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    Tarot and Psychic Mediumship
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    Runs through the bloodlines
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    - Once a beginner of Satanism till I found out what it really was
    - Grey Witch
    - Neopaganism
    - Bastet
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    Yes should through my bloodlines
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    Being more connected with my bloodlines and figuring out who I am.
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    Since I was 16
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    The Divine
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    To share what experience and knowledge I have and to learn even more.
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    Problem Solving
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Too ambitious
  1. Here's a good fortune doll Ive been working upon for a client of mine who means the work to me. Id be done around Monday and now im looking for a good fortune spell or ritual for this voodoo doll any suggestions?
  2. Blessings, Im sorry for your loss @urbanfox do understand that yes its sad that the 'physical death' of you best friend is heart breaking *which is a straight forward emotion/reaction to be expected from us humans* but this way *sorry if I offend* it is better as this way he is in spirit form so he can be forever with you EVERYWHERE and ANYWAY. Which is something that both humans and animals CANT do physically. hope this helps, kind regards.
  3. Today in the morning I received a distressing tarot reading about what November 2018 has in store for me, the user used a Alice in Wonderland tarot deck the image I've provided is from this Alice in Wonderland deck: “1. WHAT IS THE MAGIC IN YOUR LFE RIGHT NOW? – 5 of Pentacles – in this card we see Alice and the Fawn in “the wood where things have no names.” This is a place where no one knows who they are and nothing knows what it is. Things have no names, no concept of selves, no memories, no knowledge of their fears/likes or dislikes. It is some type of void space of nothingness. What the illusion shows is Alice and the Fawn in this place together, neither knowing anything about themselves, or each other but leaning on each other for support. This version of the 5 of Pentacles emphasizes, not the traditional poverty this card depicts in the RWS, but how a companion who cares can make things easier to bare. I see you as the Fawn in this card, anxious, alert and scared. The magic in your life is confused, lost and blocked. You need help in order to access the true magic in your life. The magic in your life is associated with a person who cares deeply about you and is very concerned for you, that wants to help you. Let that person in your life, trust them, let them lead you through the woods where things have no name so that you can come out on the other side safely and whole so that you can truly the experience the magic in your life.” This one part of that reading made me feel numb :embarased: to the core and could perfectly describe the current lifestyle -_- . Another thing that has been on my mind is that there’s someone around me :pinch: *possible male, romantic figure* who cares deeply and is concerned :geek: . Once I gotten home from work I used my deck to figure out the possible identity of this person :ninja: . In which I have come to the conclusion that this figure is obviously a bloke :blush: . Since I’ve drawn many sword cards for this question along with the Justice. I also understand that he is young so early 20s to 30s. I have covered all bases and moved on and asked if this bloke has any romantic feelings present: Knight of Cups (Reversed): If this were to represent a bloke he’d be the type who’d seduce for selfish reasons also he’d be the type who’d blame you for what his ex-did do to him. Feelings have been repressing his feelings which could soon turn into something more ‘sinister’. Knight of Wands (Reversed): At the present time I’m confused about the meaning that the KnW n reversed meant for feelings so I’ve drawn the Tower Reversed. This card appears when someone has gone through a lot in life and or at the moment maybe now isn’t quite the right time for me to be asking such sensitive questions at the moment. Knight of Pentacles: Feelings that have been expressed have been steady, dedicated which at times or can develop into clingy behavior. Another point of view is that this blokes feelings towards me are safe *meaning that they aren't going to change any time soon* which could also turn out that this bloke will feel locked up because of this behavior pattern. If you don’t agree with the meanings that I have provided above or I’ve missed something feel free to let me know. If you’re willing to do a tarot exchange to help better understand this situation and the mystic bloke please also let me know.
  4. I used too before tarot but I've had a bit of a dodgy past with them my decks would either be destroyed or vanish within thin air and not ever seen again. Till Christmas time I gotten my very first Tarot deck which was Essential Tarot by Mary Hanson-Roberts
  5. Meant to but I'm having technical issues on my own
  6. Greetings , Today I've created a voodoo doll for myself in which I'm going to use in my magical workings in the future. I created this little beauty out of a ripped green and white floral designed pillow case. As a resourceful person I am I used the pillow case as the green and white will later on help me attract the things I went into my reality and the floral design I thought is symbolic as flowers represent growth, blooming and etc. I've provided an number of pictures of the steps I've taken to make my voodoo doll. Since in this life time my name meaning is God of Strength I've used the rune symbol Uran (I think that's how you spell it <_<) to represent Strength in a orange thread on the back. At the moment I have done the naming ritual neither the other needed rituals to make this voodoo doll come alive just yet! but once I do I'll post the rituals on here and upon my blog.
  7. Greetings, Today I've decided to cast a employment candle spell today to try and find some employment of some form. So I've googled a simple green candle spell for the spell your meant to have a particular job in mind and carve it upon the candle. But instead based on my knowledge and experiences I gotten myself a green candle, some cinnamon oil, piece of paper, a green textera and a silver penny to hold the candle. I anointed the candle with the cinnamon oil then I written my first and last name four times (the number four is a powerful number in Voodoo) then I turnt the piece of paper to my left then ten times in total I written "find employment". After that I fold the paper in half towards me then I also anointed the paper with cinnamon oil. From there I light the candle I begin to chant "To do for me this deed, bring me this job I need." I begin to burn the paper for my wish to be fulfilled. Now here believe it or not that piece of paper caught up in flames! It was to the point where I was nervous about if I was going to set the house on fire because the amount of energy I put into it. Once the paper was burning I dropped it into the dish that held the candle from there the piece of paper continued to burn and turnt black in no time and it even started to burn the bottom of the candle and burn it upwards. When everything was burnt out I went outside to bury the candle and paper remains with the coin underneath a lavender bush in the front yard. I've also provided a picture of the candle and piece of paper that was burnt. From here I'm going to watch closely for any signs and I shall update this when I see any signs.
  8. Greetings, I don't know if this is the appropriate place if not I apologise. Today im seeking help from users of Tarot as last night ive had a dream in which served me as a warning againest someone who wishes to cause harm againest me for some reason. Anyway ive pulled a few cards to try and discover the identify of this male. As i was the cards to tell me about the personality that this guy has and i received word that i needed to pull out four cards. The cards i gotten are: 3S, The Star, The Tower and The Hang Man. Below from my experience and knowledge im going to attempt to uncover the guys personality. 3S: Someone who is either a heart breaker or someone who doesnt respond well after a heart break. This guy is probably someone who has been involved or caused acts of adultery and or infidelity. Star: This guy is probably a Aquarius man, where he uses his creativity to generature ideas. Tower: Either shows self-destructive traits and or someone who likes destoring or messing around with things. Hang Man: Someone whos laid back steps backwards away from everyday concerns. So this is what I can get from the cards if possible I will later apply a pic of a rough verison of the guys appearence from the videogame called The Sims 4. From personal experience I dont know of any males with this appearence whos a Aquarius. As a capricorn woman, Im a shy person who doesnt or barely socialise with ppl so I dont know who Ive upset nor I wasnt aware that someone is pissed off at me. Any help is appricated. Blessings,
  9. Thank you for the recommendation I'll give it a go! Blessings
  10. Greetings, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to place such a thread here if not many apologies at the moment I'm financially challenged where the location I live as little to none employment opportunities for me. In which my parents are the only source of financial support I have and they are slowly over time getting sick of having to support me in which is understandable. Don't get me wrong I've been trying to find employment by sending out an dozen of resumes and only gotten a few negative responses. So I was wandering if anyone knows or has tried a job/money spell in which they've seen results from. Since I don't have the money to buy such complex materials that most spells call upon such as basil, cinnamon and etc. Or if someone could cast a simple money/job spell for me and as a form of payment I can offer you two psychic tarot readings. Thanks for reading, Blessings
  11. Greetings, Today I’d like to share with u a simple spell anyone and everyone can cast to look into the point of view of a target without any harm being done to the individual. Now here’s the link to the original post https://trufflestarot.deviantart.com/art/Dreamers-Eyes-Reveal-Honest-Emotions-740638781. I would have copied and paste the entire thing here but on the other server it wouldn’t let me do so. I thought it was a good idea to share something that has worked for me with the community.
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