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    Of course.
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    It's something different for everyone.
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    Which part?
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    I was surfing for information.
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    I expect good conversation with real people. I can't say exactly what.
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    I wonder.
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    Again, I wonder.
  1. Not till people quit making babies. I don't see that happening any time soon lol
  2. You're quite welcome. I always have a back up jar macerating. Good stuff!
  3. A study came out of, I believe it was Finland, a few years ago about the effectiveness usnea in preparation form for treating staph, strep and MRSA. There a lot of information out there for those that feel like googling.
  4. Just what I've always wanted!!!!!!! :blobfire: :blobfire: :blobfire: Where can we mount the bazooka?
  5. O, I can't suggest Susun Weed's Meopausal book for you strongly enough. http://www.amazon.com/Menopausal-Years-Woman-Alternative-Approaches/dp/0961462043?ie=UTF8&keywords=susun%20weed%20menopause&qid=1463773462&ref_=sr_1_3&sr=8-3 I don't know what the difference is between the old and the new book. I had the original (a friend swiped it LOL - linked to above). I even ordered fresh black cohosh root. Good luck gagging it down. A friend of mine was able to by mixing it with Dr. Pepper. The simple tincture made at home tastes horrid.
  6. Well, shit. We can't make margarita's with gin.
  7. I learned a whole new level of respect for poisonous plants last spring. I've never gotten poison ivy. I'm the moron that you see wading into it with shorts, flip flops and a pocket knife to clear it out. So, we were cleaning the vines off the trees in the back, I identified vining poison oak, and continued on with the days chores. It turns out, I have an anaphylactic reaction to poison oak. Who knew? I didn't.
  8. I don't practice. I just live. My interests are varied. My hobbies are fun. When I have time for them. Life is hectic with 4 generations under one roof at all different and huge stages of life. I'm just busy living. I love the way this conversation has been going because we're all just talking about life.
  9. I'm a little too far south for snow but it's been down to freezing all week. I think they would've bloomed had the weather stayed warmer at night. It's ok though, there's nothing like dragging out the excitement and watching my gardens come back to life and bloom. <3 I'll be putting my rose vinegar up as soon as I have enough blooms to mix with the leaves. And it doesn't take much. The last pint lasted me 2 summers.
  10. It's quite soothing actually. I've never it on broken skin so I dont know about that. My roses are about to burst into bloom!
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