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  1. I’ve noticed that legit reversing candle are hard to find... or is that just me? I looked everywhere I know and I could only find the half black half red in glass. Really want to make my own but I have zero candle making skills as of right now.
  2. Didn’t mean to post that in a public forum so, edited/deleted.
  3. Has anyone watched the show Luna Nera on Netflix? It's in Italian, I think but I watched it with English audio. The opening song is really good and it's definitely a somewhat strange show but I chalk it up to having a european sensibility when I'm an uncultured American. Anyway, it's about witches and witch hunters and has a sort of Romeo and Juliet element to it. It was really aesthetically satisfying. Wondering if anyone else has tried it.
  4. I second Valerian. I love that stuff when I need to relax or sleep. Also if you have access to it you could try a full spectrum extract. That may also help.
  5. Somewhere in this long old thread I’m pretty sure I prattled on about how secrecy is a really big thing for me. My dad is super stoic and super Catholic. He’d kick me out of his house if he knew half of the real things about me (ha!). He likes to hike and collect cool looking rocks. He’s had this HUGE rose quartz he found for a long time just sitting in his guest room. Just visited a few months ago and I asked him if I could have it. He said “What are you gonna do with it?” (kind of attackingly, because he’s like that- like “gimme a good reason”) and I paused for a moment and almost didn’t answer and then I said “magic”, kinda like maybe I was joking but with a straight face. He thinks I was joking. Either way, I got to take it home with me.
  6. I know the first three seasons are on Netflix now... was thinking of diving in but with two season not available I’m wondering if I’ll just end up sorry I started it...
  7. After reading through all these great replies and having struggled myself I just had a thought... why not do a kind of book report or journaling of what you’re reading (I’m really typing to myself)? If you get stuck and all you’re doing is reading, maybe start analyzing and breaking down what you’re reading in a notebook of some kind and find out what your own thoughts and feelings are. Just an idea.
  8. When I was a teenager this question plagued me. I consciously asked myself this question all the time, whenever confronted with an internal conflict. I remember thinking “This is what life is all about... constantly having to choose between my heart and my head”. Back then I followed my heart a lot. And I shouldn’t have. I should have followed my head. It was the conflict between what I wanted and what was best for me. And I think when we are young, we don’t have a lot of self control so we tend to choose what we want. And a lot of times be sorry we had. However I really feel like a lot of that is youth. As a relatively mature adult (which I feel is hard to find these days) we can end up choosing head too much because choosing heart really hurt. But when we can see what is best for us and how to navigate following our heart while not putting it in peril, it’s definitely the richer and more fulfilling choice. I truly think it may depend on how old (or how much life experience) one is. I followed my heart five years ago, against all the odds, and I am living a true-life happily ever after. So in the end, heart.
  9. I found Wicca when I was very young too but felt it was too flowery and aesthetic for my tastes... in retrospect being “witchcraft light” is so spot on. And I needed something more authentic so I actually ended up turning away from Wicca and using my instilled Catholicism for a while to connect for me; learning more about paganism and occultism through it. That only lasted a few years and then I worked my way trad. Wicca was a good gateway I suppose but it did turn me off and very much does now but I’m an old crone.
  10. A lot of Grimes. And some hang drum.
  11. Thanks to everyone- after reading replies and thinking about it, I realize it’s not a smart thing to do so I won’t be doing it. @onyx Let your heart be at peace! ????
  12. I realize this may ultimately be an idiotic question and maybe I’m just looking for permission to do it but I have So. Many. Books. Can I just rip the pages out that I want/use most and then put them all in one book/binder? I’m not gonna throw the rest out but then I can have one go-to book instead of pulling out a bunch every time I want to do research (I also feel like I will be much more comfortable writing notes/thoughts in them instead of writing inside nice new books). I dunno, I feel like that’s cheating or being disrespectful somehow but the more I think about it the more I think I really wanna do it.....
  13. Just for the sake of closure and interest, I found the film, and the tree I was looking for. It is what a main character calls a “shrine” but it looks to be a very pretty clootie or wishing tree (cuz it’s in a movie, of course). It is in the middle of the film “A Little Chaos”. It’s a very brief scene and the tree itself doesn’t really push the narrative forward. It’s beautiful though and I took a lot of photos. Thanks for everyone’s help!
  14. I live in a very urban area and it *is* difficult to acquire things sometimes. Perhaps developing an exchange (a new forum room) would be a good idea? I’m sure I can get things others can’t (live near ocean, graveyard dirt, railroad nails, etc) that I’d be happy to send to help others. I’ve longed for this type of thing.
  15. I looked up “hex tree” but didn’t see anything like what I’ve seen (not that it’s not true- google doesn’t know everything!). I have found: fairy tree, clootie tree, wishing tree, bottle tree and mardi gras bead tree. Bottle trees are particularly southern and apparently capture evil spirits. I was thinking that what I had in mind would be more like a protection/warding evil eye thing too......
  16. Yes, that’s my intention. My problem is that no one knows what I’m talking about so I was trying to find a photo to show them, but since I can’t find one I’m starting to think I made it up in my head! ????
  17. I guess it’s similar to a wishing or clootie tree?
  18. I feel like I’m losing my mind. I know I saw a tree like this in one of my neighborhoods one time. And I *know* there is a period film out there that has one in it. But I can’t find any images of this type of tree that I have in my mind, *anywhere*!!! Usually I’m a decent researcher/googler. I’ve used so many different keywords. The trees are kind of like “fairy trees”. But they have colored glass and mirrors and other sun-catching trinkets hanging from them. Is there some kind of special term for them that I am not using to find photos? Does this type of tree decorating not exist and I made it up in my head? Does *anyone* even know what I’m referring to? Please tell me someone knows what I’m talking about........!
  19. I am deeply secretive. I can’t even really explain why other than it just feels so wrong to me to say things out loud. Especially about my spells. I don’t mind discussing the generalities of how to do things but when I create/commit to a spell I never want to talk about what I’m doing or what I’ve done. Sometimes it’s hard when I do one and it works and I get excited and I want to tell someone. But for some reason I feel as though it will somehow negate the spell if I say anything out loud. And I’m pretty secretive about being a witch in general, only very close people know. I can feel that it’s about not wanting others to have some kind of possible power over me with the knowledge. Maybe I’m just not very trusting in general, I dunno, but I feel it in my bones that I need to keep my mouth shut. I just recently discovered that someone who doesn’t particularly like me in a community (not craft related) we are both part of is a proclaimed witch. I don’t know how long she has been but she just recently changed her twitter profile to include that she is a witch and will be tweeting about witchcraft. This made me more wary of her, made me really glad she doesn’t know that I am one and really struck me- it just doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do. I just don’t get it. I am very wary of people who flaunt their “witchyness”. But that’s just me.
  20. I’m way out of my element here so please feel free to put me in my place! I’m having difficulty finding books/information on habits, behaviors, rituals before the general illegalization of witchcraft. So much information is surrounding 16th century and after and I wondered if anyone has found good reads on witchcraft in the dark ages (I’m guessing it wasn’t even called that). I’ve done some reading on paganism but so much of it is about migration and warfare that it’s hard to sift through to find anything about daily life regarding beliefs and behaviors. I understand that it’s called “dark ages” for a reason but I assume there has so be more known than I’m aware of and I’m just having trouble locating it? Many thanks.
  21. What kind of candles? The little pillar colored ones?
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