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  1. @Nikki-Good point about empowering things ourselves.
  2. I see your point. Some of my opinion on this was based on a thread on the forum. I believe it was started by Lilu. She said that the trees and plants and sun that she normally drew power from were not giving her energy because it was winter. I don't relate to this myself because I always have the same amount of magickal power. At least, it doesn't seem to fluctuate that much. I do I feel like I need some vitamin d in the winter sometimes. But other members seemed to relate to what she was saying so I guess I assumed it was different for others. I think it wasn't really clear though, if she meant magickal power or physical power. I'll have to go back and look.
  3. Ok, power doesn't come from tools. I misspoke. I guess they're more like symbols to focus on. But I have read that there is power in things like essential oils and say the candle flame itself and crystals that can be drawn from. I don't use a lot of things like this myself. Not in spells anyway. Although I do feel strong energy coming from some crystals. I generally use my will, emotions and visualizations. Or I just use sigils.
  4. Nice! I'll have to put that on my to-do-someday list :)
  5. Welcome :) As far as ancestry goes, just some ideas- ancestors can be those we descended from. In which case getting a DNA test from 23 and me or ancestryDNA can be helpful. Ancestry even has a data base that connects you to relatives and is helpful in researching your family tree. These tests only show the DNA that is present in your body, from what I understand. It doesn't show whatever may be dormant. So if you start getting visions of, say a welsh grandother when that lineage isn't showing up in tests, don't rule out that this may be an ancestor. Also, as a witch all witches are ancestors. You can also have ancestors that are not yet born as time is not linear in the spirit world.
  6. For me, research and practice are equally important. Sometimes I develop a technique on my own and then research it, though. Books that I've found particularly helpful are; Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson and The Sorcerer's Secrets for getting the basics. I like Peter Paddon and Robyn Artisson for understanding the principles behind the Craft. I like books by The Gallery of Magick for simple, effective rituals. A Deed Without a Name by Lee Morgan and Hedge Rider by Eric De Vrie are good for understanding hedge riding. Also, learning to listen to your intuition is vital as well as listening to nature. Ancestor work is very important in a practice as well.
  7. My model for understanding witch power is that everything in existence is an infinite and self-renewing sea of energy/power. I think the witch has her own inherent power, yes, originating from emotions and the energy of the body. I think that she can also draw it from the elements by using candles, herbs, magical tools, etc. It can be drawn too from living things such as trees or from the sun and moon. It can be borrowed from deities and ancestors. And I agree with the quote about shamans who become "like the hollow bone". I feel a current running through me that I can use but I don't believe I possess it. I started experiencing energy that way when I had a third eye opening/kundalini experience.
  8. I enjoyed the book. I had actually picked up a number of these techniques on my own. I did learn a few new things, though.
  9. Hey, thanks Aurelian! Good luck with your neuroendocrinologist appointment. There sure are a lot of fatigued members here. :mellow:
  10. Secrecy is still important to me for various reasons; 1.) My ex-husband, who is on record as a cult member tried to use my former, fleeting interest in Wicca as a reason to take my children away from me. He also used this to turn people against me, saying I worshipped the devil and was trying to poison him. Fucking idiot. 2.) I don't hide my feelings well and when I am full-on enraged with someone, bad things often start happening to them. I have more control over this these days but people do notice sometimes and I wouldn't want to lose my job or be ostracized in other ways. Especially if people thought I was deliberately hexing them. Although, I have found the mystery around this quite useful. 3.) My two oldest children are skiddish of all things occult. I am confident in who I am at my age but still find it painful to have loved ones invalidate my experiences and beliefs. It's easier to keep most things to myself.
  11. Hhhhhmmmmm...I used to have a birthmark just over my third eye chakra but had it removed. My son, who I suspect is witchy, has the same mark. I have long, wild reddish brown hair and green eyes that change colors with my moods. As another member mentioned on this thread, fruits tend to rot quickly around me. I've given up on avacados and bananas. But the most pronounced witchy feature, as most others have mentioned, is my piercing and intense gaze. I was also born with one foot laying flat against my shin. My mother was told I would need a leg brace to walk but she massaged my leg and had me do exercises to strengthen the weak muscles and it's fine now. I'm not sure if this is a witch mark but have read that it is a mark of a shaman or medicineman/woman to be born lame in one leg and to be assymetrical somehow as is being born with a caul. These are all supposedly signs that one will be able to walk in the otherworld.
  12. Anubha

    Wolf Moon

    I love that. Beautiful and slightly haunting.
  13. Oh,yes. I believe in the evil eye! I've been the receiver and projector of malocchio. In both cases, it seemed that it was not only envy but that the weilder of said evil eye felt the target was bragging or rubbing something in their face. I've never been a braggert but I'm a little more aware of how I present things to people. I didn't know about the eyeliner. That's great!
  14. I can relate to this. I actually had a vision during a stressful time recently. I was a tree and my struggles were making my roots grow deep into the earth.
  15. Bump :) I didn't know conciously where my life would lead. But I do remember watching Excalibur when I was about nine. Helen Mirren played Morgan Le Fey and she used an incantation in the film. I memorized it. I still remember it, oddly. I would make a hole in our back yard and throw herbs and water in. I'd pretend it was a cauldron :) I felt spirits around me and sensed that they were waiting until I was ready. I had a sense that my "real" family would come for me someday. I had experiences of willing things to happen, healing and psychic phenomenon. I think that the debate of born vs. made witches is very interesting, though. People seem to have very strong opinions, either way. Although I can look back and see the capacity was always there for me, I wasn't intentional. Even now, I have a lot to learn and struggle to be consistent in my practice. It's hard for me to pinpoint the moment I became a witch. At birth, initiation by spirits or at a certain point of experience? Maybe I'm still becoming a witch. Like a flower blooming, fruiting and going to seed? It seems to me that the magickal arts have a lot of gray areas.
  16. I love ashwaganda. Another thing that helps me during stressful times is gaba, an amino acid.
  17. I wish an ancestor would help me out with business and finance, lol! I think they were all poor!
  18. No, I haven't read the angels of magick. The books I've read were written by Damon Brand and Gordon Winterfeild. They both mentioned that angels can be more dangerous than demons. I am not one to jump into things of this nature, I did my research and slowly tested out some sigils and rituals.And, yes, I used the sigils just as they were drawn in the books. I've had nothing but good experiences. I do think it's more important to follow directions EXACTLY when dealing with spirits. Folk magick is probably a lot more forgiving.
  19. So, I thought I would share this. I stumbled onto this group because I was apparently cursed by my ex-husband's wife. The book I believe she got the curse from was Magical Attack which was written by a GOM member. These books are pretty good in my opinion. And their website has tons of useful info, as well. https://galleryofmagick.com/ They have books on servitor magick, sigils, chaos magick and a lot of books that are influenced by Goetia. They are very clear and simple. I particularly like the book on protection. It has sigils/spells to protect against computer hacking, stalkers, theft etc. as well as supernatural attacks. Good stuff.
  20. I'll be getting my container garden started soon! I plan to have some columnar apple trees, tomatoes, culinary herbs and maybe a David Austin rosebush:) I think I might try my hand at growing mandrake, rue, and hyssop as well.
  21. This is something I've been thinking of lately. I'm of mixed ancestry as well. The longer I delve into different aspects of witchcraft, the more diverse cultural themes pop up. Not only as in what speaks to me but visions I have and spirits that interact with me. It bothers me a little and I'm not sure how to blend these aspects into something harmonious. There is a lot of Native American influence which makes sense as my grandma was half Shawnee. And I live in the U.S. But there is some Hindu influence as well. Maybe all that transcendental meditation I was doing? I read a lot of OSHO. There is also Celtic influence and Anglo-Saxon which is my ancestry. These aren't things I went after or was necessarily interested in. This is my inner landscape. My little corner of the Otherworld. I've come across some opinions about people who collect spiritual practices like trading cards or treat spirituality like a buffet. But I didn't choose this. It just is. So, I would say that ,among other things, a witch is a portal. And as such would have access to many different spiritual groups. Especially in these times where nearly everyone is exposed to many cultural influences, even if only through literature and the arts.
  22. I would bet you'll have other chances. If not with that particular ancestor, perhaps with others.
  23. I've always felt that there were spirits around me. When I was around seven I felt like I was being watched but that they were waiting for something. When I was 25, my life fell aprt and a experienced a calling. I had an OBE, an NDE. I could astral travel. I began to see spirits then and now have relationships with a few. One does specifically teach and help me with witchcraft. I've only really just accepted all of this in the past year or so. So, I'm still finding my way. Also, I've read that as a part of a witch calling or a shamanic calling( there seems to be some overlap there) that the witchlet spends a lot of time alone and isn't properly enculturated. That was definitely my experience. My mother became very depressed and I was on my own. I would think that if this is common among witches that not only do we have spirit teachers but that theses spirits may influence our lives and those around us in a profound way from very early on.
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