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  1. Hey Sagefire! I can envision you "on pointe" with your ballet slippers, black of course. Yes, I have apathy looming over me, as well. I had a candle spell ready to go, it took me a week to remember to light it. I finally did it. I am spending lots of time in the garden and walking at the park. Always looking for a nice stick to make a wand from. I am the Queen of Wands!
  2. Congrats! Homeschoolie! I did not even find one set of Runes!
  3. You are one of my favs Sagefire! I must have missed your whiny post. I think we all feel the same at certain times. I also have a lack on energy , I have a candle and a Sigil that I had ready to light at the Full Moon, I just noticed it, still sitting there, this morning. On the brighter side, here is something to amused you, we are expecting a comet to pass earth, look to the Northeastern sky at about three in the morning.
  4. The Birds are rewarding you for your good works! Synchronicity, is probably at work too, you want something and it is being given. I'm always on the lookout for a nice feather when I go for a walk.
  5. I think people like you and even me, are naturally quiet and thoughtful, and we attract talkative people who think we are actually listening to their speeches. What we are actually thinking is "God what a shallow person you are, shut up!" But we are to polite to say that. There is a saying "Still waters run deep, shallow brooks babble."
  6. Sorry you are going through a rough patch, I hear you...Live is not fun at the moment, I'm sick of everything too. Being in close quarters is hard and sometimes I hate my Spouse, but once in a while he does something nice and I like him again. Things will change, but not today .
  7. I do that all the time, I make soup out of Chicken and Turkey carcasses all the time. Left over Roast makes good Beef Barley Soup. Nothing goes to waste in our kitchen.
  8. Well you were brave, JennAdelek! Mine is down to my waist, but I really do need about three inches off the ends and to even it out. Hubby is the one who really needs a cut!
  9. I rescued a Butterfly from a spiders web, surely I get Street Creds for that!
  10. When my kids got video games I gave it a try, I just could not get into it. Too old I guess!
  11. Sometimes I make a discovery that makes me very excited, I'm bursting to tell someone but who? My Grimoire, I guess!
  12. I love making wands, Driftwood signs, Drawing and Painting in all it's forms. I used to make a living doing Leathers crafting, we sold the store a long time ago. Yesterday I made a fox stamp out of an eraser. without stabbing myself too. Gardening too, I find is very satisfying and rewarding. I do miss my daily Rink walking, Rec Center is closed... But now we are walking in the Park, still cold but nice to be outside . Soon the Geese will be guarding their nest, so the Park will be booby trapped. Some unexpected ambushes will happen, be prepared to run...
  13. Now my interest is really piqued!
  14. I tried reading the first book, so slow going... Not a fan. People I know like it though. People who have never been to Scotland. They have a romantic eye that they are looking though. Life in the Highlands was a brutal existence. The Scots have every right to hate the English..
  15. Well yes, I can see profiles. I thought the post was about a new rule that was coming. My humble apologies! I jumped the gun... By the way , Khundekling, your reputation points are 666! A fine number!
  16. I liked being able to know more about a member before I interact with them, so not fond of the change, at all. But I am still a lowly seeker so apparently I don't count!
  17. So bright and new and shiny! Well done!
  18. Thanks Hunter! I have a mason jar full of my handmade wands, I have two that I really use, but I enjoy making them, finding them, playing with them. I have some large double ended quartz crystals which I use as amplifiers.
  19. I have seen Witch Balls at the local Witch shop, they are glass globes with glass strings in them, no way to put anything in them though.
  20. Thanks Sagefire! I have a drawer full of unseen art, some good, some not!
  21. Here is a photo of my latest wand creation, her name is Viper and she has a crystal in her tail or the pointy end.
  22. I just wish the condition was more understood and why is it more prevalent these days. There seem to be no answers, no causes, no cures and sometimes, very little help.
  23. Yes, I like a good walk in the woods too.
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