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    Solitary witch with unlimited love for animals and nature, natural skeptical and cautious to humans. All around nice, respectful person but apparently highly eccentric..unfortunately.

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  1. I have the sight as well, they should rename it however...sometimes I can hear or smell or feel rather than see. When I bought my current house, had just moved in, a neighbour asked me if I was alone in the house ? I was puzzled by this question..she continued, if I had a visitors ? And she gave me a look. Then she told me how she had seen a "ghost" as a kid, it was coming down the stairs. So, my house is not haunted, I'd know. I wonder what this could be as she didn't have a spiritual aura or any of the tell tale signs of a person with sight. Nobody have died in my house either, a kid with a imagination and need for attention? Or something else..hmmmm..
  2. I firmly believe that NOT knowing enough gave me a "life long friend" due to the use of a Ouija board. After reading this I wonder how my life had been if I never opened that gate. Anyone else have had an entity latch on to them after using Ouija or other ways of welcoming spirits into their space ? Especially interesting in stories about those who never left.
  3. I did read some wicca back in my very early teens (due to lack of other available sources, wicca was so big while other forms of craft was rather obscure, especially my heritage) but even back then I couldn't relate to their ways. I also recall considering to join their Norwegian coven but wasn't old enough. Don't remember if it was 16 or 18 years of age minimum, but I was like 13, maybe younger. I am close to nature but there is just something about wicca, can't put my finger on it..just iffy..not for me.
  4. We have those in Scandinavian - or at least Norwegian and Swedish - witchcraft. A foundation of yarn that you pretty much dress like a candle. Not for protection however.
  5. Absolutely ! I have a marking, like a cluster of stars, on my right shoulder, but not sure that is much of a sign however, I have never read up on that or tried to search for info. But I think the personality and the way such a person carry themselves is unique. I also have the strong eyes, been told so my whole life. And many find me scary (not as in violent/sick scary), even very good friends that know me (all though they don't know I am all about that shit they don't believe in.. ) yet that is not me, that is what's around me. I don't "look" scary or dress scary -- like the current trend "looking like a witch from some movie"..you know..I own many clothes like that but it is the way I carry myself, my presence and I look through people, into their soul, if you will. There are pros and cons I find but what I see as highly amusing is that many people are very puzzled when meeting you, can't quite figure out what label to put on you. People are very hung up on labels and boxes 😂
  6. Fire away, send a PM, I'll answer unless it is personal or will lead to men in white coats come knocking at my door. I'm sure whoever is hanging around would deal with the issue but the price is probably be higher than I am interested in paying. Haha, I don't think I ever believed in God/Satan, it was straight onto demons. I have no idea where it came from, the idea, not the entity. I recall using Ouija at a very young age, probably got that from some horror flick as my mom was into those, but I was already in that headspace, don't know why. Anyway, I came back to the forum today because something happened yet again, nothing big this time however no other explanation.Lately I have been looking for forums and FB groups, joined some and quickly hurried away from those. My answer certainly was not there. Thing is, I don't want to get rid of it, that would be like ripping out one of my vital organs. After all this time it has grown to be a part of me, the perks are great, even the bad ones I suppose.
  7. Demons have been on my mind since I was very young, I don't know where the knowledge came from at such a young age. My family is not religious, can't imagine it came from school or friends. All I remember is Ouija board and possibly The Lesser Key of Solomon and/or Goetia. Anyone else have a similar experience, can't understand exactly how it happened yet have a entity on your side ?
  8. I have never asked about this online before but after something extreme happened once again I figured it is time to find out what I'm dealing with. So, the story in short is as follows: I have been a bit different for as long as I can recall, attracted to what most people call darkness yet I don't see it quite that way. It feel normal yet as the years passed by me as a kid I understood that it sure was not normal at all. I was very extreme in my ways when young, very young, before my teens, I was basically looking for spirits, demons...and then something changed, and it was sudden and it was amazing, I should say "scary and horrible" but I did not, and still do not ,feel that way but I really want to figure out what this is. What I know is a word or name that sounds like "Ynix" and a shadow that seems like a horned being, not quite antlers but a large ︶ shape on the head. It takes a "offer" everytime it does something for me. And never a small one, it is a sacrifice and not something I decided, it just takes something. And it can do unspeakable things. Anyone know what it can be ? I have searched and thought about this for about 30 years now. Thank you so much in advance, I assure you, this is not crazy, it took a lot of pondering over if I should or should not ask to even think about posting here. I do not take drugs and do not have an illness that makes me see and experience something that isn't there. I had myself tested a few times over the years just to be certain. If nobody here have info maybe someone knows about a forum or person, FB group or any other serious suggestion to where or who could perhaps have an idea what's latched on to me for so long. At this point I see it as just another day as I am so used to it, but the last time something very extreme happened after I asked for it I started to look for answers.
  9. I have been into ancestry since I was about 8, that was the age when many questions needed an answer and my all things supernatural go-to person adviced me to look into my ancestry. She was incredible, I could call her anytime and she would explain everything to me. Only issue was that back then it was very hard, no internet. All I knew was what my mom told me, she had a paper, from my her father's mother, where she wrote about her history. I finally discovered where my gifts came from - my grandma on my father's side, and also Icelandic roots on my mom's side, way back. So I am Norwegian/Swedish with old Icelandic roots. Funny, as that had been my craft since the beginning. Traditional Scandinavian mixed with Icelandic craft. Let's just say that coincidence isn't a believable cause around here .
  10. NRK is the larges newspaper and TV channel in Norway and it still reports about witchcraft. Especially in the north where I live people still believe and fear cunning folk of all sorts. "Ganning" (or also "Ganding or "Gand" ), a Nordic form of "magic" (I have a bit of a issue with the word "magic") is still very much alive up here, even the biggest football team fear it, but..my point is, use Google translate and read about some of the recent articles about Nordic witchcraft here: https://www.nrk.no/sapmi/pasienter-er-redde-for-a-snakke-om-ganning-1.15012234 https://www.nrk.no/kultur/ganning---bare-overtro_-1.4261014 https://www.nrk.no/sapmi/xl/troen-pa-_djevelpakten_-1.14864591 https://www.nrk.no/sapmi/overgrepoffer-ble-truet-med-ganning-hvis-hun-fortalte-om-overgrepene-i-tysfjord-1.15013932 And if you are Scandinavian speaking, here is a podcast: https://radio.nrk.no/podkast/tett_paa/l_b70694c3-b296-4112-8694-c3b2962112a4
  11. I just discovered it was based on a book series but I bet they are better, that's usually the case. The series was recommended to me because of the herbs and witchcraft content, it is a entertaining series but the love scenes last forever and is utterly mushy. Not a fan of stereotype anything. I have finished season 1, with some trouble, but I enjoy historical drama with an eye for detail. I bet many here would enjoy the series.And as snow came back today my work in the garden will once again be put on hold.
  12. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3006802/ Just wanted to tip you all about this series. Just give it some time and you'll see why it fits in. Herbs and witchcraft, history and folklore 🌙
  13. I've been disappointed before and want to find the best books about the story of Lilith, and Lilith in general - have you read a good book about her ? Could you please recommend and tell about your fave Lilith book(s). Thank you :vhappywitch: I don't want to dig through a shelf of religious scriptures but a book just about her or something similar.
  14. This is such a love / hate relationship for me - I have connected with a solid small group of wonderful practitioners who are very talented and even though we share common ground we also have our own individual style. Howeverrrr...finding such gems is a pretty annoying experience on IG. If you search the most popular tags like witchesofinstagram you'll find a seemingly never ending stream of posers. And one of the things I highly dislike is posers - people who do not have the talent/interest etc. to actually become what they pretend to be. All they are able to do is take boring selfies and staged "rituals" as well as bragging photos of their "occult" books and "tools" etc. I have zero tolerance for this and block such insufferable nobodies if I have the time to do so. And then you have the usual attention seekers that add a bunch of people who they think might add them back so that they can appear popular/successful and if you don't add them back (something I don't unless I actually enjoy their posts) they unfollow. Wow..people never fail to misunderstand life. But, if you manage to crack the code - as in figure out the right hashtags you'll find some really fine people on there. Even though it is a mess to try use IG to spread info - very unfriendly to write long descriptions and messages - it is easy to connect with people you have something in common with. There are many good sides to IG, and many bad, but for now I find it worth while. I can't, and don't even want, to spend every day on social media but it is nice to have a place to go to connect with people of similar interest if you feel like it.
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