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  1. Well, I'm not a Hereditory Witch, but if I could off been anything before the internet happened I would have been a ShapeShifter. As a child I would imagine being diferent animals, especially a horse. But all in all, I think eventually I would have become a witch. I always had an interest in herbology, horror and fairy stories. Controling my own destiny and I have a vivid imagination. And then I saw my first ghost, well that changed everything for me. I knew there was something else.
  2. Onyx

    Rune Stones Anyone?

    Well, nothing of suitable size for Rune making. We ended up removing half of the tree, it was completely hollow inside. I saved a log, it had a hole on the top and a hole on the side. If I nail a round board in the bottom end, and stand it upright, the log will make a nice planter. Put some trailing plants in it.
  3. This reminded me of a song that goes..."Do what you say, say what you mean. One step leads to another"
  4. Onyx

    Rune Stones Anyone?

    True, I'm always looking for a new project to amuse myself with, but credit to you for making it look possible. I mean, making a detachable pin on the front of the bag, to identify the set and to wear if you want. Genius! By the way, I saw a beautiful ceramic set of runes at the local Witch shop. Just looking! I might make another set from our Apple Tree prunings. Just a thought though.
  5. Thanks UnMasked! Sometimes, you succed dispite yourself. Sometimes designs will change because the unconcious mind takes over. I love that lost in the moment feeling. but you only recognize it when it ends.
  6. British Columbia is quite like Scotland in some ways, especially the Kootenay area, it has more Glacial, rounded mountains. They are called the Selkirk Range.
  7. A couple of mini paintings for my Grandaughter.
  8. I don't get any messages, but I do get Cat visits from my deceased cats. Just a nice little reminder that their spirits are still around me. It is very comforting to me.
  9. There you go, it does scream guitar strap, A perfect use.
  10. Yes, I could see that on a Viking type dress, it would look beautiful on anything really. Table Runner?
  11. I am She who must be obeyed! Feed Me slave!
  12. It could be a good form of knot magick, think of the Norns weaving your fate.
  13. Happy Ostara to you too!
  14. Oh Boy! UnMasked, you are one busy Witch! Your Grimoire sounds like mine, I think including Art Work is brilliant, art is like a spell in the fact that it is visualization and manifestation. sometimes I will do a little picture and think that would be perfect in my book. Art brings ideas to life. Like a sigil of sorts.
  15. Last time I decorated the bedroom, I bought new lamps and added red beaded fringe around the plain lampshades. Hubby said the bedroom looked like a Whore House, I asked him how did he know?
  16. We have a lot of crafty people in Nelson, there is one woman here who does the old type of fabric lampshades, they are beautiful with their long fringes. She goes under the name of "ShadyLady". she matches them up with an appropriate old lamp, and the end result is gorgeous! Boxes and candle holders are always a good find!
  17. Yes it is amazing what you can do with second treasures. I love looking in the thrift shops, my last find was a new leather jacket for $20. I'm wearing it now, it is perfect. Hubby and I go to the thrift shops together, only one rule, we have to love it and have a place or use for it. Or is that two rules? Wooden boxes are always good.
  18. Great job , very nice work, UnMasked! I love the colors of the first bracelet. I bet your Gran loves it. Love the Virgo and Moon charms.
  19. Outdone yourself again Sagefire! Today, Hubby and I are painting the Bathroom! Not as glamourous, but nessessary! Now we are all high on primer!
  20. Someone is going to be very happy!
  21. A beautiful set SageFire! I have a special fondness for Rowen wood. Rowen Wood is so sacred that only magickal tools may be made from it. I have quite a few Rowen wands. I will have to keep an eye out for Rowen windfalls thick enough to make a set of Runes. I have one special large Rowen in mind. It lives in a secluded Park by the Kootenay River.
  22. I love my Grimoire, but I find that I have to make a conscious decision to keep it up. With the pandemic still going on, I find myself devoting more time to my book. Sometimes just to add a photo or underline important points of interest. I like to write about some of my life experiences, synchronistic happenings and experiences. Make it about my experiences.
  23. I'm always interested in Scottish Folklore, I have a quick look at your Site, it looks very interesting. I will return to it again. My Grandad lived in Broughy ferry and I have many fond memories of the area. I for one would be interested in the well restoration, I think it would be worth a post with photos of course. Good Luck with that project.
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