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    Occult, art and history
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I have been practicing witchcraft for about 7 years.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I tested chaos magic for two years in 1997-1999, but the i dropped it...other things got in the way. I took it up again 2006 and has been active since then. I have also done some work in ceremonial magic, wiccan (wasn´t my thing), and hoodoo. Gradually i started to feel that even thou chaos magic worked very well (and still does) it was a bit to theoretical. Instead I was drawn more to a more hands on approach...and a closer connection to nature. Gradually i started to slide from chaos magic towads traditional witchcraft.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I guess it depends on how you define traditional witchcraft. I would like to call what I do for traditional witchcraft.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    A way to go back to the basic form of magic. A tradition where I can go my own way, find out the secrets of the world by myself without the rules and the dogmas of "high magic" and religion.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    Something like 7 years.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I was looking for ideas to how to use the solar eclipse on Friday in my work. And got lucky, since I have missed an opportunity to discuss the occult after I left another forum (it evolved to something i didn't feel at home in).
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    A possibility to discuss the craft with others likeminded. Learn more, get inspiration, inspire others.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    My strongest point would be that I am very good at designing spells and rituals. I usually gets a flow that makes it easy for others to understand and use my spells and rituals. I also have a gut feeling for what things would work in certain situations and what won't. By some reason its easy for me to contact spirits of the dead. But I tend to avoid it since I don't like them.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    I tend to overplan things.

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  1. I was in Denmark for a couple of days last week. On the way back...after half the trip the ship just stopped. For 40 minutes it just laid there, following the waves...in the middle of Skagerack (it was a bit scary...I must admit)... And i managed to take a decent picture of the full moon.
  2. Lazines is a virtue....have I heard :)
  3. I was actually looking for information on binding spirits in vessels and how to use them later on. So i read the whole thread...but didn't find what I was looking for. BUT i found it very interesting. Interesting enough to bring it back to life :smile: and I found information and inspiration to work on other angels in some other works of mine. Especially in one where i planned curse-work ...now i see that I can put less work in it and get greater results by doing just a small binding in the right place and the intended victim will fuck things up all on his own. Nice
  4. Thats also one of the reasons I started this thread. The witch trails are not over. So... Kepari Leniata (1993-2013), Paiala, Papua New Guinea. Lynched, confessed after torture with white-hot iron rods by her neighbors, then burned alive at the local garbage dump. The local Lutheran church and the prime minister condemned the act.
  5. Thank you RoseRed I have thought about it for some time :) ---- Thank you RachelleLiz. What an interesting place! I would love to visit there. The victims of the great and famous witch trails tend to be remembered through books, TV and Hollywood. But in the solitaire cases where the burnt the lokal wise woman or the teenage maid that the neighboring girls didn't like the risk for it to be forgotten are bigger, so whoever keeps the cabin open does a great thing. ---- westofthemoon, thank you. I...on the other side of the pond...would probably never hear of Alse Young or Margaret without your post. The more people that knows the names the lesser risk is it for them to be forgotten. ----
  6. Here is some names from Sweden, Norway and Denmark Ingegärd Andersdotter (”Tyskabillan") (-1594) Habo, Sweden. Confessed and pointed out Kerstin i Maden under torture. Fait unknown, probably executed Kerstin i Maden (-1594) Habo, Sweden. Arrested but fait unknown, probably executed. Johanne Pedersdatter (-1622) Sandviken, Norway. The great great grandmother of Carl von Linné. Burned at the stake at September 29th. Lars Nilsson (-1693) Arjeplog, Sweden. A Sami/Sapmi schaman convicted for witchcraft and following the old sami religion. Executed (beheaded) and then burned at the stake. Dorte Jensdatter (1672-1722), Øster Grønning, Denmark. Lynched, her neighbors tied her to a chair and torched her house. This is counted as the last burning of a witch in the Nordic countries.
  7. During my research to connect to my ancestors (I put them in three categories ancestors of the blood, ancestors of the land and ancestors of the craft) i felt that it was important to take a closer look on the Swedish and Danish witch trails. Reading about these horrible and bizarre proceedings I felt that this was important in a way i couldn't put my finger on. I was looking for my fore goers in the craft...i suspected that most of the victims weren't witches but it became even more clear when you really try to study it. Since I couldn't get figure it out on my own I discussed it with a friend (ceremonial magician). When I brought it up he looked at me and said "1314" and then went to get more coffee to let me mull it over. When he came back he explained that when he tried to contact the dead (he didn't use the name ancestors but that was how he ment it) he always first contacted/worked through Jacques de Molay, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, that innocently was burned at the stake 1314. According to my friends tradition de Molay was an magician and necromancer, and by becoming a victim burned at the stake for something he didn't do he became an important representant (in my friends path) for all people executed for witchcraft innocent and practitioners alike. This conversation stuck to me...I couldn't let it go. And the idea of de Molay as a kind of saint (can't find a better word for it) for all the witches, occultists and those innocently accused for such crafts...also stuck. And the thing i couldn't put my finger on solved itself. The persons that was accused, executed, died or survived in witch trails deserves and needs to be remembered by others that could end up in their situation if they lived during similar circumstances. They need to be remembered by us. So I thought I create this topic, where we can post the names of those witches, practitioners and innocent that suffered in witch trails. (Try to post Name, Year, Contry/location, Destiny. Example: Jacques de Molay (c. 1243-1314), Paris, France. burned at the stake March 18th).
  8. Damn! Someone have hit my car! And they didn't even leave a note. I am so mad...that if I had something to go on I would hit him/her with a hex or something...

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    2. Aurelian


      When/where leads to who, if you don't have more specific information. Even if there is no paint transfer on your car, likely they have some on theirs, it just happens in car wrecks. So there is that. Or just take it to your ancestors, they'll know who, and can do something about it...

    3. Ogga


      Thanx for all ideas. I think I will take it to the ancestors, since I am not sure I will hit the right person with foot print curse...I remember that my daughter mistakenly made a mark there a week before someone hit the car...and I don't want to target her by mistake. So ancestors it is.

    4. Aurelian


      Glad to be able to help!

  9. I prefer to forage my ingredients and such myself. And by making my own tools i believe that i invest time and energies in the object wich makes it stronger. I started to do this firstly because artefacts and tools are quite expensive and hard to get here. But then I recognised that they worked better than the few boght tools i had. I think it has to do with bonding with the object/ingredients. Its easier (at least for me) to connect with something I have foraged or made myself. The uppside with this is also that i know exactly what i put in the spell/object/artefact...and can avoid materials that makes doing my craft harder (plastic for exemple). When i buy ingredients or tools its often because i cant pick or make it myself (like dragons blood, loadstones) or i really can feel the connection to the object in some way (like the bollocks dagger replica i plan as a new ritual knife) . So my anwer to your question... Weaker magick?...No. Harder to make it work?... Often but not always.
  10. I visited "my" forest where I grew up today. It was more than 20 years ago I was there last time. Most of it was cut down back then and I felt rootless and depressed after that so I couldn't get myself to visit...until now... And much of it has grown back! Not as impressive as before...and some of the paths has changed so it was a bit... but its there! And its still "mine". I could feel it in my bones.

    1. Capsicum


      It's always nice seeing forests become mature...and depressing to see them torn down either by man or beast (like invasive beetles).

    2. Ogga


      Yes it is. I am glad it is coming back :)


  11. For me it seems that people become less nervous now then before I started. Probably because I am more balanced now and I don't act out my anger towards the world and society in the same obvious way anymore. With that said...I have also been less interested in smoothing over things at the same time. Nowadays I think through things before I say anything (why waste energy on nonsense) If I say something I mean it, and then people can like it or not. Sometimes I decide not to speak my mind. But I am not going to smooth over anything i said unless there is very much gain in it.
  12. Today I saw the first butterfly of the year. I was a Common Brimstone...that means that the year will be a lucky one :)

    1. OCEANOS


      What is the color of the butterfly? Orange?


    2. ArcticWitch


      Congratulations- sounds like a wonderful sign!

    3. ettrick


      How beautiful :)

  13. This week have I re-found The Coffinshakers. Why did i stopp listening to them? Slow psychabilly at its best!
  14. Planning a magic cairn... no timeframe thought...

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