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  1. This was one of the first books on witchcraft that I had ever bought (along with Mastering Herbalism, which was more useful). The book left me feeling confused because even though I didn’t know much at the time, I knew it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Parts of it are more useful to me now as my grasp of the occult has expanded, but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone wanting to learn more about traditional witchcraft.
  2. My Rune Stones are far more cantkerous than any of my decks. Like “oh hey this entire reading...you’ve got to turn it upside down to read it this week “ or “or hey, you’re not getting the damned point so I’m gonna jump off the table and break something that will trigger the answer in your head”. Or “this is majorly significant but you won’t see what I’m talking about until it’s too late anyways ...sorry about that. “ Can’t I ever get a straight forward reading?
  3. As the leader, I’m the only one with a fancy, high quality wireless mic. That could be what’s causing the bug, but the other folks I’ve asked couldn’t explain why that would be the cause. I’ve asked the sound tech to consider swapping my channel but he was unwilling to lose all his board settings because he has them “just right”. Id experiment with it myself on a day when no one is around but like I said, It only happens during the services, not during rehearsal or sound check. I tried to “connect” with the spirit once when it happened...got some weird static through the channel but I didn’t necessarily feel attacked or anything. Maybe a mischievous energy? Weird, huh? That building is full of spirits and “stuff”. It’s definitely a liminal space. I’ve got a good working relationship with many of the entities, especially the land spirits. But there are certainly some surly old ghosts there that didn’t seem to approve of me when I first started reaching out, but things have seemed to improve when they realized I’m not there to summon anything but to help care for the building and the people. The technical problems certainly made me think I was being silenced as well, fortunately only for a few seconds at a time and not terribly frequently, but I’m not sure why. There’s certainly some hefty energy beings created by the collective will of church members when they gather to pray or worship, and that can be used for good or bad, indeed...I consider it a huge responsibility to be partially in charge of helping to steer that collective ship. Truth is, there’s so much going on there energetically that I think it would be arrogant for anyone to think they could really figure out what was going on there, while still existing mostly on the physical plane. The architecture of the building is set up under a giant glass pyramid (intended by the builders to diffuse light beautifully through a large skylight) but it creates an incredible vortex. I love it there and enjoy that mystery. As my skills as a witch get more developed, I feel my responsibilities grow to keep the space cleansed and consecrated and “healthy” for the spirits that exist there and for the people that come to commune with their understanding of the divine. I might have very different views on Christianity than they do, but I appreciate its esoteric value as an alchemical process and am honored to help facilitate the experience for folks. It’s a strange and weird role I am in.
  4. Update on my church ghost. As I had mentioned, the ghosts always get more active around High Holy days and this year is no exception as we are marching through Holy Week. This time, they are messing with the fancy digital soundboard we installed a few months ago. For the last couple of weeks, our sound guy says that for some reason (and it only happens during services) one of the channels on the sound board does crazy wacky things that causes it to cut out. Now if this was just a case of regular old tech bugs, I wouldn’t think twice, but he claims that the fader for this channel (that’s like a lever/slider for audio-virgins) goes flying out his hands and either takes the volume down to zero or close to it. Yes, it’s physically moving itself. Now, these faders could be programmed to move automatically, but we’ve checked and double checked every setting and there’s no explanation for why it happens, or why it only happens during services and not during rehearsal, or why it’s only happening to one channel. This soundtech is pretty skeptical about ghost and spirit stuff but even he said it had creeped him out. Sure there’s probably a bug triggering the flying faders for no reason, but maybe that bug is spirit energy? The creepiest part...the only channel that is affected by this weird activity is...of course...the one that is for my microphone.
  5. I have not had trouble working with Christian ancestors. I mean, they get it NOW, lol. To answer the original question of the thread. I keep an ancestral altar and have a short ritual I do before offering any offerings there. At first I did it daily to establish relationships, now I do it on birthdays and death days of ancestors (ancestry.com rocks for this information). It didn’t take too long before “the ancient ones” started showing up too, even though their names and histories are likely lost. Anyways, the ritual I do before making offerings involves a short song that I sing which playing one of my singing bowls. I only use this bowl for this purpose...it’s consecrating for calling them. If I am doing a working and need to call upon the ancestors, I incorporate the bowl and the song into the rites. When I’ve been away from home and the bowl, I’ve found that even just singing the first couple of lines of the song gets their attention. That particular ritual has become one of the most precious parts of my practice to me.
  6. That rug is awesome. I am now intrigued.
  7. I’m trying to figure out how to carve a niche for myself In the occult business world, but Inhavent quite stumbled upon the right path yet. I am very wary of Gordon White’s warning “This is a very over-saturated market for a relatively small group of people”. Everyone with a smartphone has a YouTube channel or an Etsy is page these days...not all of them should. But then there’s some really talented astrologers, card readers, herbalists, etc. that seem to be doing very well for themselves. Some of you know that my career has me working for a Christian organization. The job is the only one of its kind that perfectly suits my talents, gifts and abilities, while challenging me in areas of my passions. Plus, I’m helping people everyday. But in order to stay in this dream job, I have to be dishonest about my beliefs and that is wearing me down so much. It’s weird, because I have felt that this was “a calling” in some ways ..:to help people connect to their form of deity, even though I feel the church has a very narrow concept of divinity. Plus the practicalities of trying to find a secular job which uses my experience and talents is proving nearly impossible. After six years in this leadership position, I’m not sure how exactly to start over from scratch...I don’t exactly want to go back to working at Starbucks unless I have to, you know? So maybe there is an occult equivalent to the job I do now? I know there is...I just haven’t figured out how to make it pay the bills yet. Being a trad witch (rather than associated with a religious or occult organization) makes this a little more difficult I think. But I’m getting there. I get sick of the new ager’s always talking about “Divine Purpose” and all that...but maybe that resonates a little deeper than I would care to admit.
  8. I stInking Love AHS...I binge watch it on amazon and then feel like there’s a hole n my life between seasons. I know it has some issues...it’s defintely a quirky show. People I talk to HATED Roanoke and I thought it was great...I love that they twisted it around halfway through the season with the reality show spin.
  9. I just read a little closer and realized you had the same 3 cards pull twice in a row. I had that happen just once before. Yes it was significant lol. It was sorta like the deck was saying “no for real, write this shit down and remind yourself of this spread every morning until ya embedded in your subconscious” The card stalker layout might still be helpful, but adjust it for the combined energy of the three card reading.
  10. If you do a google search for “card stalker spread” you’ll find a couple of layouts that can help you draw some clarifying cards for a repeating card. Or you could make your own based on the situation in question. For me, a repeating card means “ya, you still haven’t dealt with this” or “this energy is gonna be here for a while” or “you’re missing something about this card.” Sometimes, a card repeats because it has come to represent a specific person or situation, so I know if it comes up, it means that this reading involves that person/situation. For example, in one deck, the knight of wands looks just like my boyfriend and fits his personality, so it almost always represents him when it comes up, unless it’s clearly otherwise. Intuition should guide you on the nuances.
  11. Love it Cherry. I’ve always got some go to crystals in my purse (obsidian, quartz, and green adventurine) and a little roll- on of peppermint EO and cassia. Other than that, my most frequently used tool is my phone. I’ve got apps for astrological transits (recently discovered TimePassages and it’s my favorite by far), an app for the planetary hours, the Wildwood tarot app (I have the physical deck at home and use it a LOT), and a rune caster app (its... okay...). I have one notebook in Evernote that is all spells, and I keep pdf’s of a lot of alchemical texts and monographs. When I open my phone, there’s a sigil on my homescreen charged for a long term intention. When I need to steal away to get in a trance, I open up my Calm app, pop in the ear buds and use their timed (unguided) meditation function. I listen to a lot of occult podcasts also. At home, I prefer to go the non-digital route for my workings (analogue? Lol) but it’s nice to have corresponding tech for on-the-go. Traditional techniques in a non traditional way.
  12. I haven't thought about Elderberry since I was young...it was one of the remedies my grandma swore by. I might just have to add this back into my Arsenal
  13. So it's about a year since I posted this thread and like clockwork, I've got a cold again. This time around I went straight for the oil of Oregano pills, and mixed up a nice little concoction of coconut oil and eucalyptus EO, also mixed in some Frankincense and orange EO too. The smell is so comforting and cleansing. I also did a LOT of meditation during the last two days and now I'm Day 3, I feel myself already starting to come around. Much faster recovery than usual for me, but of course there could be a thousand different reasons for that. Just thought I'd give this a little bump since it's that time of year again (in the northern hemisphere).
  14. Well, for the first time in many years, I didn't get around to carving any pumpkins this year, though I did cook some butternut squash if that counts? I did paint this eight foot pile of pumpkins for a carnival game at our Fall Festival and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out
  15. I use the Wildwood Tarot app for my daily draw. I started doing that way back to learn the cards when I got the Ww deck and it's become a nice morning ritual for me. I don't use it for more in depth spreads and readings, but it seems to be pretty accurate for a general energy reading. The app has an option to shuffle, cut or riffle the deck which you can do as many times as you wish. I don't usually use that function, as it doesn't seem to be necessary now that the app is "in-tune" to my energy. I understand concerns about it not being a physical deck to touch and feel (which is why I use a real deck for most readings....just feels better), but if you think about it, there's probably no object you own that you carry, touch, use, and pour time and energy and emotion into as your phone. And it's literal a portal for communication. It's not traditional no, but the witches of old used the things they had available so it's in the same spirit. For me it's become an equivalent to checking the planetary transits and moon phases on my phone each day.
  16. My guy would never call himself a witch but he is one. He is chaos incarnate when it comes to magic. Would never open a spell book but has a natural gift for rituals and manifesting. As you can imagine, that can create some issues when he is in a dark place. He divines things straight out of nature with no rhyme or reason, but frightening accuracy. He points out guardians in the trees and fae in the wilderness, and faces follow him in the clouds. He will ask me for a tarot reading and then point out something in the cards that I never noticed before in a thousand draws....sometimes I question if he changed reality to make something appear there that wasn't there before. But to sit down and learn what the card's mean would be unbearably boring to him. He claims he can't meditate but I've seen him go into a trance when he's playing the piano, or watching a fire, or mid-sentence. One day he prays to Jesus, the next day to Odin, by Friday he is an atheist and then a Buddhist monk. The only God he truly worships is music. We couldn't be more opposite in our approach to the occult. I am meticulous, studious and starving for knowledge. I over analyze and plan every move I make, double checking the planetary influences, studying the historical rituals in eight cultures, cross referencing through my three journals and asking "how does this fit into the Great Work?" at every juncture. He is chaotic, impulsive and intuitive. He just does things and deals with the consequences boldly and without shame. We balance each out quite well, but both of us being Aries, there is some head butting that comes with the territory. But when we are headed in the same direction....
  17. I grew up Evangelical in the Bible Belt. We were taught anything that smelled even slightly of witchcraft was evil. Wiccans had made pacts with demons and were under their manipulative control. The pastor believed that witches would put curses on our church and he used to walk around the property praying protection over the building. They used to pray against the "spirit of fear" but ironically the only time i ever experienced such a thing was In the church. I'd definitely be careful around the kids and parents. You might think you can explain your position to them and ease their fears, but there is no reasoning with irrational people. They won't hear a word you say after "witchcraft"
  18. I would immediately lose my job (for a Christian organization) ) if they found out about the witchcraft. Immediate firing, likely a big scandal. I've had the job for five years and only been a witch in hiding for a little over two years. The long term plan is to find a new career where I can be myself and not worried about losing my job, but a divorce and other complications have made that difficult. To be honest, I can't imagine another job that I would be as well suited for, or that puts me in such a great position to help people and do good in my community. I feel very "called" to this position and specifically equipped to excel in it,, even though I don't conform to the doctrine of the church that pays the paycheck. I often feel conflicted over that, but have reconciled it by knowing that the good I do outweighs the deception. In many ways, my shamanic practices in particular coincide with my duties at my job, but the Church would never use that language to describe it. Living a "double life" sucks sometimes, but it feels worth it for multiple reasons. It keeps peace in my family and my community. For the time being, it keeps food on my table and a roof over my head. I would feel bad if I was profiting off the job lavishly, but I live just under the poverty line...I have enough, so I can't complain, but I don't feel like I'm taking advantage of anyone in this deception. My esoteric life has brought me a greater fufillment than my former faith, and I'm blessed to have a small group of occultists in my life to give me community support....I don't think I would have made it through the last two years without them. It's not a coven, since we are all on different paths and there's no structured group/ritual hierarchy or anything like that. But we are there to hold space for other, talk about our progress and revelations, and help each other out in magical and mundane ways. Having a few people that I can be 100% honest with has been vital to me. I think a lot of witches join covens in hopes of finding that sort of authentic community among witches, but it can backfire with coven politics and dogma. The fact that we are all involved in different "flavors" of the occult is helpful....we are equals that agree to disagree on some things and learn and listen to each other with an open mind whenever possible. My significant other practices chaos magic (emphasis on the chaos) and that has given my structured, traditional practice a completely new element to play with. It's a great balance between us and we help each other reach places we couldn't go to on our own. I think a lot about what it would be life to be an "outted" witch, and I'm not sure I'll ever be there. At least, not in this town, not while my parents are alive. But maybe someday. It would be nice to enjoy that sort of freedom of expression. But for now, I am embracing the fact that I'm carrying on a long tradition of witches that practice in secrecy, hiding "Easter eggs" of the esoteric in the guise of Christian faith. It doesn't hurt that I believe that there is some interesting gnostic truth in esoteric Christianity, veiled in allegory and Mysticism, hiding right under the noses of the evangelicals that take the scriptures so literally. If I can do my part to help them see the greater, deeper truths of the religion they claim as their own, then I've succeeded. If I can convince one judgemental bible thumper to follow the words of their own Christ and choose acts of love over political agendas and self-righteousness, then it's worth it to live in hiding over the ritual I practice in my own time.
  19. I've dealt with depression on and off again for many years, and I've noticed a pattern that one of the things that always pulls me out of a longer bout of the "funk" is this same curiousity drive you speak of. Something mysterious and complex sucks me in and I have a reason to keep going and drag myself out of bed each day. In that way, perhaps the occult has saved my life.
  20. I have a lot of doubts sometimes and doubt is the quickest way to disarm a witch, I suppose. It as others have alluded to, working through those doubts and fears are part of the whole deal, and as difficult as it is, I'm thankful for the progress I've made so far. Sure would've been an easier path to just stay "normal" and try to fit into society's prescribed box for me, never questioning if there might be more to myself and the universe. I've also got a lot at stake (no pun intended) if anyone from my work or family figured out that I practice. But that's not witchcraft's fault. While the aspect of secrecy can add to the potency of the craft, it certainly doesn't help with the anxiety. Also: I wish that my particular brand of witchcraft had more direct sources (texts, traditions passed down directly, etc) but thanks to Christendom, that's also a pipe dream. The end result is a lot of modern speculation, a mixed up cultural soup of traditions, and a lot of grey area. And of course the white supremacists that have muddied up things along the way. I rely on my ancestral communication to fill in the gaps, but that comes with its own mixed bag. The juice is worth the squeeze though
  21. While I'm not aware of that being a tradition personally, I think it sounds quite lovely and would be a great tradition to start in your personal practice.
  22. Anyone have any experience with Oil of Oregano as an alternative to antibiotics?
  23. I just can't get rid of this cough that has been lingering for the last couple of weeks after the initial cold seemed to run it's course. Any suggestions?
  24. I didn't have any on hand but I need to pick some up. I can definitely see how it would compliment it perfectly
  25. Got a cup of ginger, honey and lemon right now! Hitting the spot
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