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  1. Well done and welcome to the full access. :vhappywitch:
  2. The deck I normally use has a feeling of a good friend. One who would never let me down. We have been together for over 40 years now. I have been playing around with the Thoth Tarot, but I end up feeling that I am being unfaithful so I put the Thoth back on the shelf! It is just as well. The Thoth is far to large for my small hands. I normally use the Rider-Waite and I make no apology for it being commonly used. Back in the day it was quite difficult to get a range of Tarot!
  3. Hi emurray. I must confess as to being a tad jealous at your find! I don't necessarily think a use will be obvious for them as you don't want to use them for fertility or attraction, but they sound like lovely items to have in your collection. Your point about using them to bring your male pals into line is a good suggestion. Maybe assign a specific charm to each man and then you can tailor each charm to the idiosyncrasies you are looking to modify in them. As to avoiding men trying to pick you up, maybe you could wear one as a necklace, giving you the line..."This is the only penis I need at the moment" as a brush off. One of our members, Zombee has previously posted: "Anything that looks male/phallic can assist in dominance matters; anything female/round can assist in nurturing/growth matters." In Roman times the phallus charms were used to ward off the evil eye. It might be a useful tool in your protection around your house. Maybe used in a Witch bottle along with other elements you would add for protection and buried on the boundary of the entrance to your property.
  4. Thats so true. I had an experience recently with my Witchy senses that emphasises the importance of protection and shielding. I was at the petrol garage in the queue to pay. I sensed coming through the door and then in the queue behind me, a very dark and malevolent presence. It was directly aimed at me. I am always shielded and protected but I felt the need to quickly reinforce my personal shielding. I also called my familiar in to protect me. When I turned round, the presence was centred on an older man, he had a very ugly look on his face and it was aimed at me. We made eye contact and stared each other down for a few seconds. Then I got cross, I remember thinking 'Fuck you...' and I sent out a flick and a kick mentally. I would normally do this to the delicate regions of a man (Tee tee, sorry to all our male Witches), but this time I aimed for the side of his head because I wanted to wipe the look off his face. I know I hit the mark because he flinched and ran out of the building. I don't know if he was a local, but I am being cautious at the moment, house and car wards are reinforced and I have upped my personal protection and activated a Fetch to watch overhead and scan for any negative presence directed at me. He really was a nasty piece of work, so I am being ultra careful. I wonder why he was so focussed on me and so angry and nasty? I know he was human, but I am not sure he was a Witch.
  5. Sollomyn I will delete your account. I think you are too inexperienced in Traditional Craft and this has caused your postings to be questioned and discussed. I am sorry if you felt that this was condescending and rude. It may well be that this is not the path for you. I wish you well on your journey to find the correct path for you.
  6. Its a nice checklist to have a think about the area you are in and how you connect to it. I think I will sit and draft out the answers when I am next free... Also minor housekeeping note, I made the list font brighter and easy to read.
  7. Startella has not been around for quite some time, but I don't think she would mind you putting a poster in your private space. Just don't replicate it online. She does write beautifully... much food for thought.
  8. A lot of depth to this poem, made me think. Nicely done!
  9. Tana

    Yuletide Divination

    I celebrate Samhain as my New Year. I am from a massive farming family, there are 6 farms in my family at the moment, and the time when the crops are in and we can remember and thank our ancestors for their guardianship over the past year is the ending of a busy year for us. Then we look ahead to the land renewing through Winter and all the promise of another round of crops come Spring. We basically follow the old agricultural calendar! I do have a couple of Yule traditions that might count though. One is to put some ash from the Yule log into everyone's shoes for protection and good luck. Anther is to save a piece of the Yule log to light the fire with next year.
  10. I just went through this thread slowly and I really love your style. I haven't enjoyed seeing someone's work this much for ages!! The two pieces that called to me were: Kootenay Lake The Gloaming
  11. Tana

    The Witches Cloak

    I have been pondering the subject of a Witches ritual clothing. What does the fashionable Witch wear about town? Obviously one of the main garments that springs to mind is the robe. Dark coloured, velvet possibly, maybe with a hood, dramatic flowing swathes of fabric and so on. A recognisable image of one who treads the Crooked Path. The internet is full of celebrity Witches posing in photos with marvellously gothic robe, hat, make-up and in some cases stripy socks. There is even one celebrity who seems to wear an old velour bathrobe tied with string round the middle, Witchtastic! Associated with the robe is the hat, pointy of course and other accessories in keeping with the image. What I am pondering is who created this image? Where did the iconic look that the best-dressed Witch sports, have its origins? If you look back through the history of Witchcraft, it could possibly be Medieval wood-cuts of characters that the Witch-Hunters pursued and warned the public to beware of. Images of Witches riding their broomsticks, instructing their imps and cavorting with the Devil all feature a style of dress that does look familiar to the modern eye. More recently the Gardnerian movement advocated working a ritual naked or ‘Sky-Clad’, a lovely, euphemistic image. Looking back I agree this probably had more to do with Gerald Gardner being a naturist than it being necessary to spell-work. It would be very sorry excuse for a Witch indeed if they could not manipulate their power past a few bits of clothing. Equally I don’t think what is worn has any bearing on the power of the work, although it probably has a big impact on identity and feelings. I do own a robe. it was made for me by a dear friend, is black crushed velvet with a lilac silky lining. The hem is ragged because I was supposed to finish it off, and haven’t got to it yet. I bought it a pewter Celtic knot clasp from a great little shop in Glastonbury, but haven’t had time to sew it on. Its covered in mud and dog slobber from when I visited some New Forest Witches and joined in a circle work on the Web of Wyrd. Mud was from the forest, dog slobber from my dog who was cross with me for not letting him chase rabbits and ponies. I really ought to wash it and finish it off, clearly I am failing on many sartorial levels where Witches are concerned. I remember reading that a cloak was probably worn for secrecy by Witches walking through the night to gather and work their craft. In a dark cloak it is not easy to be seen and plain unembellished clothing is difficult to identify after a possible spotting by finger pointing, jealous neighbours. Witches in plain sight, but plain. So in a modern context, in order to move about society without revealing to all and sundry, ‘I am a Witch!’, I don’t think I will be wearing my robe about town. I dress normally. Well maybe a few hippy touches, giving a passing nod to my youth and outlook! I will finish off the robe one day and it will make a great part of my Halloween costume, when I give out sweets to the ‘Trick or Treaters’. If I keep it on for the later, more serious work of Samhain, no one need ever know.
  12. Tana

    O- Blood

    Sorry to say that to me this is a bit of New Age fluffy bunny crap, and I see it having no relevance to Traditional Witchcraft!
  13. Tana

    Black Yuletide Tree

    I am approaching Yule with rather bitter feelings towards this year. There have been several events that have devastated my family and I am desperately trying to hold the family together and work towards a better time in the next Gregorian calendar year. Needless to say the cauldron has been stirred vigorously on many an occasion this year and I have also had some very valuable help from my sister Witch Sandy, with much needed healing for a family member. So I have recently been feeling dark and brooding thoughts and treading a much more 'dark of the moon' type of path. I have been going down to the graveyard for the dirt of the ne'er do wells buried on the North side and plotting and planning my vengeful workings... Fuck knows what I was thinking, as if that would have any effect on what has happened or change things! Obviously I am scuppered in my dark plans as well because I don't have a target. You cannot really launch a full scale war alongside your dark minions and lackeys against fate, Karma, circumstances, the way the world turns. I expect you can in World of Warcraft, but not really in the world we mortals inhabit at this present time. So I am buckling down to get a pleasant Yule together for my beleaguered family and I gathered together my festive decorations. I have used the same black tree at Yuletide for about fifteen years now and have loved it for two reasons... 1/ No live tree is ripped screaming from the ground to gratify my need for decoration and subsequently sent to the chipper... 2/ It has built in lights. Anyhow, long story short, I set it up and the bright white LED lights have turned yellow and in some places look burned and melted. Probably not too safe to have when my Grandson is running about the place. Sadly another expense on my dwindling festive budget, but I am determined to make things magical for said Grandson, so I utilised the power of the internet and a new black tree arrived within 2 days... with built in lights!!! After another two days something strange has started to happen. The tree is switched on in the morning and the twinkly lights and crystals I hang in it are cheering me up. I am getting loads of stuff done in the house, preparing for an influx of visitors during the festive season. I feel a bit of hope. Maybe inspired by the continuing tradition of my black Yuletide tree. It is a pulse point in our lives, once a year the tradition endures and it has inspired me to ensure the my family endures as well. A festive Yule to one and all!
  14. I was browsing through the additional features on the TradWitch forum and I came across my blog from 2013! Reading it and looking back I think I started it full of optimism but also angst. It dates from when I was working full time in education, teaching Drama at secondary level. I was overwhelmed in those days with a difficult job as well as running a home and family. It's not surprising I only made one entry. Things have vastly changed now as I am retired from teaching. I took early retirement at 55 and have not regretted that decision at all. Not from the point of view of teaching kids because I always got on very well with them, but because of government cuts and a senior management team who didn't have the bollocks or management skills to preserve the arts. So I pootle around in my village, doing various little part time jobs and walking my dog and am very happy. One thing hasn't changed from my last blog is the long 'to-do' list as I still have one and I still resent the hell out of it and obsess about it. This is something I have never been able to let go of and I think has a lot to do with my natural tendency towards OCD in my behaviour. Just to qualify that, you won't find me knocking on door frames 30 times before I can enter a room, I am not that bad. What you will find in my house though is things like all my books sorted into genre, then author, then publication date and so on. (I have a great library!) But relating all this to Witchcraft... I do find that these organisation skills and mania do help me in my planning and day to day craft. Then once the organisation is out of the way, what I am left with is time to do Witchy stuff and ponder the nature of the beautiful world we live in and where my place is within it. It is quiet and peaceful in my house tonight and I am sitting in the living room cuddled up with my snoring dog, playing about on the computer. In a bit I will go out into the garden to empty the dog for the last time today, and I will linger and listen for what the wind tells me. I know mostly what it will say though... it will tell me to chill out!
  15. Ravenshaw beat me to the post about requesting a teacher/mentor. However I take the point that you are looking for guidance and I would offer this... (and if I am teaching you to suck eggs, I apologise!) So my best advice would be to set yourself a year and a day, and for this time work on a journal/grimoire every day, even if only for 10 mins. You can make notes on things to research, notes on the research, stick in pictures, text, write in quotes, sketch, highlight, spells, meditations, record your dreams etc etc. After a year review your book and you will find that what started as a bit random and bits and pieces has become a lot more cohesive and your practice will have begun to make sense to you. Enjoy your journey on the crooked path!
  16. FYI - We don't mind old threads being bumped!
  17. At the risk of sounding patronising myself, we all know that the written word is limited in some respects. When you have a conversation face to face, you can hear different tones, see facial expression, and therefore interpret meaning in a more confident and clear way. I would hate for this thread, which has a lot of really good discussion and information from all, to be spoilt by a spat over interpretation. I am not directing this at any individual, but all who have engaged in the ‘clever witch’ diversion. Send me a PM if you need to but please keep this thread on topic.
  18. There is an old saying: "To know, to dare, to will and to be silent" I believe the last point to be that once your spell is cast, you should not talk of it. I think the work you put into the spell will be spoiled by giving all the details here. I don't think talking about planning is an issue, but the after details are.
  19. Very evocative artical. I hope the daughter returns to her heritage, but agree, she cannot be forced.
  20. That is a superb piece of work. I admired the cloak and my dog admired the chew toy!
  21. At the moment I am a bit obsessed with Hozier's 'Take me to Church'
  22. That is a perfect way to express the issue!
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