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  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Traditional Witchcraft to me is basically whatever tradition, path, etc one follows and learns. There are so many traditions that I don't believe you can really have definition.

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  1. I like this topic. Ive always been drawn to the darker aspect of things. To me it is where everything started from. Ive had success with working with darker energies regardless of what the working is for. It's just a part of the natural order of things. Nothing scary or evil about it.
  2. My first tattoo was a tribal style dragon on my upper right arm when I was 18. Ive always been a fan of tribal art and always been fascinated by dragons. The second tattoo is of my birthsign (Libra) on my lower back. That one hurt like an SOB, but hey, it's over bone, what do you expect :) Im planning to get a few more. My parents got me a gift cerificate to the local tattoo place in my hometown. Very nice, clean place.
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