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    history, anarchism/communism, shamanism, general geek culture, ethnomusicology, folklore
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I'm relatively new to studying witchcraft. I'm currently a coupe months into a class that's a year-long intensive on what might be called "hedgecraft" - that is, traditional witchcraft with an emphasis on spirit communication through trancework, and study of plants, etc. Prior to this class I have not practiced witchcraft, but I do have a long relationship with magic and shamanism (see next question).
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Some experience with ceremonial magic - though it hardly amounts to more than dabbling, really, it is long-standing and I've revisited it a few times.

    Longstanding interest in shamanism - for a long time this was mostly of an intellectual/academic nature, plus doing tons of psychedelics in my late teens. In the last year though, I've been taught the practice of "shamanic journeying" (that is, entering trance via percussion in order to achieve spirit communication), and have put this to a lot of practice. I also have an ever deepening relationship with ancestor veneration, which also relies heavily on "shamanic" trancework.

    Druidry - I'm currently a member of both ADF and OBOD, and a student of the bardic grade in the latter.

    Christo-Pagan - is a word that describes me I guess? My cosmology is basically panentheistic and animist.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    As mentioned above, I'm currently involved in a program that works heavily with traditional magic.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    To me "Traditional Witchcraft" refers to spiritual and magical practices that existed under the surface in cultures historically dominated by Christian churches, to continuations of those traditions, and in attempts to reconstruct them with attention to and value placed on period folklore and primary sources.

    I don't know how satisfied I am with the answer I just wrote, but I'll leave it be, and you can ask me more if you need to. I will add, though, that I understand that Wicca is not Traditional Witchcraft, in that it is an initiatory religion created by Gardner in the 50s, which drew on several sources in its conception, of which genuine living traditions of Traditional Witchcraft may or may not have been one, depending on how much we want to trust Gardner at a given moment. But again, I have no background in Wicca.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    As I said above, not very long. If we want to rephrase the question to read "magic in general", the answer would be starting my late teens, intensifying around the age of 23 to current.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I did a google search for "traditional witchcraft forum", because it's something I'm currently studying, and I like forums.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I mean the short answer is that I just want to absorb any bit of information that will be useful to me, whatever that may be. I could also say that doing so on this site would serve as a good supplement to the class I'm currently taking. As for what I can give in return, at this point I don't really know, as I'm still fairly early on the path, but I don't think that that precludes me from giving insight based on my experience as I'm having them.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Yes. I have an account on Everything Under the Moon, although I post infrequently. They're a little too Wiccan-based for my tastes, and there's a tendency to general new age nuttiness. I also have an account on occult forum, but I don't really use it.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    I seem to achieve trance pretty easily, but as to what I achieve when I'm there, all the credit has to go to the spirits I work with. (Well, maybe not *all*)
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Lack of discipline, hesitancy to self-defense

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