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  1. Not a problem, the mention of his name made me go on a memory tour. I still have my books from when I fell in love with his style. Beardsley made me want to draw.
  2. Onyx


    Love the first one with the cat "I did"!
  3. I have several books of Aubrey Beardsley's art. The Lysistrata of Aristophanes, Le Morte D'Arthur, The Rape of the Lock, The Early Work of Aubrey Beardsley and The Later work of Aubrey Beardsley. So you can tell that I am quite a Fan! I just love his use of line. Nothing in these books suggest that he was a Spiritualist.
  4. Thanks spectropoetics! I have heard of them, my friend mentioned that she belongs to this "Church" I do not see her often, unfortuately, or I would be quizing her more about them.
  5. I am a huge fan of Aubrey Beardsley's style of art. I did not realise that he was a spiritualist, but he does fit into the Victorian timeframe. Thanks for the links, they have been very interesting.
  6. Well, obviously this went all to Hell in a Handbasket!
  7. The Spirit Art I am refering to is also called Automatic writting and the lady was called Mrs. Honywood. You can find it if you Google Spirit Art, mrs. Honywood. She said she was drawing peoples Souls.
  8. Very beautiful work, indeed. Yesterday I was looking at Spirit Art and it seems to me that it came from the same Time period as when Spiritualism was very popular. The art I was looking at was done by Automatic Writing, also by a Woman. Sorry I cannot provide a reference.
  9. The Human eye and brain always tries to make something out of a pattern, if, for instance, you look at a marble floor long enough, you will start to make out faces, animals etc.
  10. That sounds sinister indeed... Ouija Boards now on sale at Liquidation World! Make a new friend, buy one for the Kiddies, it will be fun. Famous last words, He, He!
  11. I will not use a Ouija board ever. No bad experiences, because I have never used one. I guess I have seen too many Horror Movies.
  12. I think I'm cracking up, the small wand I said was Holly I have marked as Rowen. It is in fact Holly. It is from my endless supply of sticks waiting to become...Something. UnMasked, I hav'ent even opened the package with my Ultimate Crafting Tool, as they call it. It has 8 metal tips for stencil cutting, soldering, Leather crafts etc. I think I did buy it to cut Stencils, have not done that either. At least it is sitting on my desk now, so closer to hand. It is a fancy little unit! Maybe I should open the box! Burn something.
  13. Photo so you can see what's going on. The smaller wand is Holly wood, the large wand is Rowen. Leave on the bark rings, or get rid of them?
  14. We had wolves introduced to the Kootenay Pass area, they harassed the few endangered caribo that we had, so much they moved the seven Caribou. Move the damn Wolves to back where they came from. Actually I think they came from Yellowstone Park. I miss the Caribou I got a good photo of them one year and used it for Yule cards.
  15. So I decided not to leave my wand at 22 inches, I cut it down to 15 inches and now I feel it is off balance for it's thickness. Oh well! Sometimes things just don't work out very well. Not to worry, I have lots more sticks to play with. I might just carve off the bark rings that I have left on. They did not give me the effect I wanted. I have a wood burner kit I hav'ent tried out yet, that might do the trick.
  16. I started a wand last night, Rowen Wood, 22 inches long, rather thick, more masculine in feel. I left five rings of natural bark on, near the handle. It has some spurs where the smaller branches were sprouting from. I will be removing them, as much as possible. Still, a fair bit of refineing is needed. I think it will be a good one when finished. When it is, I will post a photo for you. Just thinking that if I leave them longer, they can be ajusted to the users preference
  17. You are fortunate to have learned about Witchcraft at a young age, It took me a great deal longer to finally become a Witch. 2007 to be exact. Still, there is no timeline, we all get there eventually.
  18. My Cat loves me, all is forgiven, it was a few years ago. A little goes a long way!
  19. Good for you Moly, I'm not a fan of games and drama either! However, I'm too polite to confront them about it. Too much drama! I usually just disappear!
  20. My zodiac sign is Cancer! I come by it honestly!
  21. My entire wardrobe is in basic black, everything matches!
  22. You could leave an offering to them, beer maybe, or milk and honey.
  23. We used to go to a Halloween party held by the Rugby club. Everyone made their own costumes and the best were totally original, and hand made, not just a slutty pirate wench, out of a plastic bag.
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