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  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    As a child I regularly did rituals that expressed my desire to speak to weather phenomenon and natural things- sometimes daily, mostly a few times a week, when the spirit moved me. I would walk a set path around my property, and sing the song, or tell the story or chant the chant that went with the phenomenon I was celebrating. I guess it was like walking a labyrinth, the circuit cleared my mind and the chant/song/story took over. (Writing this down, I sound autistic..but I swear that is not the case!) I did this with (somewhat decreasing) regularly until I was 16 or so. I guess that's not childhood so much any more.

    In highschool, I had someone warn my mother (strictly from looking at a photo of me) that I had a goodly amount of power and that it could be dangerous. Certainly nothing to turn a 17 year old off of! This intrigued me...

    So, I started reading anything I could find about witchcraft. This included history books, myth, encyclopedias, new age trash, Wiccan trash, and books about herbs, natural healing practices, and crystals. It was never clear to me at that time that there was anything except one type of witch, so I am glad that I managed, in hindsight, to carefully ignore the Wiccan worship aspects, that do not jibe with my nature.

    I started reading tarot at the same time. My success was indifferent at best, so I started reading and doing spell work with runes- and had amazing success with this.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    When I moved to my current home many years ago, I had heard that Victoria was a haven for witches, and I had hoped to meet some. Since many of the people I met here were Wiccans with an attitude and 'airs' I did not appreciate, I drifted away from making an effort to practice any sort of witchcraft within a group, or to even seek out someone with like mind. Instead, I kept up a practice that I would describe as 'functional'- doing things for the purpose of 'getting things done'- if that makes any sense. More like cooking to feed yourself versus cooking for the sake of it. I need to do what I do for my life, not simply because I want to. It just happens itself. It's like my art- I paint because I have no choice- it has to happen. This is no different.

    I have begun to expand this to come back to making more of an effort beyond the basics, like incorporating more ritual into my practice again, and returning to that instinctual reflex I had as a child to ritualize with walking and vocalization.

    I am interested in seidr, but am not too sure where to start, and am investigating.

    I am interested in exploring my Jewish roots, and incorporating what I learn into my practice.

    I make my own rules, and zealously live by my own laws, although I am not anti-social.
    I believe in ancestral spirits and spirit.
    I believe that you can talk to anything and it will hear you and respond.
    Mostly, I believe in my garden.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I have learned a lot ghosting around on your forum here, about what to call the things I do without ever giving them names.

    I think that the things that I do in my practice are generally more 'traditional' in feeling than anything else. I take what I think I can use, and change the rest to suit myself. A spirit of improvisation goes a long way with this, I have found.
    I think that this kind of lifestyle requires a creative spirit and a certain degree of self-knowledge.

    I make up stuff that makes sense at the time.

    I come from a very creative and extremely psychic ancestry on both parent sides. I do sometimes work with ancestors and spirits, although they more often come to me than I call them. Spirits of departed friends and family visit me before they leave our realm for where-ever they go. They always let me know that they have died. I always know before I get 'the call'. I call to these spirits in particular when I need them, because they came to me first.

    I had no idea that there was something called Traditional Witchcraft until a while ago when I found this forum.

    All I had known before that was that I was busily sticking to my guns, and being rather confused, in the face of other witches who were trying to tell me that my practice was wrong and that I need to do something else, "blah blah blah let me show you how it's done", such as never hex or bind anyone because of three-fold law stuff. And of course those people also want you to label yourself so that they can stick you in the box they made for you and be done with it. I never fit anyone's box and have made more than one enemy without trying. Some Wiccans can be really nasty when you fail to 'see the light' and change your ways.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    I think that you are born with the capacity to use witchcraft, and that traditional witches embrace this, including the good, bad and ugly sides of it.

    Practising Traditional witchcraft means that you must be responsible for what you bring to pass. I feel that Wicca encourages people try to avoid culpability, and uses guilt to manipulate behaviour in its followers just like other well-entrenched religions. Traditional witches have a job to do and they do it. They sometimes dislike what they have to do, and although they might want to shy from the responsibilities that go with their magic and its use, they do it all the same because it is who they are, and sometimes there is no choice. It is, or can be, a very practical approach.

    There is a lot of talk about not being wary of doing 'dark' magic. I don't think that magic can be separated into light and dark, any more than people can be. People are people, magic is magic. It is all one and all necessary. Traditional witchcraft, I think, allows one to recognize this lack of distinction and be freer for it.

    I have a lot more to say about this but will stop there. I hope I make sense!
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    On and off since a child, but more specific interest started after my father died and he visited me a week later, leaving physical evidence of his presence, when I was 16. I started looking for things that would explain this, and help me maintain a link with him.

    I consider myself to have mostly worked at an instinctual level rather than through a more purposeful approach- which I am trying to change.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I was looking for things about being a witch in an urban setting, since so many books suggest that you get out into the wilds and commune with nature and I have no options in this way. I live in the middle of the city and I refuse to own a car.
    So I found a thread about these things on this forum and started looking around and have been hanging around daily ever since. Oh that sounds weird, but you know...
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I am looking for an opportunity to share with like-minded individuals where i won't be judged or told I am wrong for doing one thing and not another. It's fun doing things yourself, but it does get a bit boring sometimes. The only other witch I know more than passingly, is Wiccan, so we don't always see eye to eye.

    because I have spent so much time doing things alone, I feel that I am not as far along my path as I might like to be. Although I am not looking for teachers, I am looking for advice, and an ear.

    I hope that I can contribute useful opinions to the threads. I have good sense and good instinct. I think that I will probably have some good questions too.

    I may also be willing to give the forum my time as a moderator in the future, should the need arise, or you are looking, and I have the time to dedicate.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    The Crooked Path so that I could download the pod casts. They sounded intriguing. I'm not entirely sure of them yet.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    rune-work, especially for supporting healing and bolstering personal power in others.
    herbal remedies
    I can achieve states of altered consciousness using chant/song surprisingly easily and I currently use that to learn more about myself.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Grounding myself- I really need advice and practice, I can get quite sick after working a spell.

    Energy control- I tend to call on more energy than I need, (I think) to work any magic I need to do- this probably leads partly to point number 1.

    I really feel that, for all the reading I have done, that I am missing some big parts of learning needed to really meet my potentials and I consider myself to be quite new to this in general.
  1. Wonderful stuff! I love making runes. :)
  2. K. M. Briggs: The Faeries in Tradition and Literature M. M. Junius: Spagyrics (freakin' awesome book - my new favourite) And a book about Witchcraft in the Canadian Maritime provinces. (My family come from there.)
  3. I've been racing through a new-ish series (still being written as there was a new installment out in the summer) called "The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel". Teenager books, truth be told, but fun reading. The author has a solid historical background and an obvious passion for mythology...the Morrigan, The Horned God, Hekate, the Witch of Endor, Mars Ultor and various famous humans (Shakespeare, Machiavelli, John Dee) make appearances. Good fun.
  4. I am reading: Treading the Mill by Nigel Pearson- excellent, and I may offer a review. An Joan the Crone by Kelvin Jones - very interesting, I will review when I am done. And a new discovery: "Devonshire and Other original Poems: with some account of ancient customs, superstitions and traditions" by an ancestor of mine: Elias Tozer in 1873. I found it on Google Books. He talks about witchcraft, horse whispering, etc. Neat!
  5. I just finished a most wonderful book! The Final Solution by Michael Chabon. It's an homage to Sherlock Holmes, my lifelong hero. Also just finished the newest Terry Pratchett novel, Unseen Academicals. Also entertaining, but not his best by far. I needed a break from the non-fiction...
  6. Oh, I have buckets of stones. As Grimr noted, the beaches on this coast have amazing quartz and all sorts of coloured lovelies. I use them all the time. I do not, however, regularly buy stones- it doesn't feel right somehow- I feel like I am cheating my hand-gathered stones out of the opportunity to participate in my workings. I am sure they're waiting for the day that they get picked out of the bucket. ;) I like how the sea sends me things. Or my garden- it is always pushing up interesting stones for me. Spring time is great for this, as my garden always pops up new pretty things for me to keep and use. I have never been given so many presents in my life as those I have received from my garden. And they are always potent gifts. :) I find store-bought stones less 'contented', like they are depressed or something. Processed, maybe? Difficult to explain or describe.
  7. Thank-you so much everyone! I am really flattered, and embarrassed by your praise. I hope to sell my work at some point, so this is really encouraging... I am in the process of trying to photograph some big 'green man' type masks I have been making, too. They are difficult to capture. And Brian, these pieces take at least a few hours worth of work, if not more- depends on how fancy I get. I presume that the time to make them should shorten as I get used to the work involved. I am a sculptor at heart and so to give up some of the freedom of working by hand to an automated wheel is difficult for me. i cannot keep myself from adding more stuff once the pot has come off the wheel, however, so that always takes time. Thanks again everybody, this means a lot to me to get such a positive response. :D
  8. I love the one on your shoulder! Sacred geometries are wonderful. You wear these well. :)
  9. Thanks Brian! Working on the wheel is really tough- a steep learning curve. Eventually I want to try to sell my work- lofty goals! Thanks for the sweet words. :D
  10. Hi everyone, i have been taking pottery classes and thought I'd share. I have started making masks and "green man" sort of garden things, too, but those are not ready quite yet for photos...The third and fourth images here of the dark bowl is my scrying bowl. cheers! [ATTACH=CONFIG]2492[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2493[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2494[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2495[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2496[/ATTACH]
  11. I grow 'em, and I get the seeds from this place: http://www.richters.com
  12. I have a push-me pull-you sort of approach to secrecy and my own craft. As far as I am concerned, I feel like it is obvious that I am a witch and my home does not hide this. You walk in my front door and my hearth is full of candles, incense burners, my horseshoe, my stang (and that's 4 feet tall, you can't miss it) my birch whisk, spirit houses, various bits and pieces of things I have left 'cooking'- rat skulls and acorns...so how anyone couldn't 'get it' I have no idea. So so much for that secrecy. That said, however, I do put away my books when I know company is coming and that is a self-protective move, not just cleaning up. And if I someone shows up unannounced, I will move those books to a basket in a corner of my livingroom instead of putting them away. I store my books and notebooks in a cabinet without glass doors, so no-one can see them. Of course, this cabinet also functions as a workspace for me, so again it's covered in stuff- cauldrons and candles, boxes and sticks, feathers...the works. Somehow people still seem to be surprised if they find out. I don't tell anyone what I do unless they ask me directly, and I guess the hearth contents are less likely to provoke questions than my books - so the books go. My notes are all in plain old English, and like Grimr they are notes and not so much recipes. You'd have to know what I was doing to know the significance of the things in there. I am of the opinion that every witch would do things their own way anyway, so I have nothing to hide- nobody would ever look at what's there and use it wholesale - I know I couldn't if it wasn't mine. Geez, I can't even follow a food recipe exactly without adding my own twist, so I cannot image how anyone could want to follow another's spells without the itching to change them to suit themselves! :) I think that my notes would be of no interest to a non-witch.
  13. Just finished High Fidelity...on to England's Dreaming.
  14. As good a reason as any to make your own stuff- soap, cleansers, etc. Thanks Russell.
  15. I'm re-reading for the millionth time "The Vesuvius Club" by Mark Gatiss - carrying on where Oscar Wilde left off....
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