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  1. Enchantment: The Witches' Art of Manipulation by Gesture, Gaze and Glamour by Peter Paddon. This particular book is quite disappointing, it is a easy read though. My personal opinion is the technique he related in his book is more of energy manipulation and control similar to developing certain psychic abilities that lack of Magick in it's essence. Information he presented are just a compilation of old techniques of energy Manipulation and Trancework in his own words, this book will not work for the novice without any Power or Ability. The only selling point of this book is the lack of Reputable Book or Knowledge in this area of Enchantment and Glamoury nevertheless it is still an easy read.
  2. Season 3 would be interesting!
  3. Over the past 3 decades, I have collected many decks and I can work with most decks. My first deck is also Rider Waite Deck which is still with me till today however I retired this deck long time ago. For past 15 years, my main working deck has been the Nigel Jackson Tarot although sometimes I will use other decks if I feel they are more suitable for my need or issue. Personally I feel the connection with a particular deck is more important than whether it is your favourite deck because you must be able to manoeuvre it well as a tool. In my opinion and experience working with Tarot, not all decks are good for all matters; some are better with regards to certain issues and context. Nigel Jackson is good be it pertaining to Mundane or Spiritual matters so makes it a very versatile deck.
  4. Many regardless of gender may have knots in their brain.
  5. When there is a need; Being intimidating is unavoidable. A Mother's Strength and Power cannot be denied, it is their natural instinct to protect and nurture. I am sure your Mother is strong in her own ways that is why she is here with you in this time.
  6. "When you have to walk barefooted without shoes; Think of those without feet" - OCEANOS
  7. Well again this is an individual preference and choice. Being a porcupine is not necessarily bad; it can be good at times but not always in a social group. Porcupine are best being solitary dweller in the mountain, they are not for group living. There is neither a need to be a societal niceties nor trying to be part of the popularity game which you are not, just be yourself with consideration of others around you. Most human beings are communal living creature of habits, nothing wrong trying to fit in a community or have others being receptive of you. As I mentioned sometimes it is not about being how or what you do will make a major difference but the vibes and feelings others feel when they are around you. It doesn't matter if you go church or not; go same church or others; trying to be someone not you. All these does not make your live any easier, happier or blissful in any ways even if others become more receptive of you because of this and that which is not truly you. If people ask me which church I attend, I will just tell them the truth as it is my own preference, own choice. I am just not the regular church goer or don't go church at all. There is nothing wrong with that. Religion is a preference not an obligation, I am sure not all regular church goers are angel or saint in their mundane lives. Even if you don't attend church doesn't mean you are evil or what. Employing a little spiritual help or magic to enhance yourself and create positive changes; there is nothing wrong with that. If you want change; you want help then it must come from your heart not just simply lip service without action, you can chose to procrastinate, complain or find excuses all you want; end of the day you are still in the same situation you always in without any changes. Every Action will have a Reaction. A stone thrown into a calm lake will cause a ripple. If you want a change you will have to take a next step to create and manifest this change; ultimately the choice is yours. The only approval you need for your own action is yourself not others.
  8. Well that may not be due to your practice unless they know it. It is the vibes that others feel about you that makes them nervous if it is not due to your body language, attitude or outlook etc. Children and Animals generally will not react greatly to such vibes that don't mean harm unlike Adults who tend to get nervous around those who are different in term of other aspects which they have preconceived perception or assumption when they cannot express or understand such feelings they would just tell you that you look intimidating which is not necessarily true. Every individual is different so is the vibes, some emanate strong, oppressive or defensive vibes etc. that are not so welcoming while some emanate mild, gentle or warm vibes etc. Perhaps you need a little magic to help soften your vibes and make yourself more welcoming and receptive to others.
  9. Rosy that's the most Ancient Binding Love Spell that will work without doubt. :twisted_witch: :twisted_witch: :twisted_witch:
  10. Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes (Sweden) Very nice performance!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3avE4Zsp14g
  11. Yes that would work better at least straight to the point in the taste department whereby many are concerned.
  12. In my opinion, Love Spell encompasses many variations and purposes that specifically work with regards to the matters of the heart regardless on emotional or physical aspects of it. The purposes it serves to cater for individual's need also make a big difference in its making; working and employment. Other than the choice of catalyst employed play a part and the process of facilitating this working is also crucial. The Power and Faith of the Caster can also affect the intensity; effects and results of such working. To be practical, the complexity of such workings simply cannot be explain in mere few words or liners. Ultimately what matters is the result and success of the working. A cat that can catch a mouse is a good cat regardless whether it is a pedigree purebred or mixed breed; fur is black or brown; big or small in size etc. I rather have a randagi that can catch a mouse than a purebred that can't.
  13. I am replying with regards to this particular Magickal Recipe regardless of Traditions. The choice of ingredient for this recipe are not those commonly use in most Love Spell. Ginger can be used in any ritual or working for Power not limiting to just Love Spell. Coffee is mainly use for Focus, Protection, Cleansing and Banishing Workings; in Love Spell they are commonly employed as a carrier to mask certain smell or taste to make it inconspicuous. None of the ingredient is potent enough on it's own to provide significant result or effect for the purpose of Love Spell. This is more of a focus intent driven spell work that does not rely heavily on the recipe to work, you can replace the recipe with another of your preference and it will still work the same regardless pastries, food or beverages. You can chant into it; sing into it; put your energy and intention into it whichever way you prefer. As a regular Love Spell Recipe, I don't think it will bring very potent result by just solely this cake without any other catalyst such as your intention or energy. To use it for other Love Working purposes, it will not work. Unless you are confident this Recipe will work for all Gender of all Orientation. Moreover part the concern of this recipe is with regards to its taste whether it is palatable due to the choice of ingredients too. I do understand this is an old italian recipe however the taste might not be popular with every individuals in this era. So the person who eat this cake would have already like you anyways. All I meant is if you want something that work better use more potent ingredient. If you have pneumonia normal Tylenol will not work you will need antibiotics. Yes Tylenol is good for many things however it is not a cure-all for a specific condition. To cure a specific condition you need something that is specific and unique for its purpose.
  14. Basically a divination can serve as a guide or reference, any choices made is purely yours. The Art of Divinations has been around since Ancient Time till this Modern Era, It's existence is a proof of it's influence is evident not without validity. Your belief and preference on use of divination is purely individual and there is nothing wrong or right about it. Personally I will only use divination when I feel it is necessary but not in all aspects of my life or practice.
  15. The ingredients of this recipe seem overly sweet and heavy makes me wonder how it would taste like when done. The addition of coffee is probably to lighten the sweetness and heaviness; mask certain taste of the other ingredients. It is common to serve some potion or magickal catalyst in beverage like coffee to mask any peculiar taste or traces of such trick. Generally coffee is not much of a Love Working ingredient or catalyst but as a carrier of many kinds of trick it is fine. There is nothing special or significant in the ingredients use for this recipe that is very much associated with Love Spell or the purposes of enhancing sexual potency; ensure fidelity, this trick is more of an Intention kind of working whereby the intent is the main catalyst of this work together with additional aid from planetary influences by doing it on a specific day, time and moon phase. The effects and success of this working will be greatly dependable on the Will, Intent and Power of the Witch, such trick will only work if the subject is receptive to the caster; Will is weaker than the caster. With this particular working; any pastries, food or beverage recipes will do. You must as well whip up something that your subject like or prefer to make it easier. All Love Spells are slightly manipulative in nature, for it to work well certain requirements must be met. For it to work without much requirements then it has to be very manipulative in nature which would require Spell of darker means.
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