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  1. The One creates and destroys, everything and nothing stem from the One. 

  2. That's very interesting, I'll add them to my list so when I visit Britain again I'll make sure to visit them.
  3. Many cultures such as pre-Empire Rome, Japan, Native American, and others believed that hair was a source of either strength or magical abilities. I would add that keeping it healthy should also be part of this, trim your dead ends, eat healthier foods, since I healthy body overall produces better magical results. I think the length of hair is up to personal view. I've known people with short hair that can do some amazing things as well as people with long hair. If having long hair gives you that extra boost than keep it. If not then cut it. It's all about how you connect with nature and its endless possibilities. I hope this helps in some way.
  4. I have been reading much about Zoroastrian magic and how it's suppose to be done. I was wondering if anyone has ever used Zoroastrian magic and if so what were your impressions of it?
  5. Sometimes I use music, depending on my mood and the work depends on the style I use. Sometimes I use folk music, metal, Jazz, while others I'll use trance or meditative music. I prefer music from Europe with the exception of Buddhist chants and the Islamic call to prayer which I find beautiful.
  6. A most interesting article. I really enjoyed reading about this. Have you written more on Turkish Magick?
  7. Be happy and Dignified

  8. Ozman


    Well written I enjoyed it very much.
  9. Very nice write, I can feel the sorrow of each word.
  10. I'm not really sure if cutting my hair makes a difference. I do know that I only cut my hair twice a year if that but when I do sometimes I feel reinvigorated as if I was reborn. Then again maybe it's different for men? Many cultures did prize long hair so I wouldn't be shocked if it had a ring of truth to it.
  11. I love reading and writing about History, writing poetry, playing various instruments, and studying various philosophies-mostly ancient Greece and Eastern. I'm a big Doctor Who fan so I watch that and am always on the hunt for Cardigans.
  12. Cool work, really dig the candles on the antlers and cool wand.
  13. That sounds cool, it reminds me of how some native American peoples describe shapeshifting, The choice of moth and Beetle interest me, is there a particular reason why you usually travel as one or the other? If you do the mandrake please post that experience.
  14. This is very interesting, and if it makes me more appealing why not, I'll have to look into it.
  15. Ozman


    I had no idea that Merlin also had a grave in France, how very interesting. There might also be a grave in North England as well, many Arthurian legends in that area as well as Camelot and the said Round Table. It makes sense that many of the English legends would have french origins since the British Emipre technically started in Brittany, the elite spoke only French for a very long time, and those two countries seem to have a love hate relationship. lol. I will look into Merlins French Grave, and that part of France has many Celtic/Druid connections too.
  16. Ozman


    That's a good observation too, maybe he was the last main druid that people could remember or maybe he's a collective rolled into one. I do believe that a grave of Merlin does exist in Scotland but either it was a real grave or maybe just a memory marker. So many possibilities. I think you are correct in Merlin representing the Druids.
  17. In Hermeticism it is stressed that the Gods were ounce mortal humans and that humans can become Gods, so in a sense I view the Gods as a sort of early rock stars that did something great and people just kept adding to the myths and build up over the years until they were Gods. We can see this with the case of Jesus, he went from a little known Jewish Rabbi to a Deity. A good book to read is How Jesus became God by Bart D. Ehrman. I do believe in a Creator Deity that is all contradictions rolled up into one harmonious state. This what hermeticism means when it states that this Being is bisexual, it means that it is male and female, order and chaos, every possibility, all that was and all that will never be, in perfect balance. But it's not a God in the sense that one would think because it doesn't answer prayers or contact us. It's beyond all that and It may not even know that we exist. I suppose Tao would be a close example of what Hermeticists are talking about. This is probably why I have a Panendeist view of the Creator-Force, what have you. The Unknown God as the ancient Greeks would say. So I really don't know if they need us now that the humans have ascended to Godhood. I'll have to ask.
  18. Well besides Discordia Eris was a real minor Diety in the Greek pantheon, so before you do anything do a little research to find out more about her.
  19. Ozman


    Merlin lived backwards in time they say, so he might be being born right now. I think Merlin was a great magician, he seems to be respected by a great deal of many people. Legends usually have a mundane origin and I'm sure people have added more flavor as the tale went on and on. I think he does matter because he shows what one person can achieve even with a limited understanding of Magic, if I remember correctly he was only lukewarm in his studies of magic. Well, trustworthyness depends on the individual, if you can earn his trust then so be it, if not then I'm not sure what to tell you. Akin to all great people and stories one can learn from where he went right and were he went wrong. As far as him being a real human being I guess that depends on how you view things. In an infinite universe, with infinite possibilities and dimensions I'm sure he existed out their somewhere. Also, we have to remember that we know very little to nothing about Buddha, Jesus, Loa-Tzu, and a host of others yet they all have many many followers. The story is just as important as any fact or evidence of his material existence. We are lucky to live in a time were we can varify much information but that wasn't always the case. Moses may have never existed but his story gives hope, and power to many people on this planet. The same with the ones I mentioned. If a story can move you or a community or a people, then it doesn't really matter if they ever actually existed. In the end we're all stories anyways.
  20. I do the same thing, I'll write on scrap paper first then copy it into my notebook. Even things I did during the day will be kept because usually down the line it becomes helpful in either jogging my memory or, an event that I didn't really think much about will then click. I'll either learn a lesson or something deeper will appear.
  21. The idea of a Djinn being a servant is very tricky because many times the person who thinks they control the Djinn are the ones being controlled by the Djinn. Many similarities with a wide range of traditions, sometimes they remind me of the Laru, italian elfish people. Of course as all family trees have the same roots but spread out and take on slight different personalities due to the area they inhabit. Much like we people.
  22. I couldn't have said it better myself, it's beautiful and poetic.
  23. Thank you for this Khundekling, a whole thread of feeling the magic, this is very kewl.
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