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    Jewelry making, reading, culinary arts, hiking, rescuing/rehabilitating animals.
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Not a stranger but not a veteran, and definitely major learning ahead yet...
    (Hope it's okay I'm editing these for the sake of having a tolerable/readable profile, because my long winded answers from the application process are a bit tedious to read lol)
  • Have you explored other paths?
    "Dabbling" whether I knew what it was or not) through childhood, and purposeful investigation and practice for about the last 4-5 years.
    No specific path so far.
    But otherwise/in between tried to be a good fundy Christian girl who pushed it all aside for a good chunk of life believing it to be evil as my parents (mainly my father) taught.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    As I didn't realize my long winded answers were going to be part of a visible profile, I am editing this into the short answer: not a whole tonne. Lol
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    As far as I perceive, there is not a single definition that we could all agree on. There are many traditional paths and I think the key thing is that they show respect and much observance for the abundance of wisdom collected and handed down by generations past whilst maintaining a capacity for future/continual spiritual evolution.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    With some amount of intent and focus... Last 4-5 years. Dabbled prior to this.
  • What brought you to our site?
    Had a previous attempt to join but didn't post/participate much. Remembered this, recently after seeing a thread here in Google results for something and decided to try to join again. I don't recall how I found this site initially.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I'm not sure what I will ultimately contribute but I will be doing my damndest to contribute something of value! I am afraid that most people will likely be far more knowledgable and experienced than i, but I will attempt to add perspective and thoughts as much as I can! As for my expectations... I know I will learn plenty on a forum like this as from my reading of the public content alone I was already very impressed and felt this was a fairly healthy forum.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Not currently/not specifically a witchcraft site.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Spellcraft, working with animals.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?

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  1. I purchased some in a (weird) daze of adoration some time ago, and am legit addicted to the smell of it and drawn to it but no idea what uses it is best for still... also curious... I did make up a rice recipe using it recently which turned out just divine, of course I never wrote it down, but it goes into rice nicely I think.
  2. Anything to report? So so curious...I just looked at her site last night and it appears the ones you got are both out of stock. my god how much did you buy??!! Jk.. ;) (Seriously tho, she was out of stock...)
  3. You naughty blue-eyed witch! No, I have rather dark brown eyes. I am no mutant! Lol I have heard a lot of people upset about the topic of "cultural theft" in my daily life in general lately and it's getting so excessive sometimes. There are things that people will claim, and then if you look back, they were borrowed from another culture, and they borrowed it from crossing paths with someone else entirely different before that. But people want to get arrogant and claim things. On the other hand, if you have a unique family coat of arms, a very private family or tribal tradition, or something like this and then someone takes it to flash around as their own or make a buck, that really is horrible, and I totally get it. But it seems like people are getting so self righteous about cultural appropriation out there on social media and such, that they are losing sight of what really is and isn't unique to their heritage or traditions, and what in fact has evolved and exchanged amongst many groups of the human race for eons. Anyway, yeah. I'm just blathering on saying what was basically already said, cuz I'm cranky about the self-righteous sorts lol
  4. Haha, yup... Therapy is a great word for it! If im going to be zoning out/in a bit of a meditative state, I have to really make sure i set a timer. The oven glow is bewitching and the smells so comforting :D
  5. This is something I need to start doing just judging by the sheer amount of time I can obsess in a kitchen... The relaxed states I go into. Try turning out the lights and sitting in front of the oven, watching it bake from start to finish after a long hard day... Like a warm bath. Checkout and relax the mind. But I haven't really utilized these experiences magically and so this thread leaves me with a few ideas :)
  6. I am also totally late to this thread (judging by when it was started, and nobody has replied in a good month or two lol) but it is precisely one of the things on my mind lately and often in my recent past (the 4 and some years I've been trying to learn my path) I am "mutt" as seems to be the favoured term. Haha French and Native American on moms side. To further break down: Mi'qmak, Mohegan on her fathers side. Her mother's father was adopted and lived on a reserve (I need to go find out again where this was, embarrassing... Of all the most traceable things in family history I should know this). He labelled everything in Michif that we have found of his which is REALLY curious because I thought that was more used westward in Canada...and he was from the east. But he had no Native blood that we are aware of. However he grew up fully immersed in the culture of his parents. (Unlike the rest of us in the family, including those with actual native blood lol how's that for irony). My father is proud Scottish (obsessed with that aspect of his heritage, pushes the family tree and clan history on everyone but ignoring the Irish, welsh also from his mother's side) And his grandfather and grandmother were German, all of his family traced before this, from Germany entirely. So native, German, Scottish, welsh, Irish, French. 6 ingredients (which could be further broken down by tribes, clans, geographical origin, religion, etc) So am I picking a tradition from among these? Don't even have a clue yet lol The only learning along the lines of the craft that I had passed down to me to any extent was from my German great grandfather and maybe sorta my grandfather (but he kinda checked out and became alcoholic, and now both are passed) and a bit from my non-native great grandfather who grew up on a reserve lol...(mostly to do with herbs, natural medicines) and I mean all of this was so minimal... I was physically/geographically separated from most of my extended family most of the time after maybe the first 5-9 years of life. But... I can't help feeling like I am supposed to be learning something associated with my heritage/bloodlines... It's sad everyone was as scattered and tragic and far away or just dead and gone as they were, while I was growing up, but...there are no decisions made for me and if I do commit to a particular name-able path of any sort it will be a matter of the heart regardless. As for now... I'm doing what I know, what I'm drawn to and what works... But still feel like I'm not quite "on" the track I should be yet.. :) Cultural appropriation? Well... The truth is, unless you grew up immersed in the practices of any of those, the actual people in these geographical locations who DID grow up with their traditions will laugh and see you as an outsider largely. All of them. Some in fact will guard even the most trivial aspects of their way of life from outsiders. And if you push to learn, you will be seen as appropriating or "stealing" in many cases. This is very difficult when you are a mutt from a transplanted family history because, well, we didn't very well start a whole new culture, religion, traditions etc of our own entirely that has no ties to the past. So do we ever belong anywhere fully? ;) But we are all getting more and more mixed, and this approach is getting older and older... It's a strange wiggly line is what. And much of the "walling up" encountered will only serve to hinder the preservation of ways of life, thought and practice. But remember it's often done because of cultural theft and then complete bastardization and abuse of traditions to make money, sell books, run super fake religious "retreats"...and the list goes on. I guess the best thing to do is listen to those who actually know what they are talking about should they decide to share with you, show the upmost respect. Make deep friendships and connections and don't claim you know everything because you read a book about the place your great great great grandmother lived lol It still doesn't sit right with me to have absolutely no history/cultural exposure growing up/blood (at least one of these) affiliated with a practice/tradition/lifestyle and then take it (from modern books) and claim this is you, your identification 100% of course but this is an ever changing world and I do believe sharing and learning will happen for those searching for the right reasons and behaving respectfully.
  7. Lately I've found cooking and baking is becoming more and more meditative and a refuge/escape from daily stressors... And I get to make a bit of money on the side w/the baking which is a bonus. I miss a number of hobbies I had before I took off to school and dropped a lot of it to focus on studies. Goals right now certainly include getting back into painting and drawing. Eventually.
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