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    United States
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    Permaculture, homesteading,horseback riding.
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I am familiar. I have read a lot about it and done some spell and magic work in the past but have limited experience.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Christianity. Also Wicca briefly, I quickly discovered it was not for me at all.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Yes a little.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    It means the straight study and practise of traditional witchcraft without it being part of a religion. I see witchcraft as being a "craft" much like any other craft such as woodcraft, leather craft, bushcraft, etc. that is a free standing practise of it's own.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    About a year. I have mostly focused on meditation, working with energy, communicating with my spirit guides, and discovering the deeper aspects of myself. I'm now ready to start a more serious focus on spell work and the more hands on aspects of witchcraft.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I was searching for a place to learn just witchcraft and not witchcraft mixed with Wicca. I found this site through an google search.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I expect to learn more about traditional witchcraft and to be able to connect with other traditional witchcraft practitioners. I do not have much to contribute to this forum at this point except respectful conduct, a keen interest in learning, and deep gratitude to all who share their experience and wisdom with others through this forum.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    I do not think so... it's possible I may have registered at a site in the past but I do not think so. I was part of a wicca online school and forum but I left the school and forum over a year ago. It was not a good fit for me at all.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Feeling and raising energy. Feeling and communicating with spiritual beings. Strong focus.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    I lack experience and knowledge in hands-on aspects of witchcraft, very little experience in spell work or other hands on magic working.
  1. "How you live your day, is how you live your life". To me it sums it up all so perfectly. Your life is the accumulation of your days, how you live each day is the way you build and design your life; stone by stone, brick by brick. So live each day in a magical way - with awareness, attention, intention, mindfulness, meaning, direction. Even if your day is full of "mundane" activities it can still be magical, it can still be lived with intent and awareness. A life built up with each day lived with awareness, meaning, and focus is powerful. To me that is the foundation to a magical life and that is why I love that quote. :flyaway:
  2. Weather permitting we'll spend time outside enjoying the Fall colors, do some Fall art and crafts, and bake something seasonal and festive. I'll set some quiet time aside for reflection on the fruit of my labor for this past year, the approaching time of rest, and find some new ways to express gratitude and appreciation for the many blessings in my life.
  3. Love this thread! I'm a complete introvert and am happiest at home. I love a quiet life, chocolate, comfort food, and a good cup of herbal tea or cocoa. I love stories, myths, the fantastic, and the mystical. My practice is intertwined so much in my life I can't really draw the line when I'm witching and when I'm not but my other life components of creating a beautiful life are raising my children, homemaking, horseback riding, spending time and walking in nature, studying nature, plants and animals, alternative and natural healing and medicine, energy healing, and reading. I love to learn and am always studying and researching new things so that takes up a great deal of my time. Spirituality is a huge part of my life and who I am so continuously learning, reading and practicing is a big part of my daily life. The list of things I'd like to do more of is a mile long, including; continuing to learning to draw and paint, doing more art and crafting/creating, camping, much more gardening of all kinds, growing and working with herbs, more sewing, get my little homestead up and going and start beekeeping, get milk goats and chickens, start canning again, the list goes on. The list of things I've always wanted to learn to do is a mile long as well; woodcarving, wood burning, working with clay, candle making, soap making, preserving food through fermentation, calligraphy, basket weaving, spinning, jewelry making,drumming, story telling, and on and on. When I just need to rest my brain and checkout for a bit I watch a good movie, documentary or a tv series I've really wanted to see. I don't think the majority of what is out there is worth watching but occasionally find something good! Often a foreign or independent film or tv series.
  4. I think it's quite common to feel this loneliness when walking the unbeaten path. I use to feel much lonelier than I do now. I think I finally was able to find what I was really looking for within myself. I'd still love to have an in-person friend that has a worldview similar to mine but I don't feel that deep sadness about it anymore. Coming onto this forum always helps too. :) :wave:
  5. My ancestry is English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish, with a bit of German. I'm very drawn to Celtic witchcraft and Folk Magic, particularly the practices of Pennsylvania, and the Appalachian mountains which fits both my family genetic and regional heritage and history. But I don't limit myself, if I'm interested in something I follow that interest. :)
  6. I thought this this was a great movie! It's based on the book. I was going to put the movie trailer up here but after watching it I think it was not done very well :confused: Anyway the movie is quite good. It's about a boy and his family who live in New Mexico during WW2. One day a mysterious older woman named Ultima comes to live with them. She is a medicine woman and said to be a witch...
  7. It's still a rather cold and dreary Spring so far but it seems Spring truly is here in my area. Today was dark and had a cool wind but it got up to 68 F, a Dandelion was bloomed in the yard, my Daffodils have their heads on them, I saw 2 Wooly Bears out and about, a mosquito tried to bite me, and the Peeper frogs are out in force. All the Turkey Vultures that live near my house seem to be back roosting in their two usual trees too.
  8. Excellent points PapaGheny! This is so true. I often don't think past my immediate family, not because I don't care about other people or my community but because I am not use to having any effect or influence in my community or with my neighbors. I often feel like an island in a sea of "others" which is not community minded at all. This is something that has been brought to my attention multiple times, and now once again ;) , and I have been working on to remedy. I am seeking ways to become more community involved and find ways to be of better service to others, even if it's sometimes just as you mentioned, just hinting to someone about something. It's an interesting topic. Thinking about it I think at least for me, and maybe some other people, the habit of keeping my practice secret or just very private tends to keep me in that mindset so that when I receive personal revelations or messages I tend to take them to heart and it doesn't usually go further than that. That's something I can be more aware of. Very well said! And I think it highlights an important point - allowing ourselves to grow with change. Personally I think that's the main purpose of change, the growth it encourages and it certainly doesn't do me any good resisting it or fearing it. Learning to be aware and receive the messages, and then to trust the process and allow it to unfold puts me in the right state of being to continue to be open to guidance and help along the way.
  9. PapaGheny I don't think you over explained at all. And I agree with what you are saying. I always enjoy your writing and respect your experience and knowledge. As you said there is more than just the physical material side of our reality to take into consideration. The spiritual side is important as well. I have been learning how to incorporate more spiritual awareness into my daily life and personal experience of the world, and my connection and understanding has been developing well. However I admit I had not considered how important developing a more expanded awareness is. Reflecting on past experiences I've had, each time I've clearly received a message through the weather, nature or animals they have been very personal. Looking for meaning in a broader sense is something I hadn't thought of but it's very intriguing and I can see the importance. You've given me a different perspective and I'm looking forward to being open to it and exploring it further. One thing I can say though is that I've been having a very deep "knowing" sense of big coming change ( in a broad sense, not just personal level) and the need to prepare for it. I don't know what is coming, just what the next steps I personally need to do to prepare. .
  10. PapaGheny I enjoyed your update. I don't have anything specific to point to an early spring other than it sure feels like it has shifted into spring here (I live near Lake Erie). The Robins returned a few days ago, and my Daffodils are already sprouted up a few inches. I hope for their sake spring really is hear and any future snowfall will be minimum. Also about the deer; a big buck has a trail through our yard and each winter when we see his tracks and he is always alone. This winter ( early Feb.) we saw his tracks but he was traveling with 4 smaller deer, one which was very small, maybe last year's fawn? So I'm guessing the group he was with was a few does. I found this odd considering the time of year. I'm not sure how uncharacteristic mating patterns could come into play. From what I have read about deer is that they are pretty sensitive to the weather, barometric pressure, amount of daylight, temperature, and even moon phases affect them and their behavior, and to some extent their breeding cycle. So I could see the possibility of the current strong changes in our climate could be messing with their internal "clocks" and bring them into erratic breeding cycles. I've also read before that, at least in some species of animals, environmental stress can bring females into heat outside of the normal season. Kind of a survival of the species reaction.
  11. After seeing a video interview with Monica Gagliano the author of "Thus Spoke the Plant; A REMARKABLE JOURNEY OF GROUNDBREAKING SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES AND PERSONAL ENCOUNTERS WITH PLANTS", I've put her book on my next to read list. If you search for her name on youtube a handful of video interviews and talks will come up. Her book is about the studies she has done that show that plants have intelligence, including the ability to learn, remember, and make decisions all without a brain or nervous system. It's really interesting and I feel further collaborates with the idea that plants have their own form of consciousness.
  12. I don't intimidate people or make them nervous. I am quiet and very introverted. My Briggs personality is a INFP “The Mediator”. So I do not make people nervous, quite the opposite, I seem completely nonthreatening. I hardly ever get noticed and blend in to the background easily. I come across as gentle and innocent mostly. I've even been told straight out by someone that they didn't think any person or animal could ever be afraid of me. I do not make friends easily at all though. I'm poor at small talk and can't stand it anyway, and while people seem to like me fine I just don't make friends. That's ok I prefer spending time with my husband and child anyway. I tend to dress in clear, vibrant colors and feminine prints. I am not a doormat either though, I just like peace. Push me to far or cross the line and you'll see my other side. As I get older I find I have less and less tolerance for people's BS and just the whole social game in general. I find it tiring and a waste of time. I believe in good manners and being polite but I feel quite a bit less obligation to play at being nice with a bunch of strangers at social gatherings. As a result I find I'm coming off as less friendly these days and I'm integrating with my shadow side more easily. At my core I am a gentle, peace loving person but I am finding more value in my shadow side and in finding my voice and inner power, feeling freed from the need to please other people, never offend someone or fit into social norms. I've always been an odd one and walked my own path so that is nothing new but now I just don't feel the obligation to coddle other people or make myself small to make them more comfortable. I found the discussion a little ways back in this thread about “getting big” and “Sakki “ really interesting. It's actually something I've been thinking a lot about lately. I would like to develop the ability in myself. I never would have thought I was capable of it until I became a mother. At that point I experienced first hand what it is to be a mother bear, there is something deep and powerful within that is available for me to call on if needed. I would like to explore it more and develop more control over it. Now just to learn how to "get big" and change my eye color at will. The shock value of being able to go from a gentle, seemingly nonthreatening little lady to a fire breathing monster could be quite the advantage! :rofl: :rofl: :devil:
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