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  1. - I have hidden 10 sets of Runes across the Forum - - Each set has a number, that number is a word in a sentence, there are 12 words in the sentence - - Translate the Runes - - The translation is a Quote - - The first person to message me the translated quote and the person who made it, wins a prize! - Good Luck
  2. Firstly I was sure I read something similar to this topic, but for the life of me I can't find it. If anyone does, please tell me, y'all know how I don't like duplicated threads 😉 That being said... A positive for me with the current covid situation, is connecting more with nature. Most mornings I'm going out for walks around my local nature reserve, when usually I'd just be at the gym or putting off going to work for as long as possible. But my walking enjoyment was short lived, as the amount of rubbish that was being dumped would fill me with rage. It has definitely gotten worse since the national lockdown. (I have written various rants here and deleted them, as it's going off topic a bit lol) Anyway, my morning stroll has now become a morning litter pick. I'm annoyed that I'm having to do it but also, well, I don't think proud is the right word, but at least it feels good to help nature when no one else seems to bother. Anyway, to the gifts. For a while now I've been trying to collect feathers of local territorial birds for a ladder. It has probably been close to a year now and I've hardly found any, other than really manky ones. Well, since doing my litter picking (I've filled about 6 50L bags so far, 2 tents and an inflatable lilo) I've found loads of pristine feathers, from crows, kites, magpies etc. All in the middle of my path, as if they had just fallen off the bird. I had been looking in the reserve every time I went there but it's only since collecting the trash did the feathers start appearing. Now of course it could be simply that I am outside more and it's the time of year that the birds are very active. But I've been told off by a few fellow witches for not taking something as a sign and always explaining it away. But this time, it is only from birds that I've been thinking about. And there are plenty of other species, especially pigeons. So I will take it as a sign of thanks. Have any of you had something similar happen? Was there something from nature that you looking for and it was only when you performed an act that you found it?
  3. @Michele no fixed date yet, just sometime in July. I've made a thread asking for any suggestions other than what has already been proposed. If there is something you would like to see discussed please feel free to add.
  4. We will be holding a topical chat soon, if you're interested.
  5. Yea I was playing around with some settings lol The mod points used to be hidden but now they can be seen.
  6. What's the issue Onyx? This thread is from 2008. Can you not view profiles? I could when I was seeker and that was well after this post.
  7. I got all excited after reading this but looks like the UK won't get it until the end of July 😢
  8. The only thing I know about them is they were used as Buoys for fishing nets and supposedly linked to the witch trials. Some BS similarity about them floating and if a witch was submerged in water they would also float. They were hung up to ward off witches and other evil doers. I've seen them in lots of old fishing towns in Southwest England, probably due to them looking pretty more than anything else. If you're making your own maybe incorporate some knot magic into the twine for hanging them.
  9. Is Lazy Witchery a path??

    1. Onyx


      Yes it is, join the club!

    2. phantasmagoria


      Oh yes, and I must be the Treasury LOL

    3. Tana


      I think I am on that one at the moment!

  10. There are a few on the forum, have a look through this thread.. http://www.traditionalwitch.net/forums/topic/12547-looking-for-locals/
  11. Congratulations guys! You've got a lot more reading to do now haha :coffee:
  12. Strangely enough I have recently made a post about Kuman Thong in the Private section. This is Thai Necromancy; I've made another post about Nam Man Prai which is also related to the practice of Kuman Thong as it can be used to further bind the spirit to the remains. The Kuman Thong would traditionally be sawn inside a doll (Luk Thep), however a lot of the dolls for sale are just life like looking dolls, nothing more. Real Kuman Thong is rare, obviously as it is an illegal practice, but it does still go on. I think a few years back a Taiwanese guy was caught trying to smuggle some out of the country. They can fetch large sums of money still on the black market. From my understanding the Luk Thep dolls are more like the waving Lucky Cats that you get. I'm sure you've read into it, so you are probably aware of all of this anyway. I think some of the Luk Thep dolls are supposed to have a spirit placed inside them but it all seems to be loosly based on Kuman Thong, a Kuman Thong Light if you will. From what I've read, it seems more like a selling gimick than anything else as their populairty is quite a modern thing. Like you said, the stillborn’s spirit is bound to the charred remains and covered in gold leaf. Not always but usually then put inside a doll. This doll is then given offerings of sustenance, toys and probably most importantly love. If the spirit is kept happy it will bring good fortune to the owners and will help with their endeavours. However, if neglected it will do the opposite and bring misery and misfortune. The Thais where an Animist people and when the country converted to Buddhism a lot of the beliefs and practices were incorporated, which is probably why they still exist today. The Red Fanta is a popular choice of offering for a lot of spirits, as they are supposed to like sweet things. Personally, I think people just decided they like it as before the days of red coloured drinks it was blood that was offered. There are shrines for many different spirits all across Thailand and the world for that matter, so having daily blood offered I don't think would work very well in this modern world lol To answer your questions in short. I haven't had personal experience with these but I do know of some who have with Kuman Thong. Nothing is summoned with Kuman Thong, as it is the spirit of the decesed child that is bound to it's remains. In regards to Luk Thep, I don't know enough about the practice of binding spirits to the dolls that do not have Kuman Thong inside them. But, IMO I think the dolls are just a scam, praying on the superstitious thai beliefs.
  13. That sounds awesome. Done any fictional ones like Middle Earth or Narnia for example? All my old figures are up in my parents loft I think. If you're familiar with Games Workshop then the Blood Angels were my favourite. I mean a race of advanced vampire soldiers, who wouldn't have them as a favourite lol
  14. Aww.. this reminds me of my Games Workshop days! Nice work!
  15. I binged it as soon as it came out. Really enjoyed it. Like you, can't wait for the next season!
  16. <Another long thread but well worth a read>
  17. Bumping this! There's a lot to read but worth it, especially for those who are new to their craft... and this Forum!
  18. Yea binged it at the weekend. I liked it, looking forward to season 2!
  19. Another In This Moment song I want to share. A single from their upcoming album. Very witchy video :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjOtKC_GZ9o
  20. Like Gyreleaf says, just photocopy the pages you want and make a binder out of them. Or like Onyx said, which I also do, write it out, especially if you do want to keep a grimoire now or in future. Also if you were to refer to the books after you've ripped pages out, it may get confusing when you're trying to look something up.
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