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  1. First off, don't make assumptions about spirits. Don't act out of fear. What harm has the spirit actually done so far? Try to open lines of communication, use your divination skills, a pendulum or spirit board set up works well. For all you know this spirit could be a caretaker/ guardian of the place or have legit reasons for hanging around. Which you may be able to help resolve. As it seems to be able to effect things physically it could potentially become a useful ally if it's willing to work with you. In the mean time if you want to keep out the bedroom get some Camphor and/or pine resin if you can and put it under the bed. You can drop the Camphor in a glass of water. If it's feasable I would also place some in the four corners of the room as well.
  2. Doesn't have to be an animal spirit it could be any kind of spirit.
  3. Hello, I have a few questions. What have you tried? Why do you think it failed? What is a familiar? Why do you want one? What do you want it for? Also have you searched the forums for the discussions on familiars.
  4. But covens and orders are selective and usually work with relatively small groups, where everyone is on the same page. Many hands reaching out to tug the same threads in the same direction. The greater the number of people the more likely people will be pulling the wrong threads or pulling them in different directions. When you pull on the same thread in different directions the net movement ends up close to zero which means the wanted change will be close to zero. If your lucky you get what you want but the effect is seriously diminished. If your unlucky, a knot forms which means no change can be made until the knot is untangled. If your extremely unlucky that knot makes things get stuck on entirely what you don't want. I hope that made sense. I appreciate the astrology and the knowledge of the particular timing and initiations was interesting and potentially useful. It was mostly that website. Not only was it not witchcraft, it just felt off. I thought a warning of sorts prudent for the less experienced readers of the forum.
  5. What you call pessimistic, I call experience. What your planning sounds better than from that website. Your visuals are a lot better and far less abstract and obscure. White light alien spiritual beings coming through portals to help us?!? Smells like New age bullshit to me. The healing part is definitely worth a try but the other stuff is a waste of the opportunity. If "ascension" and "enlightenment" were so easy to obtain, there would not be the need for people in certain traditions to dedicate their entire life, or several lives, to achieve it. As for the "white light", be careful what you channel. The light hides the truth and blinds those who are not careful from just how dark their shadow has become in its presence.
  6. I fail to see how meditating is going to "Liberate and reclaim our world". Even if astrological conditions are favourable. It feels like a waste of good timing for doing some witchcraft. Even from a witchcraft perspective a small group focused in working towards something can be a great and powerful thing but the larger the number of people involved the focus diminishes drastically and the power, if there even is any, gets diluted. It might make the people meditating feel special and some may experience something spiritual but it will be a personal "initiation" not some liberating planet wide thing. Change IS happening right now, maybe temporary, so work with the momentum, stir it up to maintain it and cast to guide it.
  7. Short or long hair doesn't really bother me. My hair grows very very quick anyways. I have found it's usually a good practice to get a haircut when trying to make major changes in my life. We also have a tradition in my family of the men getting our hair shaved off to get rid of illnesses. As for power and whatnot I haven't really noticed a different. I use my hair in some workings. Sometimes leaving some strands in places to create an easy link with. I know witches who hang their cut hair on trees as offerings and the birds use it for nests.
  8. I don't have time just yet to write a detailed post. But there is a technique of No Wasted Words. I have been practicing this on and off for a few years now. You only talk, including in writing, when you have to. If someone engages you in conversation you talk back enough to be polite but do not get caught up in idle gossip. Over a period of time this builds up a kind of "presence" within you. Now when I use my voice it has a certain strength to it, people take notice and spirits will listen. It is more a spiritual technique but it has been highly useful in my witchcraft work. It has the side effect of teaching one to be silent and still to better listen and tap into currents. Also in learning when best to act and when best to conserve your strength for another time. Consider how carefully people word their spells and how everyone knows to be careful what you wish for. Well apply that to your whole life and the people around you and the spirits you work with will know to take you at your word and know what you say is important. As I wouldn't have said it otherwise.
  9. Personally I would just photocopy the relevant pages, then you can use them however you want. It's usually a good idea to keep books intact if you can help it. You might want to share or gift the book to someone else in the future. Also you might come across a shop you could sell it too or trade it in for different books. But they are your books, so you should feel free to do whatever you want. Just remember you can't undo it once it's done. Which kind of books are you thinking of doing this with? Some books I know are purported to have talismanic effects of a sort. The book itself can act as a gateway into working with the currents and systems within.
  10. You can also create sigils tracing the letters out from any kind of letter input design. Like the keyboard on the tablet I'm writing this on I could use it to create "qwerty sigils". Especially good for workings that are to effect something or someone online or anything computer related. It works well on anybody who spends a great deal of time typing (which is virtually everyone these days), it interacts with the unconscious ability to type without needing to think about typing. Let's your working slip right into them and their lives. Hope that made sense.
  11. Beware of bias from both sides of the fence (even the notion of a dividing fence is quite ridiculous to be honest), both witchcraft and Christian. Ultimately it's your path to walk and your choice to make. It reads to me like you are worried your previous witchcraft experience had tainted you in some way so you could not benefit from the Catholic rituals. Wherever there are people you will find witchcraft of one sort of another, especially folk magic. Most of those people will be of the dominant Religion of there culture. Which in a lot of places in the western world will be Christian of one sort of another. There are living traditions of people who are Catholic and practice "witchcraft" of a sort. Working with the saints for instance. I am sure you could find plenty of information online. You are not alone if you choose to walk the path of a Catholic Witch.
  12. Sounds like some form of metallophobia.
  13. I have a major passion for Forensic Anthropology. The amount of information you can get just by looking at bones is astounding. A lecturer at uni turned me onto it by the care and respect she had for the bones of the deceased and the way she talked about the utmost importance of looking after the remains and giving them a voice so that where possible they can be reunited with family. It just rang so true to me in some of the ways I work with the dead. I try to volunteer when possible at archeological digs which sadly isn't so often. It does give me chance to practice some witching techniques at finding stuff, the look on people's faces when they find the good stuff after I told them to dig a few inches away is priceless. I have always wanted to write a novel so lately I have been practising writing and hanging out with local writers. Toying with the idea of a novel about a Witch who is a forensic anthropologist.
  14. An oinment with calendula, plantain, lavender essential oil and vitamin E oil works great.
  15. Divination is just another way of interacting with the world to get and process information. Its not inherently good or bad, it is up to the individual how and what they do with that information.
  16. Hoodoo is not an altered version of voodoo. I urge people to read http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodoohistory.html It explains the history of hoodoo and its place and relationship amongst other traditions.
  17. Well here's a recipe I made for a friend that was successful but it was tailored for them so be cautious and research. Is this for you? Because I sense (I didn't mean to get a reading on you...it just happened) it's related to another health issue and It may be better to work on that. I made a honey with 1 part cinnamon, 1 part ginger and 1/2 cardamon. Then filled a jar with rose petals and poured the honey in to fill 1/3. Then filled it to the top with whiskey. I let this sit for 4 weeks in a cool dark place. To use it an infusion (tea) of damiana 1 teaspoon for 1 mug with a dash of Cayenne pepper was made. Left to steep for 5mins then strained. To this a tablespoon of cocoa powder was stirred in. Then the elixir is added, we found 1 1/2 teaspoons was the best amount. Edit: forgot to say this was made with magical intent. Lots of chanting and focus of purpose. Each ingredient talked to and woken up. Lots of stirring and shaking of intent into the mixtures.
  18. Be sincere. Don't have expectations of what you will experience, just be open to having experiences or you may miss the most subtle of conversations which might be nothing more then a sudden breeze or a rustle of leaves. Get to know yourself so when they communicate you can tell when it is them and not you in your thoughts and feelings. Assume they are always "watching and listening" so do not say or intend one thing and then by your actions do something else, like cleaning up a forest area of rubbish to show respect to the spirits only to throw your next empty bottle in a bush. Do not make promises until you are much much more experienced. Give thanks, make offerings, talk to them even if you can't perceive a reply, they are always talking we just have to learn to recognise it. Try and try again, over and over. People work and communicate with spirits in different ways so I advise to not measure success on whether you can do what others do. It can take a lot of work and time, for some it takes years but it is worth it.
  19. Wyrd sisters - Discworld https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=kIGv0tLPRUM#t=2703 That should start at the correct time I hope....
  20. One of the major parts of my path are forging and maintaining relationships with local spirits of all kinds. The physical and spiritual are intertwined each having expressions in the other so it makes sense to me to have a working relationship with those that can more easily manipulate the spiritual side of things. But as a human we can work the physical in ways that say a tree spirit cannot so through craftwork we can use their spiritual workings to give power to what we do physically. The Spirits of physical phenomenon can also work in physical ways we cannot and they can take our spiritual workings and work with them. To give an example, I work a lot with trees and plants with thorns. There is a Hawthorn tree I am "friends" with in the forest and it will work with me for all manner of protective workings. But it lives in the forest and its spirit cannot just come to my house to work with me when I choose or go off to work in aspects of mine and others lives. So if I need its help I go to it and ask. If it will work with me I can take thorns and bark and fruit and through working with those by making powders, oils and tinctures or using the thorns for poking, the hawthorn can lend its spiritual power to those workings. The tree also has ways of its own and I can give workings to it and it will do what ever it does to get the jobs done. That particular tree has spiritual roots in the "realm of the fae" so I leave workings there that I want the little ones to work with. Sometimes I might speak or sing a working into the winds or into a storm or rain so that its spirits can carry it to where it needs to go. Other times I call upon the spirit of rain for help and collect the rain to use in my workings. So for me there is no distinction between my spiritual work and my craftwork, they are intertwined, just as the spiritual and physical are intertwined within us as with the rest of nature. I hope that makes sense.
  21. I will give it a go once I've finished my current work. I'm on a strict no meat and no processed food diet at the moment.
  22. LOL this really would not be the worst thing I have eaten. The recipe seems pretty sound to me magically. I would be chanting and stirring and mixing with intent throughout. Physiologically speaking, people have different tastes and reactions to food so its not really possible to say if it will or won't work based on that.
  23. Have to wonder if its some kind of predator-prey type instinct. I do know that shields, protections and our energy surrounding us in general can have an effect on how people perceive us. I think its similar to how you can sense when someone's a policeman or army etc. Its that sense of looking beyond a persons "mask" that makes them nervous and intimidated. That there secrets might not be so secret. I lost a friend because she said I kept causing her to talk about things she didn't want to talk about and she couldn't handle the truths that came out. Like I was "making" her talk. Another friend hates it when she sees in my eyes that I already know what she wants to tell me. Perhaps its things like this I am not doing on purpose that intimidate others. My main issue is that people can read my eyes very easily and the openess unnerves them.
  24. -------------------------------------------- Thank you, that was most helpful :). I totally forgot about glycerin. Its so I can make tinctures for my friend who can't have alcohol for religious reasons.
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