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  1. Very cool! I bookmarked your shop website as well.
  2. I've been playing around with a woodburning kit myself, it's actually been very satisfying burning marks and making designs emerge from wood 🙂
  3. Wow you both have created beautiful work!!! Sagefire, I love the charms and the wood you use, Onyx I too definitely love the primal aspect of yours!
  4. Wow that witch costume is truly offensive... and I don't usually get offended by these things LOL. Not sure what else I could say that hasn't already been said. I just dress like myself, which basically means I dress like everyone else. I pretty much live in jeans and flannel haha
  5. Only did two this year, but they came out all right 🙂
  6. WE GOT SNOW!!!!!!

    1. Onyx



    2. UnMasked1467


      LOL Yessssssss... I know I'm one of the few, but I absolutely love snow. Winter's gotta be my favorite season, although fall runs a close second 🙂

    3. Onyx


      Fall for me!  Then I am happy to see Muddy Spring!

  7. "Do or do not; there is no try." --Yoda "Hey you, don't help them to bury the light. Don't give in without a fight." --Pink Floyd lyrics "She didn't look nice, she looked like art, and art isn't supposed to look nice; it's supposed to make you feel something." --Anonymous
  8. Lol true-- still, lots of really good ideas here!
  9. It is definitely badass... Not sure it's what I envisioned for my calendar though...
  10. I've used a plumb line on my canvases to make a grid for sketching out my underdrawings lol
  11. No worries Onyx, and I have nothing against the wheel of the year... My point, however, was that that's not what this is meant to be lol
  12. So first of all, let me be abundantly clear: this is NOT a wheel of the year. This is intended to be a calendar of sorts that enables me to see what the sign, lunar sign and phase of the moon are on a given date. Obviously, it's going to be considerably bigger than I could fit on my small sketchpad paper. I'm considering using a large wooden circle for it with clock hands (like the kind you find at craft stores) as a base. Outermost ring is obviously the months, then the signs, then the lunar phases, then what sign each lunar phase will be in (haven't drawn that in yet), then the sabbats. It looks like crap because my compass broke (boo hiss), so I have freehanded the circles for now. What do people think? Would be interested to hear everyone's opinions.
  13. Baking bread for Lammas!

    1. Phagos


      What type of bread did you make? I did my first Harvest Loaf this year, which was time consuming but fun.

    2. UnMasked1467


      I baked a rosemary-garlic bread from a recipe that seriously turns out perfect every time. There's none left lol

    3. Phagos


      Ooh nice!

  14. Same here 🙂 I've had cars screech to a stop on the road just by giving them The Look, as my friends call it, while they're speeding past me as I'm walking by.
  15. I have very vivid dreams-- like movies playing in my head-- very frequently, and I remember them when I wake up. Sometimes they have continuous story lines, other times they are very fragmented. Interestingly enough, I've never dreamt of my mother. I've had dreams of my gran dying (she and I are very close, she took care of me when I was young and started me on my Witchy path) and my dad growing wings and flying away (he was on business trips a lot when I was a kid and I loved him lots). Both of those dreams had me waking up in tears. I've also had dreams about spirits and inviting in negative entities. Not sure what to make of those. I can lucid dream as well, although I don't make the conscious effort to do it; it's just something I've noticed I do when I'm dreaming.
  16. Thanks Onyx! Yeah, for some reason I am more drawn to the mandala than to the others I drew, although I am proud of the butterfly particularly.
  17. Out of the two options, I would say heart, but to be more accurate I would actually say my intuition, which I don't know if I would combine with heart or not. As a lot of people have already commented, it can be difficult to choose between the two. My intuition is like my compass, or my GPS if one prefers, and it has never steered me wrong. Although I agree with heart overall, there are times when it is not immediately possible or advisable to follow your heart. My intuition has always directed me on how to get to doing what I love based on what was right at the time, like following a path that twisted and turned a lot, each time however getting closer to my heart's choice.
  18. Thank you Khundekling! It needs a little touching up obviously
  19. The fish was done with POSCA pens, the mountains were done with COPIC markers, and the last three were done with Koi coloring brush markers. Not sure what I was doing with the last one, but I like the way it turned out all the same.
  20. Happy Solstice to all 🙂

  21. Great topic choice! I also enjoy weightlifting, and I absolutely love swimming (it sucks that all the swimming pools and rec centers are closed right now, but what are you gonna do), because I have always been very drawn to water-- it's very stimulating and energizing yet cathartic for me. Art is my passion, and I feel very connected to my purpose in life when I am creating. I have been exploring a lot of different media in art lately, and would love to learn more about bookbinding and forging FrozenThunderbolt! Also recently got into gardening and am trying to grow my own tomatoes for starters... we'll see how that goes haha
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