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  1. The failures of systems of care saddens but never surprises. On the bright side, you sound like a pirate now hehe I admire your flexibility! So you've got six pairs of cards but you haven't provided specific ideas on how they apply to your travel or relationships. What is the gist of your questions that produced these readings? What's your responses to each card? If you feel like spitballing, I'm happy to bounce ideas around with you :)
  2. Pay attention to your emotions when things flare up. Say he communicates that he wants you to pick a certain side of the sofa: is he demanding it or asking kindly? Did the way he ask make you feel small, objectified, or is it no big deal to accommodate his need for things a certain way? I mean if he's joking with you in the morning over coffee and toast that you slept in an odd way last night, I can see that being a playful exchange. If he's waking you up, raging at you, thinking you're out to get him or whatever, the emotions you're feeling will be completely different. Acknowledge your emotions, even if you feel you can't express them. In fact, if you feel you can't express them, that's most definitely a red flag. Reaching out to your support system (or building it from the ground up, Onyx mentioned Women's Centers, also any organization related to domestic violence, or even a community health center) can be enormously inspiring. Some places will help you one-on-one, so maybe someone would be your soundboard for whether something that's happened is acceptable behaviour or not. Other places will be more casual, hang-out and drink coffee kind of deal (can you tell I'm drinking coffee right now haha). I like to think of the Hanged Man's shift in perspective. Being around an emotionally abusive person will deaden you, numb you, you will give more and more until there's nothing left and even then they'll want more. They'll literally define your reality, or else. Being around healthy and supportive relationships, IMO, literally unbends the warping of your perspective that occurs from emotional abuse. Plenty of kickass (and even magical) people out there dedicating their work to supporting people through tough times. I remember thinking, at least he's not punching me, when I thought about how pissed I was that my ex would pinch me when he was mad. Now I look back and think about how pinching was by no means the worst thing he did, and that even if it was I didn't deserve to be pinched, wtf.
  3. You say you want happiness and success, it's not about the man, but then talk about how you want your happiness and success to manifest in your relationship with your man? It's a lot of energy to put into a person and honestly I think your concerns are legitimate. Mental illness can explain some shitty behaviors but it doesn't excuse it. You can understand where someone's coming from without condoning the decisions they've made. Forgiveness has its place, I mean my own mental illness has influenced me to behave not too appropriately at times but really, a pattern of violent outbursts in your lover isn't something where you can just wait and see what happens... What exactly are your boundaries in your various relationships? How do you react when they're being pushed and how do you wish you'd react? I think your tarot sessions would be more fruitful if you analyzed your end of relationships instead of worrying over what horrible thing they're going to do to you or what horrible thing you're going to do back to them. Goodness, if you know in your heart you're not going to cheat (emotionally or otherwise) then shouldn't that be that? Life and health is unpredictable, you only have control over what you have control over. If you don't know what exactly that is, maybe your deck does?
  4. Fantastic thread! The earth is indeed in crisis and I'd go so far to say that not considering your relationship to earth when using magick is daft. I mean, the fossil fuel industry infiltrating politics is probably more dangerous than litter-magick, but lacking conscious connection to your surroundings/environment seems like shooting yourself in the foot! Especially if you're in less industrialized areas, or places that you're just visiting. I wouldn't be opposed to putting glass in the earth to set up protection if I had my own land, but I wouldn't want to regularly be depositing glass into areas where you don't know what might be watching you... I keep seeing glitter being used in spell candles on Etsy... I prefer using crushed herbs to add a pop of colour. Melting some wax and affixing flowers to the candle is aesthetically pleasing and of course, flower magick. I love the idea of the earth consuming your offering, that's exactly what it feels like! I too look for hiding spots like holes in trees, the places where it feels like nature wants to take what you're offering. In new places that I plan on visiting often, I might ask the land to present a spot for me. Tried to google beeswax biodegradability/decomposition/recycling, would love to use it to enclose offerings... anyone know how long it lasts in the earth?
  5. I've never heard of the Enns but my class on Death and Dying briefly touched on Jinns in Islamic faith. I grew up and was schooled Roman Catholic ("until I reached the age of reason" - Carlin) so have a natural attraction towards imagery of angels as depicted in that tradition. I've worked with Angels relevant to this tradition in readings, but the Old Testament always fascinated me more. That led to curiousity for Kabbalah ma'asit or Practical Kabbalah. Right now I'm just divining with different archetypes found within the Hebrew Tree of Life using the Angelarium Oracle, that deck likes taking my breath away (I like combining it with tarot for an extra punch in the gut). I particularly enjoy that the Angels have personalities that allow the reader to go beyond the dichotomy of good/evil. When I was young I embraced duality and I either attracted or created two angels. Early thoughts understood them as two parts of a whole, opposite sisters or whatever. As I've relied on them through the years I think they're two personalities that individually meet different needs of mine, but also the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; they are synergistic.
  6. I played a bit of devil's advocate there, trust yourself and look for opportunities. Go about life and keep it in the back of your mind! When you see what comes up in your story in correspondence to a card, you'll eventually have a library of past experiences to affect your impressions of various cards. Reading for myself has (lately) been like a conversation with the deck. I've been working with multiple decks in one spread and every deck has a different voice. Jumpers can be just a part of what the deck has to say and it's up to you if it's important enough to add into your reading; there's also that feeling you get when you know when to stop shuffling, or which exact card feels right to pick. Personally, I'll do 3-5 small spreads with a few decks on hand, focusing on different queries each time but allowing fluidity in say the overarching themes/numbers/suits/symbols/etc. Just keep working with the deck and spending time on learning (it never really ends, by the way). Practice shuffling too. You'll get better and better control over your deck when your hands know what to do. This will also assist your bond with the deck.
  7. I have an intuitive style, but I agree with lovers being an indication of present feelings and choices. Dedication is relevant in my mind, too. Sparks turning into flames with fanning, that sort of thing. Tarot reading for myself can be very present oriented and it can feel like the deck is mirroring me sometimes--you seem to really like the person if they're worth a reading, maybe the card reflects this? Something to consider. So in terms of leaping cards, for me it depends on the deck. One of my oracles is super slippery so jumpers happen with some frequency. For more matte decks that fit my hands well, I might pull another card or two to add more depth to the message, particularly if the card that jumped happens to be playing the reflection game. edit: makes sense that you see adultery in Seven of Swords, witchinplainsight, I see thief.
  8. I love this hashtag for reaching out to potential new customers.
  9. I agree there is a time to keep silent, for example while the spell is 'incubating' because the reactions of others can have strong influences over our emotions, thoughts, and decisions. But I also think that every witch has their own relationship with silence and their own ideas of privacy. I think never speaking about your spells is a tradition carried on because that's how witches survived in the past, and it's totally applicable to those who need to keep their practice quiet, say if they live in a society that shuns it, but we have this amazing way of communicating to other witches via this forum. I say if you're comfortable sharing what's worked for you, then this ought to be a safe place to do so.
  10. Oh man I'd have so much fun with a tattoo machine hehehe enjoy! Got anything big planned or just practicing small for now?
  11. Hey! Astrophysics sounds like an interesting passion to follow. I like ideas of the universe being made up of cellular automata. Finishing my undergrad in Psychology (Arts). Applying to counseling and clinical programs this Fall, I'm too thrilled. I love school, haha!
  12. Hmm, maybe it's too pretty ;D I was gifted a double sided black handled blade. It's a monster and mostly decorative but I like having it around (well, I like having sharp objects around me in general).
  13. It happened again. Me and my SO ate the same things and he's fine so we don't think it's that. I thought I'd post here to document it and continue getting thoughts. I did three readings right after one another but I did my thing and I got really into them, made sure to recenter and check in with myself after each one... Not my first time doing multiple readings either. Went to lengths to not be distracted--did the reading in an an air conditioned room, the dog was relaxed... felt good right after, especially cause I got positive feedback right away for one of them. Then came the feedback from the second one twenty minutes later while I was doing a spread for my instagram cause I felt inspired; King of Cups and Una Ursi (the latter is the Flora Oracle, this plant is corresponded with intuition in the lwb), if you're interested. The second piece of feedback I checked on after and it confirmed the theme of protection that came through from the cards. That sounds cryptic and it's partly me trying be confidential but also I wasn't given much else to go on. I was lying down after watching some tv and the nausea came out of nowhere. Puked, then relaxed on the couch for a while, ate and am feeling better now. I'm aware that two times is not a pattern but I thought I'd update.
  14. Hmmm, given your description I don't think I attracted a negative entity or was possessed. I'm going to be mindful and ritualistic about putting my cards away to ground myself back in the present after a reading :)
  15. Hey TrufflesTarot, how's it been? It was funny I was thinking of doing something to aid me in manifesting a job in my field and then you made this post. I've been hush hush about it until now but I've been wanting to share that I tried your spell with a few minor mods. I had just received some beeswax candles from a swap on Long Hair Community forums and there was this really pretty one with petals that look like little bowls to hold herbs in. Oiled it and applied a mixture of cinnamon and dragon's blood (for some extra oomph). The candle wasn't green but I had a half-used green candle used in a previous project. I wanted the main candle to be fresh but also wanted green wax, so I poured seven green dots around the flower candle in a blue jar lid (blue wasn't my first choice but it was all I had on hand; I rationalized that I wanted a peaceful office job as opposed to a hectic restaurant job, blue being peaceful in my mind). Seven is a number I search for in my environment, I associate it with the fae. Set it on a windowsill by my bed where I had my laptop out. Burnt it while imagining how relieved I'll feel when I get the job I want. After watching the powder swirl with the wax and imagining it releasing my intention, I went to my laptop and started job hunting, tuning my resume, writing cover letters, and applying. I think once the candle was burning low I started playing video games, lol, something to distract my mind (sorry I don't have the best memory). I found myself adding power to the spell with similar candle spells every few days. One to banish blockages to a job (one opportunity said they had to wait for word from a funder for example), then another to attract the job once the blockages had been released. Used cinnamon, dragon's blood, and even a leaf of peppermint in these endeavours. Both of the organizations I volunteer for ended up sending me job opportunities in the following week. I've just received an offer of employment today so I thought I'd share what worked for me with regards to cinnamon and manifesting prosperity. Thanks for the inspiration. How has your job hunt gone?
  16. Thank you for the useful line of questioning. Before eating I felt hungry as usual, and before the reading I felt fine. However I hadn't had lunch (normal for me) and did the reading before dinner, so I was probably less grounded to begin the reading with. I see this as a potential warning sign, perhaps food before a reading would help me? I intentionally left my foot in the door, actually, not fully closing myself off when leaving the reading. I thought I'd let it simmer in the background, as it were. Leaving my safe spot and going out onto the street to catch the cab while holding onto a thread of the web... leaving myself open to messages perhaps opened me to other information I picked up while on the street/in the cab. I've worked for years on my empathic shield/filter, being open and receptive while out in public was probably a dumb idea because a) I'm not used to that sort of overload of information now and b ) I know better than that. I use intuition as well with working with spirit guides. In terms of your next question, I very much agree with the idea of following the web to take me to the target, however it was a bit of a scatter shot as well as I only got a line of text (the reading was done online). Also I'm not sure what you mean by non-designated spirit? Do you mean the spirit guides I work with? They're always with me at least in the background. I don't really need to do anything fancy to call them (unless I'm feeling fancy, haha). In terms of negative entities... It was brought up by another person when I mentioned my situation so I thought I'd see what those here thought. At the end of the day I was in a safe place with my guides. It's true I'm due for a clean and usually reset my protective measures after cleaning, so this will do me good (my plan is to scrub the place tomorrow). I have faith that my protective measures work even with some clutter around the place, but it will be good to reconnect with protective magick when I've been focusing on other endeavours for the past month. In terms of possession I don't know a lot on the topic beyond what Hollywood has taught me... What are true signs of possession?
  17. So I'm doing a bit of thinking on the topic of repercussions to divination. I recently did a reading for a stranger, just one innocuous question regarding their love life. Thought I'd pull some cards and let them stew over the evening so I did the reading, packed up my things, and left to go to my SO's place. Immediately threw up in the cab over there. Theories I'm contemplating: - I ate a crappy breakfast and need to take better care of myself when practicing divination - something about opening myself up to a reading and then packing up and leaving it caused a negative reaction - I opened myself up to a 'spirit realm' of sorts and attracted a negative entity - the querent was in far more distress than I gave them credit and I received an empathic download - divination is the devil's work :evillaugh: What do you think about such an experience? Have you ever had any negative reactions to divination?
  18. Beautiful piece with regards to getting caught up in the tools of the trade, Zombee. I think I realized I was a witch when I realized the power of spells devised entirely by me. The idea that I could create my own correspondences for example was really freeing. I'd read recipes and I thought the intention was interesting but I didn't have what the spell called for, or I thought something else would work better... and realized I wasn't looking for an ingredients list, I was just looking for new ideas for spells. I've realized it makes way more sense in my mind to just follow the beat of my own drum. Putting my own spin on manifesting x, y, z lends me power. You are only limited by your creativity--realizing that is acknowledging your power.
  19. Very interesting, now I'm wondering what the heck term my two angels fall under. I've never come across the idea of fetching before... I've always seen them as in the background, stepping in to guide me whenever I need help. It never occurred to me to think about what they might be doing after I've done a spell and when I'm not focusing on them--are they just here for moral support or can they take actions to bring me closer to my goals as well? I don't have any particular object they're tied to and would never want that kind of life for them (IMO)... but now that I think about it, getting their likeness tattooed on my body was something like a bind. I'm more comfortable with a tattoo cause I can't lose it as easily, haha!
  20. I think there's holding energy, in that you feel energy stored in an object (like a recently deceased grandfather's ring)... and then there's holding relevance, where you've created an association between an idea (such as attracting wealth) with an object (such as a jade butterfly necklace). With the ring, it's a matter of receiving energetic information. With the necklace, it's a matter of programming the object so its presence triggers certain thoughts/actions conducive to the magickal working. For example, every time I might absentmindedly play with this jewelry I would be reminded to be wise with my money and keep my eyes open to job opportunities. The object holds power in its ability to anchor me to a lifestyle that is most conducive to wealth. Like the difference between receiving the energetic information of an object in comparison to imbuing the object with energetic information. I think over time things that hold relevance, or things that hold particularly strong associations in your mind, gain a sense of holding energy.
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