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  1. I agree. My wife got us started on this story a couple years before the show started. She’s a little obsessed with the books haha. If you like the show and the detail in it, you’d be glad to find out that it leaves out an incredible amount of detail compared to the books. I’d 100 percent recommend investing time in it.
  2. Yeah this was a great series and am looking forward to the next seasons to come! The witch in it is the best!!
  3. Question for you and anyone else on here if they are willing to share, which do you follow, Vanir Gods or Aesir Gods or both? if this sounds unfamiliar to you Arith goes over all of these with pretty good detail.
  4. Very excited to see other going down this path! Most definitely subscribe to Mr. Arith Harger, he's very active with he content and does his research and is an Icelander he breaks down all the different belief systems within the Norse belief systems lol and I totally agree on putting a lot of focus and energy into learning your Elder and younger Futhark, a good practice that I've picked up is I write each rune and a brief description of its purposes and what it represents along with which of our gods are tied to it. learn who our gods are spend time thinking on them and what they were back in the "Viking age" and how you can relate to them today. As far as the Christian bullshit goes, you have to be very careful about anything you read really, they got their peckers in everyone's pie especially from back in these times...rant over.lol Also, check out musical groups that are in the practice as well if you haven't already... Heilung, Wardruna, Eivor, and Kati Ran. there are several others but these are really good starters.
  5. A- are you referring to S. Connolly? I have two of her books and have spent a good amount of time in them, I haven't put any of it to practice yet because I am very skeptical of anything that's "angels and demons" because of the bible you and I have talked a about this topic in the past and you gave me good advice and I stuck to it. anyways on the OP I think that in general if anyone feels a "pull" or "connection" to this practice then you should at least pay that pull some respect and check it out with caution of course....my biggest issue is constantly that I cant get past all the authors/books that say " its done this way or that, and the other way is wrong" I feel like books can fuck up your focus a lot sometimes if you rely in them to much.....I don't know that's my thoughts anyways. i'm also curious if you got any results?
  6. love this, thanks for sharing
  7. Anyone watch the latest episode of Ghost Adventures from Nov. 23rd???? actually a good episode with some very interesting voices caught on the digital recorder
  8. that's awesome!! lol gotta find that meme and save it
  9. yeah the lawsuit shit is stupid......watched the first episode and I liked it, didnt care about the satan shit cuz it makes Christians that watch it squirm lol we'll see what's to come.
  10. whoa nice job ya'll! didn't get a chance had to work and then fell asleep when I got home......fuckin lame!
  11. haven't watched it yet! doin a 16day straight work week and only have way through, so i'll be watching it next week sometime when im off. very excited to see what its all about. I never really got into the original but this one looks great.
  12. Yeah so I went and looked it up and see that I am very wrong in what I said earlier, I took the information without checking for myself. After you said this I looked and saw. My apologies.
  13. yeah @Onyx, I totally agree and I don't see how anyone would want to lay claim to Catholic bullshit and also be "Pagan/Heathan" its confusing to me.
  14. hey I saw that last night on youtube I thought it was pretty sweet.
  15. LOL I know huh? yeah its really a shame its not longer, I think that'd make a badass movie too.
  16. Came across this on the tube thought it was cool. Check it out.
  17. no worries. so going into this even more whats the thoughts about choosing to learn the younger VS the elder? I have been working on the elder as I was told that the younger is newer and possibly made up and not so true to its form BUT I was at a Wardruna concert in boulder last week and Einar Selvik did a little speaking about runes and he said the complete opposite. any thoughts on this?
  18. sorry this maybe not pertain to the current conversation above but I will say that if none of you have seen this woman's instagram and or her artwork I highly recommend searching her out, @0ld_hag her profile is private my wife is friends with her but its amazing. you can also find her stuff online she has a couple websites too just search Darby Old-Hag Lahger.
  19. Okay yeah I was wondering if that’s what y’all would say, I’m in aggreance. My nephew is teaching me what he knows about it, he knows I’m apart of this forum and was also curious to know what y’all thought about that.
  20. was curious what the thoughts are on the "unknown rune" I read a few different opinions from other folks and some use it and others don't since it was added later on?
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