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  1. Ah yes, praying is a form of magick most definitely. Bronach, I have also read of what you mention & thought about it to. It seems it's pretty safe to say that life is more than just genetics as seen by the eye.
  2. Is it just me, or do Witches have a relationship with animals which goes unperceived by ordinary people? From my personal experience, wild & domestic animals heal & thrive around me, I have rarely found it necessary to "cage" or contain them in any way, I only do so with distressed or injured animals to prevent self - harm & escort to safety. Personally they just seem to fall into a routine where they are "trained" & obey from their own free will, they come & go as they please. Often they will just one day vanish, however, they have their own minds & free will & I respect that they get called away by other things such as mates, young, or of course the obvious - getting eaten. However, the animals, the wild ones especially, have their own lives to live undictated by human intervention. The love & light crowd may view it as cruel, however to me that is simply nature & nature acts rationally, it is the humans who tend to break nature's rules with their beliefs about what nature should be as opposed to what it actually is... I don't believe in containing animals against their own free will without purpose, nor randomly shipping them out to unfamiliar territory where they may be lost or worse, trespass on the land of another. I like to feed them & allow them to roam, something which annoys the normal folk around me so I keep feeding wildlife as secretive as possible. I can't help but feel that humans have walked so far away from nature that they have forgotten the old in favour of the new believing it to be better... When in reality it's all exactly the same, all that's changed is their beliefs. I'm all about conservation personally. People do not perceive the damage they do with their "modern" lifestyles & overcrowded human populations... animal populations are separated by major roads & fences, I've seen small populations of various species trapped & in-breeding in towns & cities because they cannot navigate the environment safely to find mates due to people, dogs & cats... A lot of young die each year because they do not learn fast enough about the dangers of human environments & starvation sets in due to humans becoming more & more "aware of food waste" & leaving less food availability. On top of that we have big cats roaming the countryside here unchecked, it seems they are quite happily breeding away in secret & people are oblivious to that to. Leopards seem to be the main culprits running loose. To be honest, these seem to actually fit in quite well here, they don't cause much trouble. Just take the occasional dog. And then I hear people parroting on about how the animals all need moving to "safer environments" ... Not much talk about humans actually changing themselves. Where are these "safe environments?" The farmland isn't safe, humans use it for food & they don't want wildlife messing up their precious crops. Eating domestic animals would actually help since wild & domestic animals can live alongside each other on open grassland, mountainsides & in woodland quite happily with LESS impact on the environment, however many people are squeamish about eating meat these days due to all the mindless propaganda thrown about which has no true scientific backing whatsoever. So that leaves nature reserves where populations are again separated from one another by human dominated environments & crammed into a limited area of territory... How people do not perceive how illogical it all is, I do not know. Maybe it's not so bad in other countries, however, here in the Britain isles we are having a serious battle between man & nature obviously due to it being an island. Me, I'm on nature's side. I like traditional life more than modern. I wish we could go back to horses... That would be fun & probably more environmentally friendly. Not so practical in this fast paced world, however, I think it would be good for some people to learn to slow down a bit. You know the electric cars & such they are on about... What they don't tell everyone is the electricity lines they built many moons ago are super OLD & they can only carry so much electricity... This is why they've been charging more & insisting we all cut down electric consumption... The old lines cannot cope with carrying all the electricity for new homes being wired up to them. More & more people are switching to electric, yet they can't seem to replace the lines because the lines are deep & extend for miles to the power plants producing the electric via the burning of fuel which might as well be burnt directly at home for all the environmental sustainability it provides. 😒 I had a woodburner on my boat, it was the most environmentally friendly thing I'd ever known & it did everything. I'll be getting another in the future & bugger their opinions. Me ranting 😳 sorry guys. I hope it's not just me who finds it a bit of a pet peeve, how unrealistic people are & how far they've gone from the true nature of reality.
  3. To make the wand cost me £5 in Britain roughly & I really like it because of course it's personal, so was definitely worth it over buying an expensive crystal one for me. Just used superglue, thread & obviously bought the crystals for a few pence each. 👌
  4. Oh & this is Holly the hedgehog 🦔 who's going back outside in March once the weather warms up... He's grown now, he was a tiny baby hedgehog I found in November. I think I'll go for being a wildlife rescuer when I get a house. I'm always manifesting up wildlife anyway & I love them.
  5. The wand I made... Had it a while now 😁 love it. Made it from lapis lazuli, birch wood (I think, I found it!) & of course my favourite one which is labradite. I added some herbs, salt , a hair from myself & my dog to & a few other ingredients.
  6. I know that feeling. 😏 Remember the old religious "burn the books!" to destroy the old knowledge? 😲 I think the bible burnings were a revenge for that. 😂 What goes around, comes around. Destroying any book is not a good idea... Books are often just people's views printed on paper, however, they gift you with a broader perspective of life & the collective beliefs / knowledge of this physical dimension. The trick with life is to learn about it, but not absorb the information as absolute truth.
  7. Quietworker, I have put a post of some decent books in the books section to help people... Maybe you will find something helpful for yourself in them. Kindest regards
  8. That was all I used my small cauldron for.... Right now it's serving as an ash tray. 😂 For the price they are (£30 for a small) , I personally won't be bothering buying another. Even for burning things, a charcoal disk for example, it just stinks in comparison to other options & you're better off just buying incense & burning your paper over a bowl.
  9. I have a small cauldron, honestly, I think they are overrated.... However, if you want one so badly then a spell may be the solution... Magick creates magick! 😉
  10. Read M.G. Hawkings Journals on Kindle psychokenesis & the Egyptian occult. I believe you will find them very enlightening. ☺ Thrown together, but the knowledge will serve you invaluably.
  11. From what I have found of my studies, whatever your mind believed shall manifest within your perception, the deities are creations of your mind. Personally I avoid worship or the use of any spirits, ancestors or deities as I take full responsibility for my own magick, the best term to use is the "higher mind" as that is what is truly answering you, it is yourself, the subconscious. Be aware that by believing in something that is not yourself, you are giving your own power, the power of your mind, away to it. Remember that magick is mind over matter as termed in science. When I began my studies into magick as a teenager, I found a mirad of beliefs to wade through in order to find the truth which lay beneath all of those beliefs & what I found was most people do not want to believe in themselves, they do not want to believe they are responsible for every last atom in their lives. You are the perciever, your reality a construct of your mind as shown in quantum physics. Every last piece of it is as fluid & malleable as a dream, you are the centre of that dream feeding it thoughts & images which then reflect through it.
  12. I've worked chaos magick & I have to admit, I'm settling into a deeper belief system for better results, I've lived really been "settling" back into my old belief system for the spirit realm, nature, elementals etc the past couple of days & I will tell you precisely why. I have AMAZING results working from a magical belief system in the past & my results now working from the very basis with no set beliefs or meanings have produced extremely poor results in comparison. Like a physical relationship, these things will not thrive for you without meaning something to you... If your partner had no meaning to you, then how would they be towards you? They would eventually drift away due to the lack of connection. These "relationships" we form with magick are sacred only to us because we say they are & it is up to us to protect our own values & beliefs. This is life, not a proving ground & it doesn't matter as long as we all understand each other.
  13. My list worth reading on kindle to gain a greater understanding of magick: M.g.hawkings journals The power of the subconscious mind by Joseph murphy It's the little work by Durial, Durgadus Allen Magic: it's all in the mind by Asbjorn Torvol Start with M.G.Hawkings Journal entries. "The foundations of psychokenesis" is recommended.
  14. There are no rules to magick except the obvious respect for what you are working with, use whatever feels right to you.
  15. The reason I'm writing these posts is for newcomers to gain a broader understanding of the occult so they recognize it is all one & the same, yet it is not. Obviously the occult is extremely confusing for anyone new, it's extremely hard work to find the basic knowledge which supports all of reality ( mind conscience or spirit, whichever you wish to term it) & I feel the confusion is unnecessary. Obviously one cannot show one their path, however, they can show them the basic understanding & knowledge they desire.
  16. We like to term the same things under different names... For instance the subconscious mind all around us as termed by science, yet we term it the universe (spiritualists) ,the spiritual realm (witches, shamans etc) , God or gods / goddesses (Religions), etc... As humans this is a fascinating example of how we name the exact same things under different terms based on individual beliefs & perspective because we are the observers, the creators. One is no better than the other, it is all the same, however from my research witches definitely seem to have mastered the most truest terms - the universe & spiritual realm which anything imaginable may emerge from providing you know it exists. I'm wondering what resonated with witches the most? For me, I prefer the term "spirit realm". I don't know why, it seems to make me feel closer somehow to what's true to me... Of course I know all about all the other terms as stated, however, when using them I feel like I'm worshipping, not communicating as equals, if that makes any level of sense? Is it just me who feels this way at times, especially with all the research? 😬 I didn't choose my path, it chose me at a young age & then I stopped doing magick as a kid. I felt it was silly then, though it worked... I'd consciously visualize things & then watch them happen, play with magick with no understanding or knowledge, loved nature.... I was a researcher into science in my mid 20's, ended up on the occult & remembered my childhood which I had actually forgotten. Funny how these things happen.
  17. Books on DVD & CD? Anyone had any experience of these, were they worth the buy? They are very cheap, I'm just considering how informative they actually are. It's hard to find decent books for an affordable price.
  18. Of course there's the opposite end of the spectrum of course to, the love & light crowd which practice yoga & mysticism... Depends what you want in your life, if you don't do something then you don't know. Do whatever is true to you & If you believe it, it will happen. Me? I'm happy with the net & the dog.
  19. The thing to understand is we are all born to fundamentally live life alone & it manifests our thoughts through the ather or whatever you wish to call it into our reality, you can of course practice with a coven, however in doing so you will be joining something which is bigger & may not function exactly to your taste, including how the resulting magick behaves... We may be witches, but compromising in social situations is still a necessity (we just don't take on their beliefs) so clear communication between the members is absolutely essential & so is trust. Too many covens (this is just my opinion, not fact!) would love to function in a manner of sisterhood, however this requires extreme dedication, time & trust which not many individuals are willing to provide to anyone outside of their spouses or children. Look at how many Satanist cults teach their members abusive & unnecessary methods of magick & their followers just follow blindly... Bewaring who you place trust in is healthy.
  20. You may find it manifested since you stopped desiring it. Got to love the universe for such stupid quirks. 😉😂👍
  21. Animals make the best companions. 😁 It actually is kind of a theme with occultists of any kind that they tend to be alone, strange how having magick actually mentally segregates us from the many people these days who create problems.
  22. Lol, such groups probably have never heard of "only basic rules to magick" & are more religious in their beliefs of what magick should be, not recognizing individual needs & methods may not be the same among practitioners yet achieve the same results. There's a fine line between magick & religion I've found & many practitioners treat their methods like a religion with no knowledge of the basic foundation.
  23. I'm here because I'm pretty much alone with what I know & I can share what knowledge I find here for others who I know have abilities otherwise they wouldn't be here in the first place for to do magick one must first believe in magick & find it within themselves. Witches, shamans, sorcerers / sorceresses... We are all the same thing under different terms using various methods to achieve the same results. None of us are "evil" because we go beyond conventional mentalities, we just all want to be left alone to be happy.
  24. It seems the deeper & deeper one delves into the infinite extent of the universe, the more meaningless life becomes, or so it may seem. That is why it is important to know you have a destiny & give your individual life meaning that's true to self. I am writing this for those people on here who still wonder what the point is in it all. Good or bad, it's all the same right? Life itself is an expression of coincence & your own deepest truths lie within yourselves, the more true you are to yourself, the happier you become. This process of self-recognition is much harder than the act of magick itself to gain what one desires, you must also understand why you desire it & whether or not it is true to you. Do not listen to what everyone else wants, the focus is on you & yes, you will go through a LOT of changes & will no longer be recognizable as who you once were. The change is the hard part, not just on you, but those around you who may not be appreciative of your success as it defies their belief systems of "what life should be". It is imperative to know there are no rules to magick, there are only the basic laws of manifestation (there's plenty of info everywhere about that) & "vibration" as well as "positive thinking" & that these are all just various methods we use to organize our realities in a way which makes sense to our minds. Magick is mind-over-matter to alter the subconscious mind of reality around you, the illusion of the physical - yes, wands can be used for psychokinesis & such, the physical illusions around you are just as magical as the items you use in spells. Magick is the very basis of reality & what you do, as you will find, has very little impact in the grand scheme of things. Reality does not create your beliefs, your beliefs are what create your reality & there are very few laws in the true nature of the universe. This "basic truth" may be hard to believe & scary for some, however, I have taken the measures of cross-referencing sources for years & the following is what I have found to be truth. I discovered some extracts which I have cross-referenced the past year & experimented with them, many people here I suspect want to reach their full potential abilities - Mr M.G.Hawkins journal extracts on kindle will hopefully enlighten you further over time to your full potential in life. The study of philosophy is something of which I am very fond now, I have found magick & philosophy go hand in hand. I am sharing this so those people here who feel lost or confused need not be, the occult lies within. To put it simply, the conscious thoughts, beliefs & images you feed into your mind are what manifest into your physical reality. You can create whatever reality you choose, however I share this with a warning - true happiness is an ordered state of mind, without that one shall never be happy. No amount of money, sexy-arsed loving partners, or material items will make one happy & those things follow an ordered state of mind which has no desires. Do not believe you have to spend a penny to do magick either. Good luck & best wishes to all. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! 🌲⛄
  25. And just so you all know, I did the research & a familiar may be any animal or entity which shares a close bond with a practicioner - basically only YOU know if a particular creature is a familiar or not. Our beliefs create this world, what we "know" to be true is true only to us as individuals. There are no rules.
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