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    West of Ireland, in County Kerry just beside the Atlantic
  • Interests
    too many to list them here, but I love dancing and stained glass art
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Let's say I learnt a lot since the last time I signed in here..
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Of course I had a look at Wicca, but it never suited me and I gave up on it. What influenced me a lot was Buddhism. I practiced it for many years. Because of my germanic heritage I explored Asatru as well and started to work with the Runes. Now I find a tendency towards the LHP. Would put myself down as Luciferian.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Yes. Mostly working with herbs and oils. I'm very connected with nature, especially with the forest and all its creatures. Working with spirits. My spells and rituals are mostly intuitive and my own. I would work with angels and demons alike, and nature spirits, elementals, servitors etc.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    It means many things.. For once it means for me to have the freedom to explore what my abilities are and how I can use them. I'd prefer not to harm anybody in the process.. It means continuous learning. It means being connected with everything around me, and to go through life with open eyes. And to embrace everything that life throws at me :)
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    like 25 years or so, not sure..
  • What brought you to our site?
    hmm..good question! :D
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    There is just so much out there that I still want to learn! And it would be great to be connected with like-minded people, especially when you are a solitary in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully I will be able to throw in a bit of my experience to help others.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Healing, herbs, candle and oil\incense spells, being clairaudient and very intuitive, connecting with spirits outside in nature, evocations. Divination.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    I just don't like big ceremonial stuff..
  1. Thanks for sharing this, Onyx! It must be very satisfying to make your own deck! I wish I was more artistic, I would love to do something like this.. I like that you can add on more cards in the process whenever something pops up for you, making this deck a witness of your own life's developement. Cool! :thumbsup:
  2. Amarilis

    My Best Friend

    So sorry for your loss of your best friend. I know what it feels like. And my own dog is now very old, so who knows how much longer she'll be with me.. Sending you lots of love and hugs!
  3. Thank you so much for doing the research for me, haha! That's great, I will give it a try, can't wait to look into it!
  4. Oh that is very beautiful! Great idea!!
  5. Oh wow, they are very beautiful! Thank you for the website, I might order a deck. When I am really in desperate need of some serious answers then I always come back to the Toth. It was the first one that I got in contact with, although my teacher at the time said it would be to complicated to start with. But I thought they were just right for me. Bought Oracle cards from C. Baron-Reid, they are quite nice, like Wisdom of the Hidden Realms and the Wisdom of the House of Night ( they are dark but beautiful). In the end I prefer Tarot cards though. I am wondering if I should have a go at Lenormand cards. I wonder what the energy is like.. Any suggestions maybe for a good book for beginners?
  6. Oh, that is very interesting about the shoes...wouldn't have thought that there's even a wiki page...Thank you, Mistflower! Will further investigate!
  7. Would love about the shoes though, wondering if anybody knows what the story is behind it...
  8. That's a great article, thank you! As a child growing up in Germany I used to love Walpurgisnacht. It was said that Witches would ride on their broomsticks to the Blocksberg or sometimes called the Broken ( meaning big boulder..) to have a gathering there and celebrate (..copulate with the devil blabla and so on..) . Of course later on I found out about the Flugsalbe, the Flying ointment.... that explained a lot :D Unfortunately nowadays you are not allowed to go there anymore without a guide, because a whole bunch of "Neopagans" were partying there and leaving a total mess every year, ruining it for everybody! Anyways, it was nice to grow up inbetween these little traditions and beliefs,like little domestic spirits or house elves who came at night finishing the housework if you left them a little present and so on... I don't really do that anymore though.. prefer to finish the housework myself, and rather have them help me with spells and other stuff... You can get one at allposters.com :spook: :spook:
  9. Agree with you! It's a lot to read and I feel like a big sponge soaking it all up. Yes, great thread, thank you!!
  10. Abraxia Thalgus wrote: 'When I was in my 20s I read somewhere that witches of reeeeeally old did not have fancy-smancy tools. Living 1,000 years ago, most would not have been able to read so not written anything down. Most would not have been able to afford a special knife just for magical work, but would have one good knife and it would be used for everything. This really rang true to me and is what informs a lot of what I do now. That 10th generation grandmother ancestor, what would she have done? I imagine she would have got to know her environment really well. Learnt to read the weather, to understand the animals where she lived and what was normal behaviour for them. Learnt to read omens in anything unusual for that environment. Learnt what plants could heal and what could harm. Some of it through handed down knowledge, some of it through trial and error. I don't start from scratch with everything now, life's too short lol. But I keep this as my measuring stick. When I come across someone saying 'oh you need to have this and must go buy that', I imagine this ancient grandmother and what she would have done. If it doesn't fly with her, then I know it's not essential to my path. Also, getting really good at substitutes helps :) I imagine doing a spell for memory that calls me to toss some things in a bag to carry with me and one ingredient is rosemary but I don't have that, then just using a small elephant symbol I have because both represent good memory. That sort of thing. I know some spells call for really specific things, but as I said, I'm more about the essence of the thing. More what would be called low magic than high ceremonial magic. I've never really been interested in herbs but have become really fascinated with making my own flying ointments and such. I read that to start mucking about with toxic plants, it's a good idea to get some really sound foundational knowledge first, so I'm studying herbalism in order to do that. I'm also exploring chaos magic. Not because I want to be a chaote but because I want a better understanding of how magic works and different ways to work with it. The best advice I could offer is to ask yourself what makes you curious? What are your passions and interests? It doesn't have to be specifically witchy, it could be anything. Look into that as somewhere to start, learn a bit about it and then explore witchy ways of doing it. Cooking and sewing are two very mundane activities that can be super witchy if you want :)" This is exactly what I am thinking every time I feel I am being sucked into the whole commercial side of things... I really feel that you don't need any of this stuff although others like to tell you otherwise, advertisement, social networking..all that is brainwashing people. There is such a huge market out there for "Wiccan supplies" or websites tempting you to "buy your Hoodoo oils here".. I'd say my grandmother would just shake her head in disbelief haha...She would turn cooking into a witchy thing, it might have been low magic but it was certainly effective. I love the idea of substituting! It's something that I would do, too. Trail and error, see if it works.. That's how our ancestors did it, and by approval over the years it turns into a tradition. Lovely post, Abraxia! :) (I am working my way though the forums...phew! So much great reading material!)
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