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    There are some serious cunts on this forum.
  1. Its been pointed out to me by all of you and the mods that Nikki's response was perfectly good advice. RR you are right it is likely that this is very much more to do with me than with RG. I have a pair so no way would I ever deal with some yappy dog of a person get up in my face like shes better than me just because she can spell fuck and is friends with the mods. I was embarrassed for RR reading that reply, but hey if shes cool with letting people talk to her that way who am I to say anything? I will happily take it elsewhere because I am used to dealing with a calibre of people that would not expect me to eat a lump of shit just because they had bothered to sprinkle some sugar over it. Just so this thread doesnt get too far off topic- as I said in another thread Netflix has a documentary on sleep paralysis.
  2. I don't find "advice" like this to be encouraging or useful at all. Really its nothing more than condescending. Either way it could have been delivered better or left out entirely. I am sure what RG experience was nothing less than terrifying and she shared that experience with confidence that she could trust the people who she shared it with to not heckle her. Save this type of nonsense for facebook please.
  3. No I wasn't using valerian. I have some catnip here for him and ofc that seems to be the one and only plant on the planet he doesn't care about. He is an indoor cat, we live next to a dangerous road so I don't let him out. He likes to plot escapes and run outside and smell plants before he is recaptured. Last night I was working with my new tarot cards and excluded him from the room so he sat in the hallway and cried like a baby until I let him in the room. He didnt attack me this time. Just got on the bed to have a snoop and left me to it. I can't get a read on this cat. He seems to be interested in anything witchy I am doing and feels the need to supervise. It just manages to put him in a really hyper mood along the way. Is valerian ok for cats like catnip is?
  4. Well I have come to the conclusion that my cat is opposed to magic and related things. I ordered a new tarot deck and they arrived just a bit ago in the mail. I walked into my bedroom to put them on my desk. The cat was sleeping on the bed. I left the room for a few minutes and came back and the tarot cards were scattered everywhere and the cat had left the room. Guess I have to take his feelings into consideration now when I am working on things because his efforts are feeling more and more like deliberate acts of sabotage.Yesterday when I was making smudge sticks every time I got started on one he would attack me. Twice he carried my thread off and ran under the bed with it. I get where your fiance is coming from about cats being assholes. But I still love him.
  5. That sounds about right. I guess I wouldnt really need one then. I already know when spirits are present and would prefer to follow my gut and not guess what my cat is thinking. I dont feel like I have any kind of special link to him.
  6. I guess thats it. I really have no idea just exactly what a familiar is/ does. I always kind of assumed it was more a wicca thing until I got to thinking about the history of the witch trials. They had familiars or were accused of it. Surely it must be more than a spastic cat (or snake) who has a witchcraft fetish. Or maybe thats the requirement. I never thought of inducting a pet into my craft before because it seemed like I might be involving them in something they really want no part of. This cat seems like he very much wants to be a part of it, even if he just gets in my way. I kinda feel sorry for him. He wants to help but he doesnt have thumbs so he just bites everything. ;)
  7. I wanted to dig up this post and see if any of you have a familiar and how do you know if you have a pet that wants to be a familiar/ or are suited? I have this crazy cat that won't leave me alone when I am doing anything craft related. He seems really overly excited by whatever I am working on. Problem is he interrupts my spells, knocks over my candles, attacks me (ambitious play) and attempts to maul my tools and supplies. I am trying to make smudge sticks atm..yeah thats happening. My husband bought him as an older kitten for our oldest son's birthday- at a gypsy caravan park no less. When he brought him home he never cried for his litter mates/ mother. Like he was just always here. He is a sweet cat but he has this really feral nature about him. I have never worked with a familiar before so I can't tell if hes an overly excited cat or if he has some sense about what I am doing and is just being an accidental pain in the ass. Do your pets go insane when you are working your craft?
  8. This is an interesting post. I had a very cautious teacher when I started my path years ago. One of the first lessons I got was make a Witch's Bottle for protection. I also kept a selection of spells for cleansing, banishing and exorcising because the magic I used at the time relied heavily on summoning spirits. In my experience even if your intentions are completely pure, spirits can be tricky to deal with. Negative spirits can attach themselves when you are working white magic just because your magic attracted their attention also. I think it is a good idea to regularly cleanse your workspace or entire house and self if needed periodically to make sure you don't have anything unwanted hanging about. Its also a good idea to add items to your altar and spells to ward negativity and anything unwanted as you work. Salt or eggshells are very easy to acquire and go along way in basic cleansing and protection.
  9. I bet you are so excited. :) Well best to keep busy and help the time pass. Though my only advice would be sleep while you can. lol
  10. Oh congratulations! Sounds like a fair bit of nesting. Are you due soon? I know what its like needing a space to craft in. Our house is tiny and I have 3 kids at home (4yo and twin 2 yo). Most of what I do it just trying to keep kids out of my stuff. I have so many projects to work on around here its insane. And ty for the compliments. Creepy is totally my thing. :p On the subject of kitchen witchery this is something I am really liking atm. I am an advocate of candle magic, so I like to go into the kitchen/garden (yeah our garden hasn't died yet its so warm outside) pull out some herbs/ plants doctor up a candle and let it do its thing. I am the same way with gems and stones. Everything earthy/ natural/ elemental is really calling to me right now. What do they call that..sympathetic magic? Well whatever it is it has my attention.
  11. This is a doll I made. He has a polymer clay head, hands and feet and his body is cloth. https://www.flickr.com/photos/129216294@N08/16701426754/in/photostream/ I lied though, I forgot this miniature diorama. Its a little of everything but the hands are polymer clay. https://www.flickr.com/photos/129216294@N08/16701128463/in/dateposted-public/
  12. Fear not, you are not the only one who has problems with the obvious escaping them. "Why didn't I think of that?" is my mantra. I use polymer clay mostly for doll making. (I do love a creepy doll!) For some reason with miniatures paper mache is my thing. But I do love polymer clay and was just dreaming up new ways to use it. namely in wand making it could be used in place of hot glue for those nifty swirls and whatnots. I saw some wands on pinterest made from resin that made me debates its uses. You can bake that stuff on about anything so I'm pretty sure it would work. I know what you mean about wishing for a kiln. How many times have I said that? Also thought about experimenting with a small pit firing set up but I am not sure I could get it hot enough for the clay I have found in the shop here. (Just did a google search for how hot you can get a wood fire, maybe I could after all. ;) ) I have a supply of air dry clay here, though its pretty fragile by comparison. I suppose you could use it for personal spellcraft to get by with. You could easily add things to it, or what I would do is add it to the hollow bits in the center that you fill up with armature. Like in the chest cavity you could add hair, nails, herbs, stones etc then wrap your foil around that and bulk it out to where you need it. Get what I mean? Well assuming you make a human or animal type doll, or other object thicker than lets say an inch or so. You could do it for polymer clay also since the bake temp is so low. Most things would not survive kiln firing I think. I got a new type of polymer clay (have to see if I can find the box it came in) it dries to about the texture of bone or eggshell and is really easy to sculpt, pretty soft and creamy. I just love it. This whole conversation has me revved up to go make something..or many somethings. I need to call my landlord and light a fire under his ass to get my oven fixed already. It makes me sad I havent baked any clay in almost 2 months now. :(
  13. I really wanted to deny my draw to witchcraft and did so for many years. I can't explain why I need to walk this path. All I know is that when I deny it I suffer for it. I feel drawn to nature, to the path and to old things and places. My family are from Germany, England and Scotland. They were pioneers and world travelers. I feel drawn to Native American culture and have a deep respect for their connectedness to nature. I also have a deep connection to things from the Victorian and Middle Ages as I feel they both had a connectedness to the spirit world and advancements in science. I love elemental and natural magic for its simplicity and raw power. I love ceremonial magic for its secrets. I am starting out fresh on my path and this time I want to really allow myself to be open and explore it freely. Its something I felt I could not do before as I studied with a group that I felt both hindered and judged me. This time it is for me.
  14. That lacy crochet is Clones Lace (Irish crochet) and it really is beautiful. I tried to make a lace border once and it looked like the work of a drunken spider, but I still thought it was pretty- missed stitches and all. I too am a craft hoarder. I dabble in most crafts. Luckily a lot of them have the same paraphernalia. Still with that in mind I got into making Halloween/ horror themed miniatures and dolls about a year ago and that just demands all kinds of crap. I started stashing all sorts of random crap because it could become X. I had to dial it back when my husband developed a facial tick. ;) But back on the subject, I really love this idea. I have always had a thing when I am working on art to burn incense, listen to music or whatever to get my mindset for the piece I'm working on. I don't see that at all being a far cry from working my art into a spell since it would be similar to that channeling of focus. For some reason the idea of crochet or weaving really speaks to me. Maybe because it is literally weaving? But I have encountered what I believe to be a magical or cursed painting. The effect it had on me was profound, so I really thing a painting could be used, beyond a doubt. Of course I also think modeling/ sculpting would work well. My sister brought a voodoo doll back from a trip to New Orleans that was hand modeled head with pennies for eyes and crossed sticks for arms and body. I just loved that thing.
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