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    All forms of artistry, writing, and cooking.
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I've never known life without magick and spirits.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I was raised with the teachings and knowledge of Cherokee medicine and some Irish witchcraft by my mother's side and the old ways of the Slavic culture (particularly Ukrainian) from my step-father's side. My husband's grandmother and grandfather were traditional Irish and traditional Italian witches respectively. I always thirst for knowledge, however, and so I do have an understanding of many other "paths" despite never truly venturing into them personally.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Of course. I live and breathe a magick life. Nearly everything I do has a deeper meaning to it, from simply bathing and scrubbing my floors, to making a cup of tea for myself or a loved one.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Traditional Witchcraft is what has been passed down from generation to generation. It is not a belief or a thing so much as it is a way of life that is taught as a child. Such little things--ways to act, to think, to behave, that prepares us for so much more as we mature and learn more. One does not "do" traditional witchcraft but lives it, breathes it, and it becomes natural, imbedded in who we are. The deeper knowledge of the meaning behind all things in nature, and being able to work it...weave it into something more that manifests through those very things into the world. It is not a religion, but a philosophy and a comprehensive grasp of the way the world works that is unique and sadly becoming lost to the ever popular New Age and Wiccan garbage.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    Hmmm, hard one. I've been practicing magick since I was 6 (I'm 29) working with rocks, stones and crystals and their spirits. Divination since I was 11. I worked spells by 12. Spirit flight (taught by my mother) at 14. Rituals/Rites by 16.
  • What brought you to our site?
    My friend RoseRed, I don't know if her name is the same here!
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I was told by RoseRed that I would fit in very well and feel more "at home" than other boards. I like connecting with other witches and I find it difficult finding serious ones that actually know what they are talking about on the internet. So many New Agers :(
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    I'm a moderator for SpellsofMagic.com and I'm a member of StudioArcanis.com previously named EvocationMagic.com
    I was also a moderator long ago of a lovely board that has long past died named The Goddess Within A Pagan Place for Women on Ezboards.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Spirit flight, trance work, dream walking, mediumship, and spirit work. Some people call me a hedge witch, although I don't like labels. When I need to do something serious, I fly or invoke. I prefer "crafting" my spells using art, ceremonies and trances without any substances or aids besides maybe a good drum beat.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    What some call "low magic" or "folk magic".
  1. Coyote medicine is not only about tricks it can be very nasty. I've known some that use coyote medicine for retribution as a "lesson". Coyote has an askew moral compass. That's why he avoids people out of fear and always looks over his shoulder. He's guilty of a lot! An added note. Shadow figures are usually spirits of the dead. It sounds to me that you opened a door and something snuck in. It can happen to anyone. You definitely want to take Rose Red's advice.
  2. I actually like that book! It was given to me as a gift. I would have never bought it for myself, but I love the bits of folk magic and folk lore from around the world. It's always lead me to additional research that is fascinating. I also enjoy the recipes in the back of the book. It's an overall well written and cited book of reference. So don't feel embarrassed! I don't really have any embarrassing books in my collection. I usually read a book online, in a bookstore, borrow it from a friend, or I take it out from the library before I commit to buying it.
  3. The storm's energy is not the entity that rides it. That's like looking for gender in a spell and not noticing the witch behind it. Storms build up, boom, and fizzle out. They do not exist for extended periods of time like mountains, rivers, trees and the like. So they aren't bodies. They are also not exactly corporeal, we can go through them just as we can a spirit. In fact, they manifest much like spirits/magic. I do not view the storm as alive in and of itself, but more like the manifestation biproduct of something powerful traveling through our world temporarily. They obviously do not bend to rules because if they did meteorologists wouldn't be so clueless. To me, storms are special because they are a reminder that we are not in control of this world nor do we have all the answers. We can only watch (and hide) as they do whatever they plan to, hoping they look kindly upon us. Have you ever seen the damage of a tornado's path, with the random house mysteriously in tact? It's beyond reason! But things like that happen all the time.
  4. I once made the mistake of greeting a rain storm as a union of male and female to cover my bases... Never again, for me it's a female only. The light rain instantly became buckets over me. I apologize for days! Every time I walked outside, it started to rain on me. It is usually the opposite and rain stops or lightens when I need to travel through it on foot, so it was an obvious act of scolding me. I believe that everything in nature can be used to connect to an associate entity within our personal network. So the same storm can be a phone call to different beings for different people. When we connect we are instantly brought together with them. Sometimes, equally, they use it to call to us. Try scrying the clouds during daytime storm clouds the next time you sense her and you may be able to get clues as to who it is. I always see a large wingless serpent, sometimes with and other times without legs.
  5. Spirits will trick you. Spirits will lie. Just like people do. We don't live in fear of talking to people on the street because if it. Don't give them special permissions, don't move too fast with any given one. They have more reason to fear you than you do them. That's why they lie and trick, even the nice ones. It takes time to build trust and get to know someone. How many people in your life would you hand over your house keys and car keys to? A spirit opening up to you 100% truthfully is the equivalent. You can't expect that type of trust immediately. They have more reason to worry about talking to you. The only way spirits up to no good can trick you into gaining access to your home or body is if you let them. Don't ask them to influence you directly (ie: "help me stay strong during these hard times") Don't give them permission to meddle in your life. Don't let them heal you...healing and harming health is a double edged blade. And don't invite them into your bedroom. And you'll be fine. You don't need spirits to do these things for you. Their greatest gift is their knowledge and guidance. A real guide/friend will teach you how to do it yourself. And just like a physical friend, you have the choice to take their advice or not. A spirit that is willing to give you their keys (in time) is a spirit that you can start trusting. Spirits are all around you regardless of what you do. This is why I focus on sensing them as they are and not call them to me. I prefer to evoke outdoors or in a room that house guests are welcome (like my kitchen). I've never had to open a portal, although I've closed a few. Spirits will make their own portals. Mirrors really shouldn't be in the bedroom, but if you can't help it, tape an amulet to it facing into it. It won't prevent it from being a window (you'll still see them in there), but it will prevent them from entering the room. And about black diamonds, I'm sorry but I'm not sure. I have two pieces of jewelry with black diamonds and frankly don't like the way they make me feel so I have never done work with them. Maybe they do cut off forcefully and that's where the discomfort lies. I'll have to meditate with them. I rely on my senses regarding spirits just as I do my regular sight, hearing, etc. so cutting them off is like putting a blindfold and earplugs on me. It's disconcerting at best.
  6. Diamonds, being the hardest known natural material on Earth, has its strength in being tough. It's clarity demonstrates its purity. Colored diamonds are tainted diamonds. And taint lowers its hardness. When it's pure it also lets the entire spectrum of light through it. They're very old, being compressed tightly in high heat to be created. They've been through a lot. The only thing that can cut diamond is diamond...lasers are cheating :P This all explains its personality as it is known in magick. It's a material of strength and strengthens anything that shines through it as well as strengthens the wearer and in this way of likened to the Helm of Awe as an amulet. "The Helm of Awe I wore before the sons of men In defense of my treasure; Amongst all, I alone was strong, I thought to myself, For I found no power a match for my own." --Fafnismal The only thing that can truly alter it is another diamond. The superstition goes that you should never wear the diamond of a deceased person or that was set in a wedding ring if the marriage didn't last. The idea is that the diamond holds onto what it has "experienced". Diamond really does have an amazing memory, but it isn't impossible to cut away something that has darkened its presence. I've done it before, but it takes another diamond that has preferably never been worn. Most of the time, the "memories" balance out and the diamond won't give you any troubles. But that doesn't prevent it from reflecting the energy that has most recently passed through it. This is why I try to limit their exposure to things I do not want around me much less strengthened. Besides smudging, I also like to store any diamond I own with sage and citrine.
  7. I've been meaning to sit down and reply to this. I have only glanced at the replies and I agree that ancestor work should always be first. Was it something you sought out or was it something that sought you out? I couldn't help it. Since I can remember spirits were both a positive and negative influence in my life. Growing up, some were my best friends/allies, others enjoyed torturing me every chance they had. I was a natural medium and thought that my toys were talking to me (not spirits). The nice ones that looked after me either appeared like animals or hid behind the guise of a well loved plush toy. And they made sure my family knew I wasn't crazy, by telling me to tell them things I would have never known. Sometimes I would talk along with them fully and scare my sitters that wondered how a toddler suddenly sounded like a mature adult. It was sink or swim for me. I received the crash course. Are you experienced with all of the above or just one or two? All of them. What is your usual method of communication? I see them and hear them everyday of my life. There was only a small period between the age of 9 and 14 that I went through a very stressful times with a parent custody battle that I stopped hearing them. But it came back once that was over. During the time I was deaf to them, I used a pendulum to communicate to my guardian/guide. I believe the anxiety connected with communication in general at the time caused it to shut down. Do they have names?[\b] Of course, but they almost always lie about their real ones at first, giving a nickname instead or what I like to call a calling card which is either a barbarous sounding name or a sigil/symbol. Some have taken many years before revealing their "true name" to me. Names hold power over the individual. Anything else you would like to share would be greatly appreciated. Work with one spirit primarily. A leading ancestor is a great choice if they are willing. Learn to hear them. It's always easy to open up with one spirit at first. For a while they may be the only one you can hear well. If things aren't working out with that spirit, try it with another one. There are three reasons you can be "deaf" to a spirit. (1) protections against harm or spells for truth if the spirit isn't good for your well-being or likes to lie. (2) they could just suck at projecting a voice. Just like we all have different strengths and weaknesses, some spirits are better at auditory communication, others are better at visual communication, and still others cause you to "just know" without word or sound. (3) Fear or distrust. This is why it's best to work with one and why it takes time. The more comfortable you feel, the clearer you will hear them. And once you open that door wide enough, you'll hear any spirit. And the absolute most important thing concerning spirit work is to be able to recognize and defend against attack. It can be very subtle. Some amulets and protections are too strong and can shut your senses down. These are good only if you get into trouble. I suggest the combination of black tourmaline and hematite as one example. You want to find a comfortable middle that keeps you safe without creating an impenetrable barrier. I use silver, brass, diamond and ruby to cover all bases. I discovered the effectiveness of ruby on accident when it saved my ass against a black elf I ran into while helping an Asatru friend of mine. Not friendly beings! They're what is referred to as night hags. Diamond needs serious upkeep though. It likes to harbor any energy that it touches and amplifies it. I smudge mine often and take it off when I am sick, sorrowful, or moody. It's a pain to maintain but worth it.
  8. I was born with grey eyes that turned blue and at the age of five they changed yet again to a dark hazel. At 20 they changed to a green with a brownish ring on the outside of the iris and an orange ring on the inside nearest the pupil. My family are all born blonde, it turns brown in adolescence, then jet black as we hit our 50's. Some remain pure black,others become streaked with silver. We never go grey. And we always look much younger than our age. People that observe me in ritual, in the dark, or sometimes randomly they do a double take and say my eyes looked emerald green and my hair looked red. I've had this said to me by a number of people unconnected and at different points in my life.
  9. You are picking up on spirits around you or impressions. For spirits, you should ward your bedroom if you ever want to rest well. The spirits welcomed in my house know not to bother me in my bedroom unless it's an emergency, the ones passing through can't get in. I call impressions the energy we impress upon an area when action is repeated habitually. They can seem like spirits but it's more like a recorded hologram image or just sounds. This is the same thing psychics pick up from objects and places. The most annoying one I ever experienced was an old telephone ringing in a new apartment. They go away when you cleanse your house regularly. Keeping citrine around keeps them from forming, and so do exorcism or banishing sigils or symbols like the solar cross when passively existing in areas of your home or car. Car impressions can be very distracting.
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