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  1. I don't use codes but I am secretive. I have a private, passworded tumblr. I use it on my computer and on the app on my phone both password protected. It's convenient for me because I can use the app on my way to work. It has the advantage of being a record of experiences like a diary but it's not very organised or accessible for remembering incantations. I use a lot of naming type incantations and I forget them all, ultimately I would like to have something like a card catalogue arrangement maybe in addition to the diary? And I guess I would like to get the diary away from the big business app. I haven't actually read this whole thread, maybe if I do I will find some solutions. (Will reply back when I do.) As for being secretive in general about my witchcraft. Yes, I don't really like to tell people that I'm a witch. I feel that they make assumptions about it. I would rather talk loosely about my experience with otherworld if I want someone to understand me, rather than saying that I'm a witch. I feel like it's a better way to understand my experience and identity as a mystic rather than to attach a label that has a lot of stigma. But these kinds of topics don't come up that often. I would not discuss anything about it in my workplace, I just feel like I prefer to have a private life.
  2. This topic is very thought provoking for me! I wrote in agreement on @GKnox introduction thread about covens giving me the heebie jeebies. I think the ideal way for a group to form is well individuated people with different special talents or skills development coming together to cooperate. I don't know whether that would be more like a professional association (maybe like this forum) or more like a group mind (maybe like a coven), I guess this could be seen as a spectrum of different forms. I think what gives me the creeps is the idea of joining a group mind that revolves around a charismatic leader... charisma and leadership being that person's "special skill" that other group members are attracted to because of a lack of that in themselves. Leadership is a role, facilitation is a skill, so is the ability to organise and coordinate... to my mind, leadership and charisma do not constitute valid special skills that can stand alone in the absence of some personal professional development direction. "I want to be a leader" is not a career! I think that type of group is potentially toxic. I think it is also maybe the most common way for a group to form, even only because it is more difficult or less likely for different professionally minded individuals to come together, for example just because they would tend to be more geographically distant from one another. It's a nice idea but at this point I don't see myself finding a close "crew" to be part of. There's something about me personally that is fundamentally unsuited to the group mind situation. I can take instructions well but I'm an independent spirit and I tend towards developing my own ideas about things which can frequently be somewhat oppositional. I'm interested in people but almost asocial and the more I'm alone (distinct from isolated) the more in touch I become with that deeper, hedge riding part of my mind. If anything I'm likely to form a group mind with fairies I meet. But I don't know in what sense that is comparable to a coven! I think my practice goes more towards being alone. But I do really appreciate a place like this forum!
  3. Moly


    I've had dreams a while back about fairies telling me I needed to get back on track with my life and that's very much happening with me now. I went through a chronic depression where I refused to take medication and was increasingly immobilised, but now I'm on treatment again I'm capable of taking more action in my life to get things done and I'm really busy. That's all fine and it's what's supposed to be happening. I think for that reason I haven't been interacting with the fairies that much. They see I'm doing things and I just need to keep going right now. But I've been missing them greatly in my dream world. The dreams seem very boring and uneventful without them. Also due to medication I've had a disrupted sleep pattern with seemingly no deeper sleep where the more intense dreams seem to happen, just flitting REM dreams so I thought that's maybe why I haven't been meeting fairies. Actually I felt fearful that they had abandoned me completely. But last week I was "just resting my eyes" falling asleep on the train, and in hypnogogic state on the very verge of falling into sleep I saw a fairy on the seat next to me. She was frantically awakening me and telling me I was going to miss my stop. I startled awake and she was right, she had woken me up just in time for my stop. I gave this some thought and I think that fairies don't appear just for fun. They appear for some reason. I didn't expect the fairy to always be there to awaken me, I thought she was just telling me that they don't show up for no reason. This was supported when I fell asleep on the train and missed my stop a couple of days later. Last night before sleep I was yearning to see fairies in my dream. I was thinking, I wish I would talk to a fairy. Life is so boring lately, just work work work. I know if I saw a fairy I would feel better. I would feel less alone, happier, I would feel inspired again. This morning before I woke up at about 4.30am I was dreaming of visiting with my old piano instructor from my childhood. I was aware it wasn't really her, but it made me think of her and think that I should definitely make an effort to catch up with her in real life (she lives in another country now but maybe we could travel). Her face was warped and at one point I bizarrely introduced her to herself because I didn't recognise her properly. We were waiting in line for a restaurant and there were other people around, I noticed a strange man hovering near us. I asked her whether there had been multiple copies of her because I was dreaming and then I was immediately afraid I would wake up (that's usually what happens when I ask a dream figure about dreaming), but I didn't. I think she said no but I don't remember what else she said... We were discussing why I wasn't playing piano anymore, and the piano literature that I had attempted to play in the past year. I was saying I was looking over my old Yann Tiersen book and she was criticising it. I was saying that it was really easy to just play and that could get me back into playing. She was saying that's fine but there's no point talking about that because there wasn't anything about it to examine more deeply, there was no point analysing it or closely reading the notation. I said I guess not, especially when you have the recordings from "Amelie" to listen to and you know exactly what it's supposed to sound like and it's so easy to replicate it and there's not much to interpret. She said it's just fundamentally not very interesting, not interesting enough to play. Then she compared it to the piano music of Beethoven and we were discussing "Pathetique" sonata. I could hear it vividly in the dream, I was overwhelmed with its beauty and perfection and we were talking about how it is a presentation of divine orderly incessant metamorphosis of life through its thematic developments which are so completely natural and organic that they appear to progress by chance but it's also clear that they couldn't happen any other way. Then I realised I was not really discussing these things with my music teacher. I was discussing them with the strange man who was now eating at the restaurant with us and my teacher had pretty much shut down like a doll. She was kind of like his puppet. Clearly he was a fairy. I woke up and turned on the computer and saw online that it is Beethoven's 250th birthday today. I had no idea of Beethoven's birth date previously. It was pretty cool. Happy Birthday Beethoven. What a beautiful man. My hero. What a legend. I love him. I need to have a look at some of his music soon.
  4. A tried and true method for keeping life simple and good
  5. I have zero patience with dramas and games, and I say exactly what I think. I'm my own person and never conformed in cliques. WYSIWYG. Life is brief and if I can't find a respectful middle ground with people I have no problem leaving them in peace.
  6. Last night I was dreaming of a lot of things, I was exhausted and having a deep sleep so it was all messy and confusing in the dreams, and not very memorable. But there was one part where there was a woman incarnation of Elvis Presley. And for some reason there was a discussion in the dream of the reasons of proof for why she was a legitimate Elvis incarnation and it had to do with numerology. In the dream I knew that Presley’s “lucky number” was 4, and it was the same for this woman. I was saying "she's him because his lucky number is 4". In the dream I could apprehend the properties of the number 4 as an entity, with its own form and qualities. I drifted out of sleep and googled on my phone “Elvis Presley lucky number numerology” and the first result said “Elvis Presley Lucky Number 4″. It gave me a cold feeling. I was expecting it to be like that type of dream where you find a book in the dream and you're convinced it's real, but when you wake up you look the title up and it doesn’t exist outside the dream. I know that a lot of people must have the lucky number 4. But it creeped me out. I realised that I had been laughing at my dream, I had never expected for the search result to confirm my dream and I never wanted it to. I would have been happier for it to be any other number and for my dream to be just wrong. I would have never expected that I would get creeped out over something so inconsequential but I did. I have no interest in Elvis Presley or numerology and I don’t know why I would even dream about those things. I don't know what a lucky number is, and I don't know my own lucky number. I would have forgotten about the dream but when I woke up this morning and looked at my phone I found the browser window still open. I don't really want to have a dream like that again. But it was kind of interesting.
  7. Moly

    Getting organised

    I was running through a complex or office building with a companion, they were running ahead of me. We were running towards some destination where we had a task to complete, perhaps some work task. It was a normal dream situation, of an extended story that makes no sense at all. My companion in the dream was not even particularly important and I can't remember anything about them except that they were there. I think we worked together in the dream situation. They were not a fairy, just a figment. We were running down a narrow stairwell like the type that is a fire escape inside an office building, it had a naked concrete floor and the walls were painted white with black handrails running along them. At the bottom of the stairs was a small right-turning rectangular area like a landing that terminated in an exit that the dream companion and I were rushing towards. Standing in the landing were a couple of fairies dressed in business attire, a regular looking man and a woman, with the woman closest to the exit from the stairwell. Both of them were facing the stairs with their backs facing the wall at the bottom of the stairs. I knew they were fairies straight away because of their realness and solidity, they were appearing opportunistically, completely out of place in the unstable and changing nonsense of the dream. They had nothing to do with the logic of that dream, they were foreign. On their right, next to the wall that was the left staircase wall as we were descending, was a whiteboard that the fairy man was pointing at. He was looking at me severely, angrily, but I wasn’t menaced by him at all. I think that if a fairy wants you to feel menaced, you will feel menaced, but he wasn't like that, he was just acting. The whiteboard said mainly that I wasn’t working hard enough, I’ve been too lazy with all this time off, and it said something like “BACK TO BUSINESS!” I woke up from the dream strongly feeling that the fairies wanted me to go out and buy a small whiteboard, which is what I did. I put it up in my study, on the middle wardrobe door where it will always be visible. Not that this is important but it looks AWESOME. I wrote all my tasks up on it and it's already been better than my ineffective bullet journaling of to-do lists inside a closed book. I have a huge number of tasks from both my work life and home life and I find it difficult to keep track of them. Drawing them all up like this somehow helps my mind organise them all. I can plan better which ones I want to do first and I forgot about this but some tasks are easier than others and those are generally the ones you should do first. And somehow seeing those tasks next to the difficult ones makes them seem a lot easier. Since putting up the whiteboard, I completed a few tasks that I was struggling to start on for months. So I was happy that I followed the fairies advice. I actually think that the fairies may have wanted me to do this some time ago? I remember I had a similar dream where they told me I should make up a "mood board". But I thought that idea was so self-indulgent that I just posted up a few post-its on my wardrobe door and then eventually I took them down. But I think that if I had persisted with that, the board would have gone in a more task-oriented direction. Maybe it would help to make my task board incorporate a little bit of mood-board conceptualising. Or it wasn’t a mood board exactly... it was a self-concepts board... or an inspirations board... or a motivations board... is that what a mood board is? I don’t really know what a mood board is, it's just something fairies told me to do. And I don't think it was really a "mood board" anyway that's just how it translated. I know that most people would find this completely weird and maybe even a bit delusional or dangerous, but I always do what fairies tell me to do. They have never told me to do anything that is dangerous or makes me afraid. They just tell me to do completely normal things. The things that they tell me to do always help me. I don't know why fairies want to help me.
  8. When I first joined this forum and introduced myself some members expressed interest in hearing about my magic with dreams. I don't know whether it is that interesting but it has become mostly what I do with my witchcraft so I might as well share thoughts about it. Rather than just creating a lot of topics all over the place I decided to create a blog here. I have my own diary that I write a lot of detail about my dreams but I don't want to post all of that here, I'm planning to post just highlights or things that I think might be more interesting to others. This will be a long entry to introduce my blog and explain why dreaming is important to me, but I think that most entries after this will just be short ones. DISCLAIMER: These are my own ideas only and not intended to dispute the validity of anyone else's ideas. I welcome alternative perspectives on anything I write. I am interested in things that other people have to say. WHY IS DREAMING MY PRIMARY PRACTICE? I've always been very interested in witchcraft but I think that I wasn't very sure how to approach it. Actual physically enacted ritual doesn't interest me, it seems fussy and not practical for me to do. But I started visualising ritual and awakening my imagination, walking through places that I pictured for myself, seeing what ideas could come out of the deep darkness of mind and what they could mean. This sort of practice overlapped with dreams, there's a point where you're not sure whether you're dreaming or awake. I've always dreamed a lot and at times suffered from nightmares but also have always naturally done things like waking up and returning to a dream after visiting the bathroom or whatever during the night. But in adulthood my dreams have become more significant and meaningful to me, more arresting and memorable, and also more lucid and self-aware. MORE ON PRIMARY PRACTICE - DREAM ACCOUNT 1: I started taking dreaming a lot more seriously around the time my aunt died in 2014. After she died I struggled to deal with her death. She was the single consistent figure of unconditional love in my life, I knew she didn't always understand me, but I never doubted that she loved and accepted me. I dreamed of her a lot but in the dreams I would always confront the figure that appeared to be her and angrily accuse it of not really being my aunt, but being a fake, copy, inauthentic, dream scenery, just pretending to be her. One evening about 6 months after she died I was missing her very badly late at night and I couldn't sleep, I was very emotional and went walking around the neighbourhood at 3am trying to calm down, ended up back in bed crying and wishing I could see her or talk to her. Afterwards I fell asleep and I came through a door out of the dream I was in, to a place where she was like a mountaintop. She was wearing a golden scalemail tunic, she looked so well and healthy and beautiful just how she liked to look in life, I saw that she was a dragon now. The feeling of her presence was so intense and vivid. I was aware I was dreaming and I ran to her and kind of grabbed her arms and said "It's really you! It's not a fake you, it's the real you." She said something like "Yes, it's the real me. You don't have to worry about me because I'm with [my people]" and I dimly saw that there were other figures around her. She said "I want you to know that I love you and I'm always watching over you and protecting you." After that I woke up but I felt so strongly that she had visited me. I have seen her a couple of times since, but a fairy I saw in a different dream told me that it takes a huge amount of effort and energy for them to visit in a dream, and it's not really necessary, it's more efficient and effective that they're using their energy over just watching. Since then, more recently, I've had similar dreams of my grandmother and of a friend I loved very much who passed away a few years ago. MORE ON PRIMARY PRACTICE - DREAM ACCOUNT 2: Around the same time I also had a dream about Moly. I did my undergraduate degree in literature and read a lot during those years. My undergrad degree was a quest back to involvement in life from some health challenges I had as a young man. My dream was about the flower from Homer's Odyssey, Moly. In case you haven't read about Odysseus (aka Ulysses), he was the Greek warrior-king who was the brains behind the Trojan horse. After the Trojan war he took a long, arduous, and adventurous journey home to his island kingdom and his wife Penelope (who was all this time devotedly fending off aggressive suitors who were greedy to take possession of the kingdom). On the way home he stopped to refuel at this island owned by a powerful witch called Circe, famously painted by J. W. Waterhouse. I can't remember exactly what happened... I think she turned all his crew to pigs and promised to turn them all back to men if he would just spend some quality time with her. She was planning to turn him into a pig too, after she was satisfied with these enjoyable times together, but Hermes gave Odysseus the herb Moly to protect him from her enchantment. So Odysseus and her were having a great time in her chambers and eventually she was like "Alright, enough fun and games, you can become a pig now." And he was like "Aha! But I have Moly!" And she was like "Oh damn, foiled! I can't counter the Moly! Well good game I guess, we had a nice time, you can take all your men and go." So that's what Moly is... it's a powerful protection from enchantment. Like "It is difficult to dig for mortal men, but the Gods are able to do all things." I didn't and don't identify with Odysseus at all, in fact I think he was a jerk, but Moly is not intrinsic to Odysseus, it came from the Gods. So I dreamed about Moly and I did a drawing that I have attached here. The dream was hyper realistic and detailed, like a computer generated animation of geometry. Sorry my drawing is pretty crude but all the leaves were cascading down and hiding the stems of the leaves that were growing from beneath them, so that eventually there were leaves rising in the center with no stems, like watchful green eyes, they were growing by magic, and that meant that the pale translucent flowers did not need stems because they were nourished or grew out of magic. It doesn't make sense I know, but the imagination doesn't need to make sense. I really felt my calling as a witch in this dream. I felt that I was given something precious and special that would help me by a benevolent force beyond myself. Moly has always stayed very important to me since then. Wandering through visions of Moly forests, thoughts of Moly in my bones and sprouting out of my flesh, constructing ideas out of Moly, sending gifts of Moly to figures I encountered in my dreams. I think that my dream of Moly is when I really started listening carefully to my dreams and exploring them seriously. WHERE DO DREAMS COME FROM AND WHY ARE THEY MAGIC? Deep imagination, deep nature, the "unconscious". I want to make it clear that I'm not a Freudian. I reject Freud's theory of psychosexual development as morbid fantasies, and I reject the absurdly erroneous notion that he was the discoverer of "the unconscious" and no one knew of it, thought of it, explored it, or articulated it before him. I find sexual intercourse to be non-essential to nature and its expressions, only one possible way that nature goes about expressing itself, so I put that aside in this discussion not because I reject sex itself in any way (I don't!), but because I think it is incidental to the human being as a natural expression and simply not what interests me about the unconscious. We're like a flower that blooms out of the universe but beneath the flower are all the chemicals from the universe that take structure to make the flower bloom. All those universe-things are down in there somewhere, swimming around perhaps more or less coherent we don't know, beyond the comprehension of the flower of our mind, but can find the structure in our mind to express themselves in a form that would be comprehensible to our mind, fairy creatures. I think that's what we deal with as witches. Deepest nature, the imagination, magic, things from down in the darkness of the universe that aren't understood. Why did the universe express itself in a consciousness? We don't know, and the limits of our intelligence can't allow us to discover the answer through objective observation. But having a consciousness still gives a good opportunity to examine the universe! "If thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes back into thee" - Nietzche. Which is exactly what is so exciting! WHAT DO I HOPE TO ACHIEVE BY DREAMING AS A WITCHCRAFT PRACTICE? For many reasons about my life I've had a lot of trouble "finding myself" in life. Finding my pathway, my passion, my focus. That isn't to say that everyone has such a thing or should have such a thing, I think that idea is a fabrication of the market economy that has been developed as a sort of unhelpful or even poisonous monomyth through the self help retail industry. But for me, because of my disposition or temperament, and because of the events of my life and my particular situation in life, it is important to have that thing in the future to reach towards and express myself and discover myself through. At some times in the past, I cast magic at the world, or at other people, but I found the outcomes to be complicated and unmanageable. I think that my best way of experiencing magic is in making myself stronger and more capable, more thoughtful, more knowledgeable about myself and more deliberate and considered in my ways of expressing myself in the world. So, my practice as a witch is very inward looking, and dreams are as far inward as I can look. But I practice this way in order to act as a person in the world. Particularly, I dream increasingly of music, and at least right now, I see my travels through the future of my life as being with music. THANK YOU FOR READING.
  9. "The fire you like so much in me is the mark of someone adamantly free" - Liz Phair (Strange Loop, from Exile in Guyville, 1993)
  10. Nice work and welcome. I like the look of that curly broomstick ❤️
  11. Sounds like a good idea @Onyx. ♡ Sometimes I dream of music and then I write the music from my dream and that is the BEST feeling.
  12. "I dream of painting and then I paint my dream" - Van Gogh
  13. @Sagefire I think it's cool that different types of people get to experience these beautiful wands you make. I guess I aim to be respectfully critical of Wicca in general, I'm glad my critical inclination doesn't stop me from enjoying ideas that might be associated with it. I think the Wiccan practice of casting circles is kind of silly but then again I do it in my own way every day. I don't really have any physical objects or tools I use consistently, it's not practical for me at my home life. But I visualise different objects a lot and develop them in my mind. I sometimes use a wand a lot like a seeking stick or dowsing rod or lodestone, to find my way around my own mind. I think if you have a practice relationship with the kind of tool it can be a very personalised kind of practice and work for you really well. A while ago @Zombee was sharing with me some interesting ideas about wands drawing energy, I don't think I ever would have thought of anything like that.
  14. i love your wands Sagefire and Onyx. Do you use all of them? It's surprising that people would think wands are fluff, maybe that's just because their image is so saturated in popular culture because I think that they're one of those things that the more you think about them, the more you learn about how many different things they can do.
  15. "My heart and my hand shall never be separated." - Richardson (Clarissa, 1748)
  16. I've got an old Penguin that says on the back "Shirley is a complex and highly rewarding work, dominated by Charlotte Bronte's imaginative grasp of what is common to all oppression: the denial of the world of feeling." I read the book when I was about 20 and I hardly remember it but I keep the copy because I have thought about that quote a lot. Who knows who wrote it, someone on the editorial team at Penguin I guess.
  17. Moly


    According to records and family memory, my more recent ancestors all came from around southern England, also Ireland and Wales. All of that was some generations ago, my most recent ancestor to come to this country was a great-grandfather. A few years ago I did some professional research volunteering for Indigenous people where I live, to do with Indigenous language place names and meanings. I got a much greater sense of meaning in this country, but also of my displacement, a sense that I do not "belong" here but that I "belong" in England or Wales somewhere. I experience my personal identity fundamentally as being part of a diaspora of that place, and more like an accidental tenant of this place (maybe even a little bit of an unwilling hostile invader). Because of colouring in some of my family members which is sometimes called "Black Irish" I believe that further back, some of my ancestors were Italian. (I love Italy too, as you can tell by my username I really get into stories of Italian mythology, and could potentially see myself living there... in my dreams.) But apart from that I don't really have any reason to believe that my ancestors come anywhere else except the UK. My appearance at least, is very typically Anglo-Celtic. I'm your basic English-looking man. It's exciting for me that my ancestors come from there. I've always been in love with english language and I have a degree in english(es), I would like to learn more languages of that place like Welsh or Cornish or Irish Gaelic. I've read "Ulysses" and I really relate to Joyce's idea of challenges to the Imperial English center, but I think that I am also a very English person. I like to read about places around there and looking at pictures of old yews and ancient art. I love imagining that some of my ancestors could have been really ancient British people, some of the first modern humans to live there, I like to imagine that they were living right among fairies. I relate very much to that place and stories of fairies. I'm getting to a point in my life where I live more with the fairies than with flesh and blood people.
  18. I do a lot of magical daydreaming and in my imaginary stories and wanderings I came across a panther in the imaginary places I spend my time in, and I don't know why but although it didn't make a lot of sense I "realised" the panther was a cu-sidhe. I was happy and I thought it was a good sign about my progress, but I tend to go with the flow of my practices rather than spending a lot of time codifying arrangements, so I continued to go on with my other magical preoccupations and didn't necessarily dwell on the appearance or meaning of the hound or my relationship to her. Recently I encountered the panther in a dream that had become problematic and confusing, she lead me over a wall out of the dream and back to waking. It was a great surprise! In conscious trance I talked to her about her name and we agreed on what name I would call her by. I'm interested to spend more time with her in my conscious imaginings and I wonder if I could "conjure" or "summon" her during more lucid dreams if we became more familiar with each other.
  19. My mother momentarily convinced me that there was a giant spider on my shoulder.
  20. You sound like a very empathic person, Beautiful that your Mum is around you!!!! <3
  21. Just a couple of other thoughts from overnight. I have a couple of toy soldiers from childhood that I enchanted to guard me and keep any uninvited or unwanted guests at bay, or at least warn me. They have their own minds to some extent but they're loyal and they don't slack off at their job. They're grateful for their being and they guard my world well. They are also my friends now and help me in surprising ways. I think in magic nothing is purely "good"? It may be mischievous or a trickster... doesnt mean it intends harm, that it doesn't want to teach or help, or that you won't part on good terms or whatever.
  22. Thanks for the feedback and also for adding your thoughts, agree with what you wrote.
  23. Cannot help with your experience with the entity. Basically because I have a range of beliefs that cause me to be very fearless of the malice of entities. Partly I think that the spirit world has no use for something unconstructive and would just trample it down like mulch for the cycle. Partly cause I have been treated quite badly at times in my life and not really afraid of further bad treatment (I am resilient and will persist whether I really want to or not). Partly cause I don't see spirit entities as being much different from people and basic precautions aside as I would use with all people to screen out the malicious ones (intuition mentioned by others), if it bothered me I would just tell it a firm goodbye and then grey rock it. Partly cause I see myself as basically a constructive student who would learn from any entity. Partly cause I just cant imagine what entity would have to gain from harassing me, surely it must have something better to do out there in the wonderful spirit world. Sorry none of this may be helpful, I say it not to disagree or disrespect but just in case something in what I say may be helpful. Forget it if it doesn't help! Happy to hear alternative perspectives of course I was really interested in what you said about dolls. I saw a discussion somewhere about this saying that if you find a voodoo doll somewhere that it should be cleansed or destroyed. If I found one I would treat it like a dog from a bad home that needed some love and attention, I would put it in a nice place and talk to it and give it a new name and tell it that it's pretty. To my mind there is just a bit too much emphasis on cleansing in many witches practices. I'm distrustful of it because it seems energy-wasteful, because it seems overly sanitised and inorganic like some sort of aseptic hospital environment, and because for me at least influences will stubbornly persist in my mind and my magic and it's just easier to work with them than try to banish them... seems like more of a resolution somehow. Do you have any thoughts? I'll have to check out the thread linked upstream.
  24. Moly


    That was awesome @Mugwort. I agree with you and hope that Merlin would visit me someday. I really enjoyed reading your information @Khundekling. It reminds me of the Bible too. I really enjoy thinking about the historical reality and origin of the stories. I love to believe, it gives me a lot of happiness to believe, that there's something buried deep in there, in all the stories... that even just old stories about fairy folk are somehow maybe come from fairy folk somehow... it's fun to think about I like the Arthur story because it's not an "ancient" story in the way we think of that... it's more of a "medieval" story... it's Britain in a time of change... it's interesting that you mention the historical concept of Arthur as a foreigner... but "Britain" was already there long before that, existing, doing all of its weird things that it did in its ancient times...
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