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    gardening, oil painting, Arthurian Lore
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    been practicing since I was a girl
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    freedom to practice as a see fit. Responsibility for my actions.
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    Since a kid
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    and loneliness
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    Contact with other witches. I live in the Bible belt of the US
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    divination, precognition, dreaming true, laying tricks, crossing, domination
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    nunya beeswax

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  1. My hair grows sssssoooo fast. Like Rapunzel or some shit. It has been like that my whole life. I can cut off tons and it grows right back where it was to begin with: my waist. It's long, black (with a reddish cast in the sun) and grows at a rate that I have never seen in anyone else. It's bizarre. When I was married I used to let my husband cut it, and he would have to cut inches off every couple of weeks it seemed, just to keep it manageable. It's so thick and long, and it has a total mind of it's own
  2. My mother and I both have those cherry angiomas. I also have a perfectly circular birthmark under my left eye that is about the circumference of a #2 pencil eraser.
  3. http://api.ning.com/files/TywbfJxJdkYjLzg59Tk61W2zetYvw43H4QDMNyGJhC-izH3FMmCFdMZPQHQTGEZuAROhdWxJrGMTwwh2NMgiqpeArNBKNOUU/CelesteRayneHeldstabLlewellynsCompleteFormularyofMagicalOils.pdf This is a link to a pdf version of Llewellyn's Complete Formulary of Magical Oils. The author is from my neck of the woods, Monroe, LA. That is about an hour from me. There is a bit of a Wiccan-y intro (it is a Llewellyn book, they publish a lot of wiccan stuff). But the formulas are pretty solid. It's not very well organized, but there are some good starting points and ideas. I rarely use a formula or recipe straight out of the book, whether it's for magic or cooking. I always tailor it to fit my personal needs. Never have I done a ritual, spell, etc without personalizing it.
  4. Even though Mons isn't around any more, I just now found this post and am pretty grateful for it. I'm not dedicated to Her, but I do love me some primary source documents. I also have a fondness for the play King Lear, since Lear is my son's surname and the origins of the name Lear are pretty obscure. It's also a pretty rare name, as well. His grandfather, my (soon-to-be ex) husband's dad did a fuck-ton of research and found that Shakespeare's play King Lear was one of the first mentions of the name. However, spelling was not made uniform for several centuries after Shakespeare, so it makes the search much harder.
  5. Where I live, bottle trees are more common than just a single witch bottle. We have witch balls hung in and outside, and bottle trees. A bit different. My pops has both. Lots of colored bottles are hung throughout the entirety of a tree, different shapes and sizes, hung from different lengths of cord. I have seen them both upside down and right side up, filled with stuff for protection or other witchy needs, and even hung up empty. It all depends upon the person. They're pretty, I think, and effective.
  6. A lot of us who practice Hoodoo (Aurelian, BWR, myself) use cooking and witchery together a good deal. When I was little I was warned about eating at other people's homes, and my dad really wigged out about me eating red things at other folk's homes. Truthfully, when I want to really catch a man, I make him lasagna. I think I have mentioned this before. I made a nice pineapple upside down cake for Mr. Army's birthday last weekend. Home cooked meals are a good way to deploy things such as philters, without seeming so suspicious as putting some random stuff in someone's drink. Cooking for me (and witchcraft, in general, to be honest) is about the intent and the will. Just like when someone states that something is "cooked with love," that person infused that very dish with the love they feel for those that they are feeding it to. Just the same with witchcraft, or kitchen witchery, or cooking magickally. When making a bread poppet, for example, you infuse the dough as you shape and knead and let it rise with your intent and will. As the bread rises and bakes, one's will grows within the poppet as the yeast propagates and the bread bakes. This is irrespective of the herbs or ingredients. For me, it is all about one's will and intent. Therefore, any recipe can be made magical, based upon how one feels about the act of cooking and the person(s) who will be eating the dish.
  7. Thanks, y'all! It worked for my son's toy box, so i thought I'd use it on my stuff too. :) Glad you guys liked it.
  8. Here's something I did recently that has really worked: I painted my altar (it's an old wooden night table I found at a junk shop, with 2 drawers for storing witchy supplies). I used black chalkboard paint, that way I can mark on it as I choose with sigils and other fun stuff. It's still able to be covered with any cloth I want (it is a table lol), and I can put whatever mark I want onto it as well. When I'm done with a design and want to change the altar for whatever reason, I just erase it. Simple.
  9. Ooooh here's a good (bad) one: A Wiccan Guide to Meditation by Raven Starwind (where do they get these names?!?) I'd rather not think about the me that bought that book. It was a much stupider me.
  10. Solitary Witch by Silver Ravenwolf. Actually, anything by Silver Ravenwolf. That, and Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cuningham. I'd rather not remember buying those. I put them in the donation bin at my university. Maybe someone will find some value in that crap. I was still there last time I checked though, and it seems I can't even give that crap away.
  11. OMG Aurelian thank you for my next stake out play list! Jean Grae is the perfect music to take down a perp :)
  12. I always listen to Bassnectar or some other dirty beats when I go running.
  13. I have talked about that with several meth users before, and they told me that hallucinating from meth induces the same sensory awareness as other hallucinogens, allowing the user to sense the unseen and thinning the Veil somewhat. I have found through talking (but not using, I have never used meth, I find the stuff abhorrent), but have done so with other substances such as LSD, psilocybin (sp?) mushrooms (A lil Super Troopers, I know, lol), flying ointments, mescaline etc etc and have found that the Shadow People are more visible in such a state...almost tactile in some instances, as if they were dense enough to touch, or real enough to leave a scent trail, if that makes sense. It sounds to me like meth induces that state a little too easily for the user, because all the people I know that have really gotten OUT THERE on dope have told me long, drawn-out tales about their encounters with Shadow people, including games of hide-and-seek, great crowds of Shadows in the yard....I could go on ad nauseum. Meth is a bit of an epidemic where I live, and so I have talked about the Shadow People with a lot of people, anyone from neighbors and co-workers to inmates at the jail at work and random people in the check-out line at Walmart. I never mentioned my dreams about the "Hat Man," or Marliss as he showed himself to me, before...until now. I think they are more common to to Muggles than most witches realize, now that I think about it. They may be one of the few glimpses to the other side that the Muggle is allowed, or maybe feathery fringes of the Otherworld making their presence known, not just to Witches (who I would assume are the most common contact for non-human entities with humanity), but to the human presence that is near. This is just me ramble-thinking though, so I may be way off base here.
  14. My son's dad and I both had recurring nightmares about a particular shadow man named Marliss, what you may call "The Hat Mat," faceless, in shadow, and deadly. He and I both dreamed of this man for years, along with another girl from our hometown. This is the first reference I have heard to the Hat Man outside of the three of us, so when I read the OP I almost spit coffee all over my laptop in shock. I was all :jawdrop: because I have never even discussed this with anyone. Tbh I always though Shadow People were what meth heads saw when they had been up too long and looked outside. I've been in law enforcement so long I'm getting jaded.
  15. There is an old witch grave yard close to my home (no kidding) called Witches' Tabernacle in Linden, TX. This thread makes me want to go read and photograph the headstones and post the names. Local legends say that the first occupants of the graves were killed by locals on a rampage to kill witches, but afterwards, local witches came to the graves to honor them and practice there, and the site now has open air pews and a closed-in little cabin for people to use, it's just open for anyone. I have no idea who owns it, the county, state of Texas, a private citizen...no clue. This thread makes me want to learn more about those who came before. +1, Ogga.
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