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  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I have been working with alexandrian craft for about 10 years, and have run several covens under that form of initiatory witchcraft with some very talented teachers guiding me.

    However, in the last 2 years or so I have felt a need to re-explore my beliefs and have started to quietly research european native craft, or traditional craft. My book (which is out next year) has evolved with me, and what started as an exploration of modern ecclectic wicca has changed into something much more in keeping with the inherent energy of the land, and european lore.

    I can't really put my finger on exactly where I am going, but I am starting to feel a connection to the craft which has been missing for me and I havent felt since I first felt drawn to it. perhaps in the late 90's wicca was the easiest and perhaps the only option for the seeker; its popularity has also been its downfall, but theres something more to it that just that.

    I have read a few books which revolve around european craft i.e. Robin Artisson, Roy Bowers and Evan John Jones, I also love Brian Bates Web of Wyrd which is a great novel based around european shamanism.

    I hope that this forum will accept my membership and maybe help me fill in some of the gaps.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    see above.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I have been working with a native folk magic and have been researching and working with norse/anglo saxon lore such as the 9 worlds, which is my big project at the moment!

    I have been using a few other practices for while, such as using hag stones and the Wists, and the cunning serpent energy which I have recently started using, thanks to a friend of mine.

    I've become very interested in the material available for reading such as the Pickingill Papers, Cochrane's work and Chumberly but I dont really know how reliable any of these really are, and think I need some guidence in that respect.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    This is a tricky one, because im still trying to identify what traditional witchcraft really is. There are so many different forms of Craft out there which claim to be traditional, so who knows!

    I suppose for me traditional craft is something which is very shamanic (and perhaps less ceremonial) than more modern forms of craft. From my brief experiences with it, it seems to be a deep connection with the energy of the land and a relationship with all of nature, both life and death, in a much more matter-of-fact and down to earth fashion than perhaps modern wicca allows.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    10 years
  • What brought you to our site?
    my own research in native cunning craft, have dropped in on the forums a few times over the last few months to search bits and pieces, and thought this time I would apply!
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I hope that taking part in some of the discussions on the forum will help me explore where I feel I am being drawn to, this feeling of something more which is waiting to be discovered.

    I also hope to make some friends along the way! I can contribute both an open mind, and probably some questions which others on the forum might enjoy answering :)
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Not many, I usually find them all a bit been-there-done-that! And a bit fluffy (dont wish to sound disciminating!) This one however has always appealled to me.

    I am part of a forum for New Forest Witches in Hampshire, its more of a get together/calander than a discussion forum though, and have just joined POW (pagans of wessex) not that i live in wessex, but a friend runs it!
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    My strongest points... I have a never ending thirst for information, love discussions, I also have a strong belief in the power of intent; basically we dont need tools, words or ceremony if we have a strong enough intent. Some of the best magic which i have done has been intuitive, shamanic and without any tools or aids.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    My weakest points ... I sometimes lack get up and go, I am a typical taurean and like to think up lots of excuses for not doing something. Once I get going, I love it and I feel full of energy. Its just getting to that point!

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  1. Photo attached of the new set of Runes I have made so far: EHWAZ (horse), GEBO (gift), ELHAZ (protection), SOWILO (rays of sun), PEORP (cup), LAGUZ (water/underworld) Hoped you liked the blogs on each one ... more coming soon!!
  2. GEBO - Elder Futhark (or GYFU - Anglo Saxon) - resembling the kiss (x) "Gift is to men, glee and praise, support and worship, worthiness; and every wretch Ar (honour befitting and Edwist (sustenance) that would otherwise be left without." - Anglo Saxon Rune Poem The rune resembles the traditional kiss (x) that we sign off at the end of letters. This rune is a symbol of giving and happiness, and is one of the few runes that almost every living person still uses today without realising it !! Whilst also being symbolic of a gift of wellbeing, it is also a sign of an appreciation for hard work - thereby meaning that traditionally this symbol would not have been offered unless the person meant to receive it had proved themselves worthy - it is an exchange, something which should be offered from both sides, a mutual give and take. In the craft, it is a symbol of the exchange of Maegen (spiritual strength, life force) and is often used to symbolise the passing of the 'Virtue' (witch sight) from a teacher to student. It is symbolic of selfless sacrifice, and hard work - which is recognised and rewarded with Gebo.
  3. EHWAZ - Elder Futhark (or EOH - Anglo Saxon) - resembling the horse "The horse is the peers joy, stepping out with pride when discussed all around by wealthy riders, and to the restless, always comforting." - Anglo Saxon Rune Poem The rune resembles the horse, or the capital letter 'M'. First and foremost, this rune symbolises movement, and motion, and speed. The rune poem describes how the ownership of a horse was also seen as a symbol of wealth, and something to be proud of - this perhaps indicates to us the importance of being proud of what we have achieved, and in magic, it might also be helpful in matters of prosperity - perhaps enhancing how we appear to others. The rune also communicates the importance of bonds, agreements, and mutual benefits, for the bond between a horse and rider It also indicates an element of trust between two creatures - trust is vitally important between horse and rider, and so this rune speaks of the benefits of brotherhood and cooperation. The horse also allows us to get in tune with our more primal side. Ever since man began to hunt by horseback we have had a mutual agreement with horses, who despite their 'flight' nature, remain faithful to us, even in situations that become frightening to them. When mounted on the horse - away from modern technology, fossil fuels and other modern 'aids' we gallop free and fast - horses are freedom.
  4. ELHAZ - Elder Futhark (or EOLH - Anglo Saxon) - resembling the antlers of an elk "Elk sedge grass has a home, of lest in the glen, It waxes in water, it wounds grim, and burns with blood, any man that in any way, dares to grab it." - Anglo Saxon Rune Poem The rune resembles the antlers of an elk - or the footprint of a crow. In witchcraft, this rune is sometimes known as the Witches Foot (although the term is also given to a * asterisk * symbol). This rune is all about defence and protection. Its nature is 'passive', although its use brings powerful results. The use of this rune is similar to the use of the Thorn for magical defence and therefore is one of the most effective runes of protection. Its association with protection also gives it links to sacred places, and it gives the warning that warded places (i.e. sacred places, magical places) should always be entered and treated with respect. In turn, this rune speaks of keeping silent, and being careful about what you speak of. Sedge is a type of wild grass/rush. It is usually a wetland plant, which perhaps links this rune also to Laguz, the power of water and the underworld. Its leaves appear rough and blade-like, which is fitting, due to the nature of this rune to be able to 'draw the blood of any man who dares to grab it.'
  5. LAGUZ - Elder Futhark (or LAGU - Anglo Saxon) - resembling the water leek, or water overflowing "To land lubbers, water seens troublesome if they put to sea on tossing ship, the waves terrify them, and the horse of the sea refuses its bridle." - Anglo Saxon Rune Poem The rune resembles either the water leek, or the motion of water overflowing the rim of a cup. It is associated with the festival of Candlemas (Imbolc) and is linked to the rune Sowilo/Sigel (Sun) in the Rune Poem. Whilst Sowilo is symbolic of a safe journey (akin to a calm and sunny crossing across the sea) the next Rune in the poem, Laguz, is symbolic of a shaky journey - a dangerous flow, which offers passage but not without risk. This rune is sometimes termed the Guardian of the Gate - it is associated with the underworld, and chthonic journeys to the underworld. It is the liminal Psycho-pomp who leads souls between the worlds. It is interesting that in ancient Greece, February and March were the times when souls were considered to return to the world of men (rather like our Halloween today). Perhaps this rune is reminiscent of this ancient belief which was do doubt practised in different ways across Europe. Perhaps then, this rune would be a useful one to use for dreamwork, although the dreams would NOT necessarily be positive ones - and working with spirits, and traversing the worlds. Certainly, it would be useful in trancing and 'crossing the hedge'. Perhaps this is another reason why it is connected to Imbolc, and later, the Spring Equinox - a time which is said to be a time without time. By total coincidence I found this Imbolc 'saying' today in the 'Witches Databook', which seems to reflect this rune and its association with the time of year: "The Sun is coming behind the Storm, And here my home is safe and warm. Good spirits that love us come inside, Warm yourself by the fireside." - Diana Rajchel
  6. SOWILO - Elder Futhark (or SIGEL - Anglo Saxon) - resembling the thawing rays of spring "Sun by seaman - always hoped for. When they fare hence - over fish's bath til the brime steed they bring to land." - Anglo Saxon Rune Poem The rune resembles the thawing rays of the sun which warm the earth in spring. It is also significant for fisherman and travel, the rays of the sun meaning a clear and calm sea - safety, growth and prosperity. In the Rune Poem, Sowilo is next to Laguz (water, or sea). The sun is connected to the feminine (unlike the modern interpretation of the sun as a masculine force). In magic it represents clarity of vision, conscious magical will, and the victory of light over darkness. Although it is linked to the winter solstice (return of light after the darkness of winter) I feel that in some ways this rune is symbolic of the whole period of early spring (perhaps even up to the spring equinox). Whilst the DAYS become longer at the Winter Solstice, we don't really start to feel or see the result of the sun's rays until about now (Imbolc) and later at the Equinox ... the cool morning rays of springtime.
  7. Actually, the reason I chose red was because my (agnostic!) boyfriend said I should use red!! I was going to go for black, but actually the red is much more striking, and somehow seems to be more powerful.
  8. owlblink

    Runes as Doorways

    Hi Grym, I believe Pertho/Peorp has some connections with birth and family lines, and also the joining together of friends of family, 'in the beer hall, blithe together' (from the Anglo Saxon rune poem) - this poem also references bold men or warriors which in my mind also speaks of connections between people working as one 'family', in terms of troops of warriors, working towards one cause. I was told that the meaning of the word Peorp is linked to Wyrd, actions which start from birth creating the future; the 'red thread' or witchline which is passed through family. I haven't actually done much with this rune yet in terms of dream work, ritual work - so this all could come out in the wash !!! x
  9. Today I started picking out beachstones which I felt were fitting for each rune and began using our Dremmel Kit to carve the runes into the stone, which worked surprisingly well - I thought it was going to burn up the drill and break the carving piece, but it didn't !! I think I will then use a deep red paint to paint the carvings. I am not sure if my rune meanings will be the same as other peoples because although I have obviously done some standard research I try to pick up what I can from them intuitively. I was guided through the complete set of runes a couple of years ago by a lady who practised Trad Craft but rather than telling me what they meant, she showed me how to discover them for myself. I tried to work with the rune first, and then go and research them afterwards - so what I picked up intuitively wouldn't be influenced by what the books said they should mean. Its been a few years since I have touched on the runes and I feel that it is time to start working with them again! Anyway, here is the first entry of my study of the Runa - the rune 'Peorp'. PEORP - Elder Futhark (or PERTHO - Anglo Saxon) - resembling a cup, or beer jug on its side "Peorp is always play and laughter, amongst bold men where warriors sit, in the beer hall, blithe together" - Anglo Saxon Rune Poem The rune resembles the cup, and also the birthing canal, linking this rune to birth - our actions start at birth, and create the future. This rune has connections to wyrd and the red thread, or witchline - the Distaff line passed from mother to daughter. Peorp also emphasises the need to face fears and leave the past behind, in some cases forgive and forget, an important quality for family life. To me, it signifies the connection between family or a group of people who are all working towards one aim, and the celebration of that unity, hence 'where warriors sit, in the beer hall, blithe together' and where the past is left behind in order to focus on a positive, unified future. This rune also has links to changing our fate, which is set on a certain path by our past actions but it is possible to change and leave the past behind. It signifies the relationship between free will and the constraints of the circumstances; what is possible within the restrictions of Wyrd. In terms of Craft, this rune signifies Crossing the Hedge, traversing the Tree and the Otherworlds, in order to control Wyrd. Therefore it is also linked to divination and oracle. This was the first rune I was introduced to, but is probably the one I have the least experience with. It is also the only one which is carved into my staff (for the time being!!) but I will update this blog once I have some more experiences with this rune.
  10. ah yes ... the, "we know more than you ... and we shall not allow you full access to our database of arcane knowledge ... (because then actually, you might find out we dont really know much about anything at all...!!!!)" I wouldnt let it bother you too much, I know its horrible being rejected but I bet there's nothing on that forum you cant learn from anywhere else ... xx
  11. I've been using runes recently, not for divination but as doorways for occult/mystic experiences. A year ago or so I decided that once I learnt about a rune and used it in a ritual/magic sense I would carve it into my staff and make a note of my experiences, so that hopefully the meaning of the rune would stick with me. As things turned out, this idea got put on a back burner as other things in my life had to take priority. So I am planning on starting again and will record it here. So far I have been working with the following runes, but I am going to go back over them one by one and record what I have already experienced with them, and whats happened this time round. PERP/PERTHO: Family lines, Ancestory 'Game' RAIDO: Journeys 'Ride' EHWAZ: 'Horse' SOWILO: 'Sun', the thawing rays of spring LAGU: 'Lake/Sea' Guardian of the Gate
  12. hi everyone, sorry if this ruins your day (I know it ruined mine!!) but I think we need to raise awareness of this. This PETA website takes a shocking look into Chinese Fur Farms and LIVE SKINNING. http://www.peta.org/feat/chineseFurFarms/index.asp China has no regulations to govern their fur farms, and farmers can house and slaughter animals however they see fit. The investigators found horrors beyond their worst imaginings and concluded, "Conditions on Chinese fur farms make a mockery of the most elementary animal welfare standards. In their lives and their unspeakable deaths, these animals have been denied even the simplest acts of kindness." The globalization of the fur trade has made it impossible to know where fur products come from. China supplies more than half of the finished fur garments imported for sale in the United States. Even if a fur garment's label says it was made in a European country, the animals were likely raised and slaughtered elsewhere—possibly on an unregulated Chinese fur farm. I am sure that no one on this forum would buy fur, but perhaps if we share the link with friends it will raise the awareness that buying fur of any kind is wrong. I couldnt make myself watch the whole video. :upset:
  13. :wave: we all need time out !! we will have a virtual drink when you are back :buddies:
  14. There is no such thing as coincedence!! thats what I think anyway Fate ... well I dont see it in the "set in stone" way, rather that Fate is constantly being spun by our actions and inactions ... therefore nothing is set in stone.
  15. ah the LBRP - I believe it can fit into most systems. As for the names, well - words of power are - words of power ... I would second the others here when they say that the words summon a certain energy, and you can interprete that energy whichever way you want. The LBRP is a great technique for clearing space although IMO it shouldnt be used too often. It also, IME, it wipes out all energy within the space, which allows you to work with 'a clean canvas', if you like. The A-Bomb of ritual techniques, LOL ...
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