying to me.
  7. Actually now that you mention it.. I haven’t gotten sick once since I first began practicing a couple of years ago, which is interesting to me. This is actually the longest I’ve gone without getting sick.
  8. I have given thought to use of Instagram as a way of socializing with other witches without meeting them in person. I don’t have an IG so I’m not sure if this is remotely true, but I can see use in that even though I’m sure this forum is superior in that regard. After reading a few threads on here I’ve gathered that some witches out there are more interested in proving to you that they’re stronger than you than becoming your friend. And though they would likely be the minority, I prefer not to find out through meeting one in person.
  9. What Winter said is a lesson I learned recently. I had to make a choice between my mundane pleasures (friends and such) and my witch life with respect to which life gets prioritized. My mundane life often likes to try and get in the way of the other, but I’ve made my decision that the latter must get priority. My quality of life has improved in similar ways to yours (confidence, eased anxiety) since I began practicing so this was an easy decision to make.
  10. I’m also somewhat new, i began a couple years ago and stopped to try and fit in with the scientific ‘rational’ crowd. Yada yada, the call back to the craft was too strong to ignore, but I had no teacher either. One thing you’ll probably see in response to your post is that this forum is a wealth of information, and it likely is all you need. Once I saw what other crafters were doing from reading the threads, my own intuition kicked in and began forming ideas and editing the practices of others to what fit me. The freedom and lack of rules is disorienting at first but you’ll find your path after you take a look around. Edit- As an example of my intuition working from reading this forum: Many crafters here construct their practice by asking what the ancestral witches did/had, if you like having ritual tools and structures, do it! It’s correct that the illiterate poor witches of old didn’t have a blade/incense burner/pot/mortar and pestle specifically for spells, but if they had that opportunity, I bet they might have. So I do have those. I also don’t believe that the tools are purely psychological, and instead have their own energies which perform a function in spellwork. If you’re looking for books, The Horn of Evenwood by Robin Artisson and Treading the Mill by Nigel Pearson have both helped me begin forming my practice significantly.
  11. I’ve been tempted to reveal it to a close friend and my younger sister. Of course, they both are spiritual and believe in witchcraft. The most comfortable middle ground for me is to hint at it occasionally but never admit to it or say it explicitly. I wouldn’t let anyone read my grimoire either. I certainly don’t want anyone copying the work I put into learning what I’ve learned so far. Or trying to have an opinion on who I am. My close friend takes the hints and is smart enough to know what they mean but not ask for confirmation of her suspicion. We’ve always had an unspoken level of communication, I know that she knows, and she knows that I know that she knows. My younger sister I actually told, because she’s wanted to practice before as well and has cast a spell with a friend before. They know me well so they are not surprised by this.
  12. I’ve heard of cancer understood as a miscommunication, your body wants to identify it but it’s also being told that the tumors are healthy dividing cells. The hypothetical solution was a healing spell aimed at better communication/identification of the cancer by the body. The main approach of this solution is a Mercury themed spell. I’ve also heard of using dark magic to target and destroy the tumors.
  13. My friends have started a similar rumor/joke about me as well.. It’s partially my fault I suppose. I shut a friends car door and the make-shift holding for the window fell apart and the window fell right down. He made a joke that I did it on purpose and I said “yep sorry, I’ll break the hex of ruin (from a video game we play) I put on you when I get home”. Ever since then him and my other friend talk and joke about me being a witch occasionally. To which I just kind of deny but also don’t give too much attention so that I don’t add validity to it. I also happen to be amassing a large garden of herbs so I’ll have to remember not to brag about that haha.
  14. I liked the rituals and most of the “pillars of sorcery” section of The Horn of Evenwood. I read some amazon reviews of the Approaches and Entries for Practical Magic which said the material was somewhat obvious and nothing profound/nothing you wouldn’t find in other writings, so I’m curious to know your opinion once you’ve had the chance to read it.
  15. Of course ???? I’m probably as new to this or newer than you are and have wondered the same thing. From what I’ve picked up here, regionally restricted aspects of a practice are likely (to my understanding) centered around local spirits. Since for instance, entities in England may be significantly different from entities you’ll find in say the Mojave Desert of California. So I am keeping that in mind when I read about practices with nature spirits and such in case that treating them the same way might be inappropriate. (Though I haven’t decided to try and form relationships with anything besides plants so far)
  16. I second what Zombee said about Robin Artisson putting emphasis on setting the stage. Personally I like most of Artissons style of casting, but there are also parts which do not resonate with me. Such as his belief that devotion to a horned god he refers to as The Master is necessary for your spells to work. He also states that the caster is purely a conduit of power rather than a source, so an outside source is necessary (like a familiar or The Master). I personally don’t believe either of these things but I have no problem tossing those bits aside and taking in what I personally agree with. A popular book with members of this site is “A Cornish Book of Ways” by Gemma Gary if you want to look up a review in the search bar. I think all of the reviews are positive.
  17. My friends can’t always tell when I’m being sarcastic/humorous. They say I’m really dry that way ????
  18. Yes I was being sarcastic. I was remarking about how taking a picture of the ritual/spell was said to be just as good as performing it in the article. I’ll try the emojis next time.
  19. Wow I’m sure glad I found this site. I’ve been meditating and practicing adding my energy into my spells and visualizations. But to picture the spell mentally isn’t what I needed all along.. I needed to take a picture of the spell! I never would’ve known if the admin hadn’t accepted me into this forum, I’m eternally grateful!
  20. The title of this thread is interesting because people actually seem to like me a little bit more since I began practicing. But like many of you I’m introverted and have little tolerance for meaningless social rituals like small talk. I have 2 close friends and a romantic relationship. Then I have my 2 sisters and that’s really all I need.
  21. I have engaged in the dark magic of love spells before about one year ago. This was one of my first spells, and it worked, even better than I had planned it. Mind you i’d only do this for sweet revenge, I’d never come back to someone who hurt me. I wanted to watch him squirm in pain, and I got my wish to the letter. Mwahahahaha ???? When she says be honest with yourself, she means it. I knew what I really wanted, and why. And I have no guilt over getting my due vengeance. I think this was a very important factor behind this spell working for me without any type of backlash on my end. So overall, I think this is the most accurate depiction of what love spells really are. Intent is deeply tied into any spell, but I feel it is even more so with love magic. So her stressing personal honesty about the selfish and vengeful nature of some of these spells is something I fully agree with.
  22. I definitely believe you about the value of sexual energy as food there. I have been seduced during my sleep by an entity before (discussed on another thread) until a spirit protecting me stepped in. I probably will not trust anything that tries to seduce me from now on. I did not consider how I’d interpret an ancestor coming onto me but your advice definitely makes sense. Thank you
  23. I did read the thread, though I can’t deny the possibility I may have missed something. I think there may be a misunderstanding of what I asked. My post was actually in response to yours Solanaceae. I didn’t mean to ask how to directly identify ‘them’ upon first contact (since they are tricksters). What I meant by my question was how to identify the signs that a spirit you are working with is a trickster. As in yes, I trust your statement that this is not 100% safe, so how might you go about discerning the signs of a trickster in your midst before it turns into a bigger problem? What symptoms may begin appearing that could be tell-tale signs that this spirit is using you? If the methods of properly identifying that a spirit is screwing with you has been addressed here, I apologize, and again, I’m open to being directed to another thread although I did not find anything on this sub-topic in the search bar. I’d also like to add that it’s not my intention to place the burden of my inexperience on anyone by feeling obligated to their wisdom, I’m more than willing to find out through my own experience, but I appreciate the wisdom often shared on this site.
  24. I second the opinion that The Dead Files is the better show. I think Amy actually says what she sees and experiences, but may embellish on the consequences that these entities may be able wreak on the living. Overall it’s a family favorite. I don’t watch ghost adventures because I think Zack is really rude and disrespectful to the dead. I prefer someone like Amy who can be respectful and actually try to help the dead in a meaningful way, rather than just piss them off for entertainment.
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