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    Witchcraft, nutrition, science, elements, biology, grounding, animals
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Quite a lot & I like to swap information, but my own methods are just that - my own. Whilst I can speak to others & advise I cannot share my spellwork. I do not follow deities, I summon them for consort as equals.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Yes. I am not religous at all.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Yes, on & off during my teens & now I am an adult I returned to it for good because I don't feel complete without it at all & there was always an urge to return. I always feel I have a lot of energy & & weird dreams / dejavu affect me.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Honestly... I haven't a clue. I suppose it's a witch that follows traditional methods & ways, in which sense I would not be a traditional witch.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    10 years. That's just practicing, not learning. It doesn't include divination, if you included everything then it's a lifetime... my grandmother practiced & reluctantly taught me after she predicted her father's untimely death.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I remembered it from years ago. Excellent site for resources.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I expect to find more information regarding items such as gemstones whilst I can share knowledge on grounding, sunlight etc<br /><br />I also just want to have the availability of other witches opinions about matters again, this site was good in the past for advice about everything regarding witchcraft.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    I'm pretty good at most stuff, I would like to say I'm especially good at such &amp; such, but I like variety so I never really specialised myself in anything.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Learning about certain things, sometimes I just need advice about things such as rituals, items,etc. I am not seeking help with spells &amp; the like. I prefer to keep things personal so others work is useless to me, however their knowledge on specific subjects is a different matter.
  • Additional Information.
    I travel a lot, living on my boat as freely as possible with my animals.

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  1. Anyone read about this? Just began & seems interesting.
  2. Back before I realized I was a witch, I ran the "it's not going to happen" thought through my mind KNOWING that would make what I wanted to happen... Perhaps you may have a similar result.
  3. I wouldn't even bother attempting such a spell. It could really fuck with your head & cause a lot of emotional turmoil because you may get what you want & then lose it due to the opposing spell you cast. There are other things that could happen, but be aware that one may cancel the other out & that would be due to your casting & not "universal choice." Try it if you wish. Make sure you give us the results in about a year.
  4. Interesting, I am enjoying the varied responses here. I come here because to discuss such things outside of this forum with muggles is not very satisfying... I agree a lot of people follow their emotions alone & it causes them all sorts of heartache in the long run. I find it frustrating that I run from logic & my intuition whereas everyone else only follows their emotions because they believe their own emotions are all that matter. They allow them to override all intuition & logic. I also believe a balance between all is key & we are all taught that through every ancient system. Unfortunately though, they never tell you how to achieve that balance, that must be worked out yourself & it is continuous ritual of self.
  5. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/quantum-physics-may-be-even-spookier-than-you-think/
  6. Does anyone here still do contracts & what was your experience? As in, make a deal with a person & have them sign a contract to keep to it? I'm no light worker (but with enough niceties to get by) & I don't particularly want to know about ethics since I don't believe in good & evil, I'm neutral. I end up dealing with some shirky bad individuals at times & it'd be nice to give them a bit of incentive to keep to agreements... I don't want to cut off anyone's help due to their past & nature of course, so a contract may be the way to go.
  7. As for recipes, I'm afraid I'm clueless. I can't eat salicylates, so it's only eggs, meat & lactofree milk with occasional mushrooms for me.
  8. I'm carnivore to! Glad to see I'm not the only one. I've been carnivore for 7 years now. 😊 Combined with witchcraft, it definitely takes you off the standard path in the process. Worked wonders for me however & my dog...
  9. Looking back now... I first looked up witchcraft on a school computer when I was twelve. This was because I was already doing "magick" without even realising & I thought, surely not, it's all in my head... I spent nights even younger pretending I was practicing spells in my grandfather's backgarden burner as a child (yes, they would leave me to play with the fire alone. They were old fashioned & just said "be careful you don't burn yourself.") You can imagine what I found... Wiccan sites. I found mention of worshipping a god & goddess, read all the rules, etc & immediately thought "right, fuck this" & logged off. I was dead set against any religion at the time & I wasn't even sure what I was looking for. I'm not annoyed, just looking back with amusement at myself. I didn't look up witchcraft again for another 5-6 years & it wasn't until after that I discovered this forum & traditional witchcraft. I knew I was making things happen through will, but the how's, why's, etc were all hidden. I was like "Finally! Somewhere that makes sense! Yay! I can be normal me & not worship or follow silly rules!" Must say, I much preferred reading through the introductions & messages here. I spent a good while perusing this site with the search engine pulling up results & ogling at all the new information. Was anyone else here slowed / distracted down by the Wiccan cult? Thank lord TW & other so-called "dark practices" have gained popularity. I'd hate to think of the witches that could have missed out otherwise.
  10. Additionally I ditched most old traditional magickal working methods. Why? Because they are outdated & irrelevant now unless you believe in them. Things such as planetary hours, etc, never improved my workings, in fact, they hindered them. I do not believe physical aspects have much influence on my work, so days, hours, planetary alignment etc, are all irrelevant to me. Unless you are working with a specific spirit or diety who specifically requests you use a certain planetary hour, they really are, for spell work, fucking pointless to me.
  11. You know, I heard that "love" is in fact source energy... 😏 So I predicted that our paths are "cough, cough" predestined with the things we shall "love" - the source energy in us activates from interacting with them. Let me tell you, I have changed (evolved is a better word) A LOT since I first joined here. I was a teenager then & I'm 28 now. This forum is the only forum I am comfortable with. One of the most important things I have learnt is that because our lives seem predestined, we have to be very careful to listen to ourselves intuitively. The magick is source energy which only flows through us freely when we are feeling love (AKA huge source energy activation) & in a state of higher consciousness - that means no lower "vibrations" as some refer to it. Us, as witches, are conscious of what we can do. However, acting on typical human logic systems & ideology does not seem to work very well for us. 😉😏 That's because those very human aspects may help us to fit in with the muggles, but simply by being witches we are technically more evolved consciously & we cannot restrict ourselves to muggle perspective, outlook & behaviours. That's why people often treat us differently, they know subconsciously we are different & they simply cannot understand it. They just can't pinpoint why because it's our vibration. Imagine trying to explain to a dog how it feels to be a wolf? Witches seem predestined to follow the source energy... We were all activated by various circumstances, as what happens to shamans & other people in various cultures. When we do not act as we are called to & we follow typical human patterns... Well we end up with unhappy witches, the source loses out on spiritual workers, the magick in the human world dims, etc, etc. Seems witches are the ones who are more human guardians here on earth than anything tbh, we are also altering human consciousness & behaviour around us. Because we can maintain source energy consciously, we are able to alter the energy states around us very well for at least 50ft... Has anyone ever noticed this side effect of being a witch? Because I have.
  12. I love plants. I want some large decorative house plants indoors when I get a new place, as well as some magical plants. Also a fountain indoors would be cool. I find they make a huge difference to the air quality in rooms & the electromagnetic quantum energy as well. Plants are mysterious. I also want a couple of very small birds to fly between all these giant plants & fertilise them when they poop on them 😁 should be a fun indoor experiment.
  13. I'm curious... You know those times where you're heart tells you to do one thing, but your head tells you to do the complete opposite? Could be with love, career or other life choices. Which do most witches choose? I used to be someone who always followed their head until I had a major enlightenment one day years ago, changed my life around & started to follow my heart... Led to the biggest changes & the happiest I've ever been, the funny thing was as soon as I stopped following my heart at the time, it was like my path just literally ended. Do you understand what I mean? My magick stopped being as successful (apologies for spelling magick as magick, I just prefer it) whereas before there was always something, I was torn in half & it was because I chose to stop following my heart & follow logic instead. I allowed FEAR (good lord, us witches should know better) to stand in my way. Led to dark night of the soul, etc, etc, was awful & lasted 18 months or so. Wasn't in the best position either, everything went to complete shit in my life the moment I chose the "logical" choice. I ended up moving home & all sorts to start over. I'm steadily trying to get back onto a new path in life now which is different because I cannot return to my original since the other person involved is now long gone & moved on. However it really made me reflect that if our ability to have free will is completely contradicted by our path of calling, then we are left with two separate choices - either live a lie, or don't. And if the things we love are already predestined then that would mean that using our "free will" is counter-intuative & instead using our INTUITION & "love" (which seems in fact source energy flowing through the heart chakra...) to be who we are intended to be. Everything we do is out of love, whether we teach someone a lesson or help them. But I feel a total idiot at times for following my heart... I do some crazy shit, let me tell you. No drugs, alcohol or sex involved. I ended up in the wilderness living out of a tent for a year. I met the man I thought I'd always wanted & then lost him because I refused to admit he was real. I met fae for the first time & ended up in some weird copse miles out that everyone said had strange energy in there. I nearly died several times on this crazy excursion which went 240 miles on foot, though I stayed in areas for months at a time. The story is long & at the end I was left stranded on a boat out in the middle of the countryside by a drug using man (not my lover) who'd used & betrayed me for access to my resources. Revealed all of his traits & now he has been condemned by everyone & he's in the middle of losing everything because he's committed a lot of serious misdeeds towards a lot of people. So... There's more, but I shan't bore you all. Back to topic... How do witches fare? I'm going back to following my heart & intuition which I believe is the true self, but it's really tricky because it's still trying to argue with the "very human" logical aspect of my mind... But I'm past it & to be frank, I don't feel particularly human, especially not with autism. I simply want to move on in life. I'm prepared to take risks & lose everything. After a lifetime of back & forthing between heart & logic... Logic just doesn't make sense anymore. Any friends here who can relate?
  14. My old black cat was named Sir Rupert Puddlington... Nicknamed Pookie. 😂 Lovely black cat he was. Hated my partner at the time.
  15. AKA, he is what he is... Whatever that is.
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