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    Wiltshire UK
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    Nature, Faery, sunshine, reading, study, cooking, gardening
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Interesting, i believe i am always in my heart and the way i live every second of every day a country woman. I suppose i am a witch if that is what you wish to know though i don't advertise the fact. my connection seems to be through the very air that i breathe and as such since i was a child, naturally so.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I was brought up in the countryside but my family were catholic, i went to a catholic school, though was incredibly unhappy, my only joy came from being outside and or with animals, so raised a christian but there was always a contradiction with what i was taught and what i felt who i am, thus i was very withdrawn into myself growing up.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I work with nature mostly, which is all and everything around me, i have done spells but mostly i don't do ritual very often i tend to work in a more natural way
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Traditional to me means like the old ways, a way of living like breathing, communing with the spirits all around me in nature and the ancestors, everything that comes to me does so because it chooses to, i hear spirit sometimes but mostly i travel and when i do i see, this has just come to me, i have read and experienced things but most of the books out there i have come to realise are to do with wicca, and that is not who i am, i want to be and am a natural. I do not fit into a square box, i am outside the box.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    before the year 2000 i was lost in my life and at that time i asked out loud to the Universe to please show me that there was something more to my life, and boy did things start to change! Since that time i have been seeking my truth of who i am, I am interested in furthering my knowledge in Green Witchcraft and Hedgewytchery the Olde Traditional way
  • What brought you to our site?
    For ages i have not felt right, like everything i read online or in books was not who i felt i am, it was with tools and ritual, it was not who i want to be or am, i have hungered to find somewhere that i could find out a more natural wild way of the craft, after doing searches i found your website and have been reading posts that i felt more in tune with, this has made me happy to finally come across others like myself.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I would like to make some friends here and maybe share and certainly learn from others here, of which i would be very greatful
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    To be at one with Nature and the Universe, spirit and the Ancestors. I have found myself sometimes working with the Fae when i journey.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    I am lazy, sometimes life gets in the way and i lose interest, then before i know it something happens and i am called right back in
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  1. Such a brilliant topic, thanks for sharing this, fascinating to me as one side of my family were from the Scottish Isles that finished up in England. I’m still deciding which witchy way to go. It’s taken years actually because the catholic drumming in to me was so strong and the links about the folk magic are really how it was, thinking witches were evil and calling on the saints for protection etc. So much truth is out there now, thank goodness.
  2. New series started on sky one. Worth watching.
  3. Tools eh : Interesting, maybe i should get some, i use the cards daily just for myself, love the way they connect with me. As far as anything else not really up to now although i remember a vivid dream i had about 4 years ago, a man came right up to me he had long dark hair and beard and was holding out to me an Athame it was laid in his hands horizontally he was right up close to me, i wasn't at the time considering getting an Athame though i thanked him anyway, i have often wondered who he was.
  4. They also sound nice Neville, when i am using cards the imagery for me is very important
  5. I have just got a new Tarot deck, Dreams of Gaia Tarot. by Ravynne Phelan, the art and imagery is the most beautiful i have ever seen, this deck is described as a new way of looking at the Tarot, so far the cards have been spot on, this is unlike any Tarot i have seen before, more like a cross between Tarot and Oracle cards i would say.
  6. Mugwort


    Yes, Merlin has shown himself to me a couple of times and if i needed help, i called him once and he came, since then i have had a Gold Dragon around me that seems to come if i need protection. so i would say he is there and will come.
  7. I loved reading this topic, thank you "M" for such an interesting discussion, for myself i was a very quite and alone child most happy out in nature or when my father would teach me about the creatures of the wild. My siblings are so different to me, more normal if there is such a thing. I didn't even think along the psychic lines then had no idea as to what was coming but when i had my first marriage there came with it quite a lot of trauma and my father suddenly died, in the 90's and around 2000 i started to question everything i was taught especially being raised a christian catholic. As soon as i asked the Divine for answers the flood gates opened and soon after i went to a moot in Avebury and met some lovely people, the first Pagans i had ever had any contact with. (i consider myself one now) As time went on i experienced Astral travel and journeying and this was all new to me and somewhat scary. eventually over the years i have worked through the fear and trauma from the past, left the marriage and started anew. I am now most delighted to find i am able to experience the spirit world in such interesting ways and long for more adventures and knowledge as i grow, i'll be 60 next year and it seems as i am now in the Crone stage of my life i am seeing so much deeper and finding answers, it has taken a long time but reading all your posts is also answering some of my questions. I travel most nights and go with my feelings, if a spirit is maelevolent (spellcheck) i can usually tell. The Fae come to me when i dream or travel sometimes and this seems to be the path that is opening up before me a more shamanic way of the craft. A question about portals, if you open one up will you be able to control what comes through? I wouldn't have though this should be done by someone that is not experienced in these ways, just a thought.
  8. I got a right telling off once from a Faery, a couple of years ago we were living on a boat on the canals here in UK and we moored up in winter and got frozen in so we couldn't move the boat for a few weeks, bored i was one day so i went for a walk and found a hollow or large ditch in the corner of a field. I was wanting to make myself a new staff at the time and saw on the ground an old branch from a tree, at first i didn't think it was still attached to the main tree, so i picked it up then noticing it was Elder and that it only was attached by a string of bark, i pulled it off and took it home to the boat, that night i saw as i slept a fairy all in green flew at me in such an angry way, it was quite a shock i can tell you, anyhow i waved my hand and she went, after i thought about it more i realised what i had done and the next morning i took a stone of phrenite which was special to me and gave it to the place, hopefully appeasing the faery and lesson learned! :mellow:
  9. Hi, If i find i may be getting a cold, you know when that feeling comes right! I make a big pot of vegetable stew and put loads of fresh ginger, grated, tons of garlic and ground chilli and turmeric, cumin, corriander, lentils and as many vegetables as i can find and slow cook for about 3 hours, it has kept a cold away many times as well as being delicious
  10. Comfrey is brilliant, i made some ointment a couple of years ago for a sprained ankle i had at the time, i used fresh though as that was all i had, seemed to work fine, in the summer when the snow is gone i may pick and dry some, i still have a pot it still smells ok, How long does it last do you suppose?
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