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  1. Can't forget The Dresden Files! Crazy ass wizard. lol
  2. Re: The Golden Rule It all depends on your perspective whether or not it is a useful rule. Personally, I take responsibility for my screw ups and am willing to accept the consequences of my actions. I expect no less of others. I judge as I expect to be judged. Then I do unto them as I would expect to have done to me. In my view, it's about living up to your own standards for others. My 2 cents.
  3. The "Dead Witch Walking" series about a witchy detective, by Kim Harrison, is one of my favorites. Website
  4. Laugh if you will, I love my Queen of the Damned soundtrack. Movie sucked ass, but the music fucking rocked! Can't remember off-hand who's on it.
  5. I'm with you on the needles. Have to go in next month for a minor cyst removal (wrist) and panicked when they said I'd have to have an iv. :scared: But they insist I be loopy for the procedure. No tats for me, either.
  6. I'm a JUDGE, too. Judge 80% Healer 75% Artist 70% Fallen Angel 70% Universal 65% Shaman 65% Precog 65% Traveler 60%
  7. Read it and do a review, and I'll do one for Son of a Witch. If they stink, we'll save each other a lot of time and moolah. :coffee:
  8. I just found out there is a third book in the series, A Lion Among Men, which I'll have my eye out for once I finish this one.
  9. Since the computer crashed I've been sucking up books from my TBR pile. I've just started Son Of A Witch (the sequel to Wicked) by Gregory Maguire.
  10. Just finished "Whitethorn Woods" by Maeve Binchy. Currently reading "Dead Beat" by Jim Butcher (Book 7 of the Dresden Files). Have a relatively small but healthy TBR pile still packed away in the other room (waiting for shelves to magically appear so they can spread out and take over the world-- erm, apartment) but can't remember what all is in there -- some reference/informational, but mostly novels. I don't usually take on more than one book at a time, but I burn through them pretty quick. Library cards are our friends.
  11. Great article! I can see a lot of points from the past discussions here being hit. Well done.
  12. I haven't used mirrors for scrying ...yet. It's on the to-try list, just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll toss this out there... I rarely look at mirrors in a dark room. When we were kids, my older sister did the "Bloody Mary" chant with her friends and they got the shit scared out of them when some thing actually happened. Of course, she had to share the story with me the next day (I was nine or ten), thus a paranoia was born.
  13. I've loved Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds since the moment I first heard them, when X-Files used "Red Right Hand" in one of their episodes.
  14. Based on facts, that's one of the reasons it's a favorite. The movie was nice and scary, but it also emphasized respect for things you know nothing about.
  15. Filling this out before reading the rest. Kinda like doing homework before watching your show. :biggrin2: 1. What is your favorite witchy movie? Serpant and the Rainbow -- does that one count as witchy? 2. Where is your favorite place to do a spell? Outside at night ... no particular favorite outside location as yet... just like being outside and don't care for the sun. 3. Where do you NORMALLY do your spells? Inside, in cramped apartment where nosy neighbors can't see what I'm up to. 4. What type of spells are your favorite? The ones that make me step outside my comfort zone and expand my everything. 5. What is your favorite ingredient for a spell? My blood. Love the oomph. 6. What is your LEAST favorite ingredient to use in a spell? Any ingredient that I don't know why I have to use it, what it's purpose is -- though it does give the opportunity to do a little research and learn something new. 7. What is your favorite witchy holiday/festival? Halloween. I haven't really celebrated many of the others and I love to get dressed up. (Theatre geek) 8. Do you have an animal spirit, If yes, how many? I don't know what they are. They haven't made themselves known yet. 9. If yes to #8, name the animal spirit(s): see above 10. Name your favorite witchy character: The witch in Clash of the Titans (original version, they're remaking the movie right now) who removed her eyeball. That was just fucking awesome. 11. When was the last time you did a hex/curse? Last weekend 12. When was the last time you did a blessing/healing? Erm... a few months ago for a friends baby. 13. When was the last time you did a binding? Can't remember 14. When was the last time you did a love spell? Never... that I can think of. Does seduction count? lol 15. Have you ever done a spell on someone just because you were bored? Yes, but turns out there was a useful purpose to it also. 16. What is your strength as a witch? Mind hopping 17. What is your weakness as a witch? Weather magic 18. If you could go back in time to meet ANYBODY associated in witchcraft, who would it be and why? My gr-great grandmother. She was a known fortune teller, but nothing else has been mentioned about her life. I think we'd have a wonderful coffee talk together. 19. How much of a "modern stereotyped witch" applied to you as a witch? Nothing I can think of... I tend to fly under everyone's radar. 20. How long have you been a member of this forum? 18ms.
  16. I was encouraged to go to church/temple with friend's families. I wouldn't say it was an entirely educational experience, but did learn there were other ways out there. After all is done, I skipped the whole religion thing and went my own way.
  17. Wouldn't that make her "Glenda"? Sorry. Couldn't resist. hehehe :wickedwitch:
  18. typo... I do believe that should be through
  19. I think the puking smilie conveyed disgust rather than squeamishness.
  20. Leigh

    Peeing Dog

    So, would you use the garlic/clove oil in the furniture? Can you use it on fabric/upholstery? The sachet is a great idea... I'll have to figure a way to make it very small so she doesn't notice it dangling and scratch at it.
  21. Leigh

    Peeing Dog

    Dagda - The dog hasn't been punished for her accidents. Poor thing would probably shiver herself into a pile of dust if she were scolded. :scared: KW - I'll definitely pass on the Nature's Miracle suggestion. If there will be pee, there must be a way to deal with it. Raina - Like I said, I thought it may have been my DH and I adding stress, but this started up again a few weeks before we got here. If anything, with us here during the day, she gets more chances to go outside. Arabi - She has puppy pads laid out already, dog doesn't use them. She's tried the diapers, dog won't leave them on. *sigh* She tried crating and the dog freaked out and tore the thing apart. Really, this is a very sweet, lovie dog, the perfect companion in every way -- except for the random urination.
  22. Leigh

    Peeing Dog

    Thanks, ladies. The vet did give her antibiotics for the dog in case it was infection they couldn't detect. We'll see if that helps. Friend told me today, the dog has been having accidents like this for almost the last month, actually, not a few days like I thought (which would have made my DH and I the new stress in her life, as we're staying with them while we find jobs and housing.) Great tip with the salt for urine stains. When she wizzed on the sofa the other day, I used the kitty litter baking soda (specifically made to reduced cat pee odor in the box) in the same manner and that seemed to work well, too.
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