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    Reading, writing, crafts, gardening, art, jewelry making, woodworking, computers, music
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I've been actively practicing for almost a year. I own many books on witchcraft, which I've turned to throughout my time. I know some through experience, other people, and research as well.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I used to be an Agnostic. I was pretty open. I then became an Athiest and now I don't believe in any types of Gods. I believe in nature and magick.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Yes, I follow more of a traditional path with spellworking and my beliefs about everything. I don't really like the Wiccan way. Any materials I use are from nature, or things I have made myself. I also don't necessarily believe that casting a circle is always necessary. I prefer to practice more of a green witchcraft base.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Traditional witchcraft to me, is not a religion or anything to be followed. Its a craft and a skill, and can be spiritual. I think many people confuse Wicca and witchcraft, but they're really nothing alike. Witchcraft has much deeper roots, is a practice, and there is no worship. Its more a spiritual and magickal path with the freedom to cast and work things in whatever way we please.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    Just under a year.
  • What brought you to our site?
    The desire to learn more, to be part of a witch community, and for ideas and inspiration. I've taken this path alone thus far and would love to be a part of a whole community of witches with similar interests and lives.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I hope to learn much more and to contribute my own findings and share the things that I practice myself. Perhaps make some friends as well. I feel this forum is exactly what I need to further myself and feel like Im really a part of it all.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Definitely green or hedge/kitchen witchery. Herbs, healing spells, the ability to concentrate deeply.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Working with spirits. I really havent delved into that yet, but I would like to learn more.
  1. Yea see, and I wonder what that is? Perhaps regular negativity banishing? I don't know if you do that but I do in some of my spellwork.
  2. I actually have some pretty severe fibromyalgia and joint pain and lately it's felt a thousand times better which is saying something. I have regular flare ups but recently, nothing. It's been awesome. It wasn't really a "side effect" I was expecting. My luck has been terrible. But I feel better lol.
  3. I started practicing the craft a couple of years ago and fell away from it for a long while. Recently, let's say the last month, I dove back in and it's been very satisfying. The thing is, I suffer from severe depression and anxiety and my interests in everything has faded. But since picking up where I left off and practicing again daily, I'm feeling like myself again. I have more ambition. I feel more connected and grounded. I'm sexually aroused again. And I'm becoming more interested in the hobbies and other things I enjoy. I know meditation in general tends to make people feel better and a lot of spell work is meditative but it feels like there's more at play here. I would love some input and personal experiences in this area.
  4. http://mentalfloss.com/article/69709/9-spooky-spells-icelandic-book-sorcery I found this incredibly interesting. Just wanted to share.
  5. I am big on using runes. I think they hold great power, as they were used in old magick, which I also believe holds great power. This could also be partly because half of my ancestry is Norse. The other half is polish and I really haven't looked too far into that. I probably should. Anyway, I draw close to old viking magic, to seidr magic. I find it full of potential and runes, full of power. Just thinking of it gives me chills honestly.
  6. I did carry some aloe with me that my dying plant gifted me. I held it in my hand to and during our first court appearance and things went exactly as I hoped they would. I'll continue to work on it. I have hope and I'm staying positive. Very grateful to that aloe.
  7. Thank you, I Will try this. I'm pretty good with meditation and I think that Will help. And you don't sound harsh; it's simple truth. Youre right that I do want what's best for him. I simply made a mistake that I've paid for in many ways, and now this has arisen. I do believe in my heart that He belongs with me.
  8. Yea sorry it does look confusing. I want my son home. My ex is in the process of taking me to court for custody. I just want to put as much as I can into helping achieve that goal.
  9. I'm sure most of you saw my question about strengthening my money spell, and that was to address one problem. I now have a new problem. My ex is attempting to take custody of my son. No interest in devulging details outside of I really want him to come home where he belongs and This guys being a real jerk about it all too. So anyway, spell suggestions that would be most effective in helping me succeed here? We have a prelim in about a week, then the actual battle at a later date. I'm trying to retain a lawyer represent me...id like a paid one because it's hit or miss with the public decenders here And This is way too important to risk that. In short, I need to raise the money for that, I need extra luck through the whole case. I need all the help I can get to get through the stress and stay diligent. I need a boost in the courtroom. I just really need to come outhappy on this. My son is 7 and he's been with me as a single mom all this time. I made a couple mistakes recently and he's pouncing on the opportunity. Anyone please share somespecific spells that have worked for you? Suggestions? Types of spells that would improve my odds and give me a positive outcome? Something to keep my strength up. This has been so draining and the makes it even harder to cast and concentrate. I am doing my part in the physical world too. I'm even having a lawn sale to go toward the lawyer. Lots and Lots of work and documnegjng and research on my end. I just need some ssrious assistance. Cant lose my first born boy to a man who abandoned us, never helped me out, hardly saw him during his first 6 months, and repeatedly claimed he didnt want custody. He belongs at home and I have to get him here. Please give me any assistance you can. Anything.
  10. I just rented this movie from a Redbox last night. Am going to watch it after I finish working in my garden. Very excited to see it. I love any movie and show about witchcraft.
  11. Wexler, you mentioned feeling heat where a spirit might touch you? I was sitting at my vanity mirror, doing my makeup, and I felt a sudden warmth (very warm) on my waist, as if someone put their hand there. It literally felt like someone was behind me and put their hand on my waist in an affectionate manner. I haven't felt or experienced anything in some time. I mean, I've sort of felt like something is here, but nothing more. On another occasion, I had put music on Pandora on my TV and I went to take a shower. I was in there about 30 minutes, and when I came back out, my box was off. It does automatically turn off, but it does it after 2 or 3 hours, not 30 minutes. It COULD have been a malfunction in the box I suppose, but thats never happened before. And the warm feeling of a hand on my waist was unmistakable. And it didn't scare me. It actually felt very comforting, and the box being off was a little odd, but again, not scary. I don't feel scared at all. Since I am not overly experienced in this area, what step should I take next? This is probably a sign that something is reaching out to me, is it not? Is it safe to reach out to them in return, as I have never done so with a spirit.
  12. I did reach out last night and sort of get a feel for whats in my house. I do feel like there is one, maybe more, spirits wandering my home. I never feel alone. Actually, I hate the feeling of being alone and I know it well. I do have my kids in their bedroom sleeping, but thats not it because Ive felt that same empty, alone feeling with them in other places. It happens when they go to bed. I can feel something else is here, and it does feel positive. Its comforting. Anyway, I asked to be shown something in my dreams. I dreamed about a friend of my brothers whom I have feelings for. Im doubting it is at all related, and I will continue to try. Im wondering how some of you ask for involvement in your dreams? Do you ever use anything or cast a spell as well? Or just ask? Perhaps meditate?
  13. I didn't know my great grandparents very well, but I am going to look in the records on an ancestry site and see how far back I can get. I know I have a great great maybe? great grandfather named Leland. He was a farmer. I suppose I could try that. He had a wife but I cant remember her name. I'll be researching that. Using blood may actually be a great idea. I'll to look into that too. Thank you :)
  14. I also am interested in contacting the spirit world. I wish to reach out to ancestors, but I'm unsure of who they are? I would like protection from them. I also want to contact other spirit types; definitely plants, animals, and others. Im not sure who to contact first. After reading this, I'm thinking plants, because I love plants and I love working with them. They are my strength. Im also thinking ancestors as protection from things in my life, as well as any negative spirits or energy that may seek out my invitation. I dont know my ancestors. How can I go about contacting them if I dont even know who they are? Im a mutt, but generally speaking, I come from a very Swedish and Polish background. My dad traced our lineage to the vikings in Sweden. My mom and her ancestors are heavily Polish. But I have no names, nothing sure. Can someone help me out, or perhaps point me toward a thread that can help me with this issue? Also, I think I may to reach out to plant spirits later tonight. I have never reached out to the spirit world. Like Sage (Sage is my daughters name btw :)), I've had my fears. I was Christian once. Not for a long time, but I was. And I have heard an evil spirit speak to me in a language I did not understand while laying in bed one morning. It terrified me and I still have no idea what it was. It spoke to me as if it were right by my ear. Very clear speech, just couldnt understand the dialect. Anyone have any ideas about that as well? I'd love to hear them. (I would like to add, if anyone is wondering, that I knew that whatever it was that spoke to me was bad/evil/however you want to put it. Negative. I felt the negative energy in its voice and behind me once it spoke. It wasnt just fear...it was...just bad. It felt bad.) This is a path I've ALWAYS wished to travel. I just never have. I feel like I am ready, but need guidance.
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