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  1. Hmm, I’ve never done that. I have tried a working for a situation between two loved ones to bring them together (not romantically) when it was actually best for them to take time apart. Shortly after I brought them together, they were not ready for that relationship and they ended up separating again. Have you done divination for this situation?
  2. Wow. So it just occurred to me to google “Horned beast hand gesture” and according to humanhand.com, this general gesture is used as both a protection charm and a cursing gesture.. though the origins of the gesture aren’t examined. I’d still like discuss any gestures you all may have encountered, or any lore you’ve read on this one...
  3. Hello all, there’s been a hand gesture on my mind that I cannot find lore or origins for, so I thought I’d make a thread for any useful hand gestures relevant to Magickal practice. My body has a way of occasionally intuitively doing certain postures or gestures that have energetic significance. Such as, the touching of the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth behind the two front teeth while meditating or trying to sense energy. So, I’ve found that when I imagine doing hexword or banework of a martial nature, my hands automatically move into a certain gesture where the middle and ring fingers rest on the tip of the thumb on both hands, while the index and pinkie are standing up. The hand looks somewhat like a horned animal. My hands do this instinctively when I am considering the projection of aggressive energies. I believe I’ve read of it being a European gesture but I cannot for the life of me remember where I read about it. But, I can sense this gesture would be valuable for martial spells of an aggressive or fearsome nature. Would any of you kind witches and conjurers be able to help me find the proper origin and name of this Magickal gesture?
  4. Also, let’s use alternative herb smoking bundles. Sage and Palo santo (and sweetgrass if I’m remembering correctly) are overharvested due to the pop spiritual culture and there are plenty of herbal spirits capable of doing a great job with cleansing. Rosemary is a great cleanser, along with mugwort and juniper. And if you simply must use sage, you should try to grow it yourself.
  5. Yes, my dad loves to find a way to turn any conversation into a ramble about government conspiracies and aliens and the Kabbal. I’ve asked a few times “okay, what am I supposed to do with this info? How is it useful to me?” Naturally he can’t answer. And I’m annoyed that he just wasted my attention with meaningless empty words. I grew up having to listen to a man who speaks without meaning incessantly often, to my own constant agitation. To make it even more agitating, he speaks as if he’s exceptionally wise and insightful. So I believe I am well equipped to empathize with your plight here lol. Listening to people waste your time with worthless words is one of the most agitating peeves out there.
  6. That’s an interesting experience. It sounds like a good idea to harvest wild plants and get out there, but I also enjoy connecting with the plants through watering them and occasionally asking a question about their talents. I don’t hear the answer literally, but intuitively certain feelings and ideas will come to mind.
  7. Maybe you want to learn something new, rather than do magick currently. Or maybe you’d like to do a road opening to get a more magically exciting practice going. New books usually do a good job in igniting my Magickal passions. And a road opening ritual can be used for just about any purpose, even attaining a more exciting life.
  8. Wow, I too get very agitated when no useful information has been communicated from someone’s speech. I was wondering if I was the only one with this major pet peeve. Good to know other people have it too.
  9. I know this is late but I appreciate the effort you put into this revamp. Thank you.
  10. I’ve been visited by a few predatory entities at night. The last one a couple months back said to me “dark things want you” and I had the distinct thought that I was about to be sexually assaulted. I woke up from fear to feel that nasty presence and started speaking out protections. Of the few instances I’ve been visited none have ever talked to me. But apparently I have a reputation (unless that one was just lying to scare me more). Either way the line sounds kind of cheesy. 😉
  11. Protection is fine and good. I don’t have more than a couple experiences with this sort of thing but I want to ask. Don’t you think you’re underestimating the difficulty of destroying a spiritual being? I have zero experience here but this doesn’t sound like something you can just do on a whim. And let’s say one of us did know how to destroy a spiritual being. That is not something that should be shared willy nilly on a public forum. That is dangerous information. Predators stalk prey/keep tabs on it, it’s generally their nature. If you show you’re too much trouble to be bothered with I’m fairly convinced that will be enough to get rid of this unwanted attention. I’d focus on protecting your space consistently and diligently. Also. Pocket dimension? Am I the only one under the impression that one cannot simply conjure up their own pocket dimension?
  12. I’m not a fan of how I don’t know if my little intuitive insights about magick are “real” or “true” until I experiment. Especially when the experimental magick by its own very nature will take a long time before results fully yield themselves. I’d like some instant gratification with a side of validating reassurance please. but of course this isn’t stopping me or truly getting in my way so can I really complain?
  13. I don’t quite see the point of this thread, but I also disagree with this comment. And would like to explain why. What does being “evolved” have to do with defending yourself? Hurting someone because they hurt you doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with vengeance. Sometimes the best way to make sure someone stops messing with you is to hurt them, it’s a perfectly valid tactic. They may think “oh I wasn’t aware messing with this thing could cause me this much trouble, I’ll stop now” and be on their way. Or they’ll get busy and preoccupied dealing with the damage you caused and not have the time or energy to hurt you anymore. Either way, it’s a valid tactic. and to second Oroboros, this forum doesn’t generally take kindly to being lectured on morals and ethics. We speak about it when someone asks first or brings it up with the purpose of discussion. And we don’t try to push our own codes on someone else by claiming our code is more ‘evolved’ because well... that is considered preechy. Edit: grammar (and got a name wrong)
  14. Gadalau, Regarding your question of us/you being born into it, yes many of us were drawn to the craft even as children and have been having spiritual experiences throughout our lives. However, there are exceptions to every rule, you were brought here and so in order for you to know if this is for you, a sincere effort must be made on your part to explore what this path has to offer. Whether or not you were born into this is not for anyone else to decide. And try not to let self doubt limit you, it’s a very disarming thing to wrestle with in this craft. to address your question of hand washing and all beings being equal, equality doesn’t mean you can’t kill stuff- simply put. We kill bacteria and bugs but it’s not because we think we’re more important or sacred than them, it’s sinply because in life we make choices to preserve ourselves and our livelihood. That statement was more so about how we all play our role in this world and are intrinsically no more valuable than anything else (if you ask me). Also, In trad craft we don’t operate under the notion that the universe hands out punishments for “bad people” who do “bad things”. So we take morals and ethics of what we craft into our own hands. If we deem a hexing beneficial for us and appropriate for the situation, then we proceed with the hexing. It’s as simple as that. Hope this clarifies things.
  15. If you have a protection oil, you can draw runes/sigils on the glass before you apply your twine. And also coat the twine in the same oil or an herbal tincture.
  16. Soooo.. you’re not going to use this wasp for witchcraft in any way? If I’m remembering correctly wasps are a common ingredient in goofer dust or other hexing dust formulas. I suppose you could incorporate the stinger into a witch bottle as well.
  17. Thank you guys very much I appreciate this. 🙂
  18. When it comes to interacting with my environment (including people) to promote a “high vibe” lifestyle. I see everything as a transactional relationship. Everything around you either helps you in the long run, or harms you in the long run, or has a neutral/negligible affect. Even helping those in weakened states can be profitable by giving you that pleasant warm feeling that you just helped someone. Her feeling like her energetic health is lowered by helping the less fortunate tells me she doesn’t value that spiritual sustenance from helping others. Or worse, that those who are living in misfortune have “spiritual Ebola” and will infect you with it if you try to help those dirty poor people that you’re too good for. I’m not saying I don’t pick and choose who I help though as I can be somewhat picky. I don’t find it rewarding to help weak people who have no intention of becoming stronger and bettering themselves. It’s mostly up to you to determine which interactions with your environment are profitable in the long run for you.
  19. There are some aspects of new age thought I do give some value. Such as the idea of living at a “higher vibratory rate”, even though many new agers take that to mean being a love and light person on steroids. Having a higher frequency in physics simply means there is more light/energy. Therefor you’re living in a state of increased energy which implies you’re healthy and strong/powerful. There are many ways to be healthy and strong, one size doesn’t fit all. It very well might help me live in “higher vibration” to Hex someone, if they are capable of harming me in some way. I can’t see why being “high vibe” is only applicable to cute little bunnies and not the vipers. My tolerance for new age ends at the notion that all humans are made to thrive in the same way. New age can stumble onto some good ideas but they get muddied up by the fluffy mentality.
  20. Well technically I have used a Himalayan salt lamp... by crushing it in a mortar and pestle lol. All while pouring in my intent for all energies that are harmful to me and do not serve me in my highest benefit be grounded into the salt. Before of course laying the salt down on the floor. I definitely think this method is more potent than actually using the lamp for its intended purpose would be.
  21. This year I’ve definitely been noticing the influence of lunar events on me. I haven’t always paid attention to astrology, and usually took it with a grain of salt but not anymore lol. The cancer full moon in January gave my dreams so much energy I was practically hearing voices before I even fell asleep.
  22. I think you do talk to the dead somewhat often then. Even my aunt has dreamt of the same dead family member that I did, and in my aunts dream just like mine, she was hanging around the same family member that my medium friend saw as well. Definitely not a coincidence :)
  23. I’m sorry for how you lost her, my dad lost his dad a couple weeks ago, who also had severe dementia. Often a very tell-tale sign that you’re communicating with a spirit is that you’ll realize or wonder if you’re talking to a dead person or spirit during the dream. And this is off topic but MAN this Pisces new moon has me feeling emotional with topics like this lol.
  24. I’ve also talked to a dead relative in a dream before. And what I saw of them in the dream was described perfectly to a T by my best friend who is a reluctant psychic medium. She even described the family member she saw said deceased relative hanging around, which again matched what I saw. She also talks to spirits in her sleep as you described. I very much believe that you were talking to the spirits of your deceased relatives.
  25. Laying down salt in your room with intent, and leaving it for an hour before vacuuming it up is a potent protection from negative entities as well. Having some chunks of it with you when you travel may also be helpful but I’m not experienced here. I’ve only projected by accident or when a spirit causes it to happen.
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