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    Mid Wales
  • Have you explored other paths?
    No, I was fortunate enough to be brought up by parents who let me decide what and who I was.I know that large religious organisations scare me, and don't quite know why.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Traditional witchcraft to me means being at one with nature.From an early age I was drawn to forests and rivers and especially to gromlechs. I was very lucky to have been a child in a beautiful part of isolated countryside in Wales.
    I have always felt different, and have never joined anything like this before, but find it calling me.
    I don't feel at home with any sort of mass worship and to be honest it scares me, whatever religion it may be.
    I don't like all the new age and wicca type stuff around, and feel it isn't right for me.
    It makes so much sense that if we treat the planet with respect then it will still keep working for us.
    what more can I say?I have never talked about my beliefs with anyone before, so forgive my lack of answers.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I am hoping to find a belonging with like minded people.Also an understanding, I have read a lot of posts before making the decision to register and everything I have read feels "familiar"
    It might not be for me in which case I would just leave, but at this moment in my life I have a need to fit in and reach ot to others who might understand me.
  1. Maybe I should go away and give this more thought before I step in, but here are my immediate thoughts. I feel a sometimes overwhelming belonging to the land that I, and generations before me walked upon. I feel it with a passion that I find hard to put into words. The Celts were a "nature people" they lived their lives respecting nature, living with it, working with it, paying close regard to the changing seasons and celebrating them. Although I do not worship any God or deity as such I do feel I almost worship nature just like my ancestors did. Coming from generations and generations of Welsh Men and Women who worked on this land that I still live in, and growing up on a farm, this tradition continued and grew in me. I knew the importance of the seasons from as soon as I could walk and talk. On our farm was a "Gromlech" an ancient relic from our past. I was drawn to it, and spent more and more time touching it, sleeping under it, admiring the huge stones and wondering who had brought them to this piece of land, and how....why? This is when I started to see the bigger picture, not only thinking of the people who were alive and surrounding me at this time, but to all those who lived before me. How can I not have a deep rooted connection to my ancestors when I live in a country where I can see old dry stone walls that I knew my Great Great Grandfather's hands built? Although, having said that, some members of my family did not feel it, neither did they sit by ancient stones recognizing the power they held, so why did I? Here in Wales there is still a strong solidarity amongst us, like the battle we have had to keep our language alive.At one point it was almost dead, only heard in the very rural communities, the people rose,and united to keep it alive and now it is very much a living language, and we even have a government policy regarding it! People may have ridiculed, and mocked us, called us "fanatics" but this is our language, our heritage. What connects us as Trad. witches, I really can't answer that.There is almost an unspoken bond between us, some ancient connection that, although we are all different and may believe and follow different paths and beliefs, this "belonging" is still there. Look at the way we all know straight away who is going to "belong" on this forum and who is not! I did once stop practicing my craft, a brief time when lots of things were very traumatic and sad in my life. I was still the same "me" but turned my back on it all, probably from the sheer depletion of energy if nothing else. Other random people whom I came across at that time still recognized something in me, something "different".It was not long before things got back to normal. I may keep who I am and my beliefs very private in my daily life, and I do not go around telling people I am a witch, that is just MY personal choice, as it was the way with my Grandmother before me. But still, any friends that are drawn to me nearly always share my ways, and we sort of "know" each other.Even if they don't they accept and respect the person I am. We may all be very different on here, but we share that same commonality of just "knowing" and accepting who and what we are. We seem to be more comfortable in our own skins than other "ordinary" people.We know who we are, are aware of our strength and also our weakness. We also all share a huge respect and a feeling of outrage regarding the torture of those who came before us, and were put to their deaths for their beliefs. We seem to be working from some deeper, more aware place than others. Oh, I can't put what I feel into words, its so difficult! so I will answer in one simple sentence.... What connects us on this path?..... We are all bloody brilliant!!!
  2. rosielj

    A lonely Path?

    Not long to go now Lea, June will soon be here!
  3. This might seem a bit odd, but I always connect with my ancestors while I am in the bath! I find I can relax totally while lying in the water, and can meditate and go to places that I sometimes cannot in other areas of the house.(probably due to too many distractions!) I have always been obsessed by my Great Grandfather. My Grandmother talked a lot about her Father to me before she died, and since I was a little girl, out of all the past ancestors I have heard the older members of my family talk about he, and his line have always stood out for me, to the point that I even moved house to be nearer the area they lived in. Just before Xmas a distant relative found a photograph of my G.Grandfather and Grandmother and it was the best thing that has happened to me in ages! Better than any gift I could ever receive, and yes, he looked just as I imagined he would! He was from generations of Blacksmiths, and I have researched a lot about country Blacksmiths and found it fascinating.
  4. rosielj


    I think its more to do with the fact that he is beginning to regain his trust, and knows he is a lucky boy to be living in a loving home like yours! You're winning!!!!
  5. rosielj

    Mans Best Friend.....

    One of the reasons my house is for sale is so that I can get another dog! This house is really strange and has 5 floors, but even worse (and its killing me) no garden. One of the first jobs on my list will be to go to the rescue centre as soon as I move! Having said that its been on the market at a drop down, silly price for months and months and only one viewing! Just the way the country and economy is at the moment, so I might be in for a long wait!
  6. rosielj

    Mans Best Friend.....

    Oh Amber, that's awful. How can people treat animals like that, people who do should be bloody shot! I have always, since I can remember, hated any type of cruelty to animals, and nothing on this planet can make my blood boil to such an extent as hearing or witnessing ANY form of cruelty to them. I have found myself in trouble many times for speaking out to people who are cruel to their pets, and would do so again,despite any fear for my own safety...I just cannot help myself, I just go into this rage that feels beyond my control. I saw this man once beating his dog with a big walking stick so before I knew what was happening I grabbed the stick off him and bashed him over the head with it. (was a lot younger and fitter then, but would do it again anyway!) People like your friend Anne have my utmost respect and deserve a medal. We have a rescue charity shop here in town which I support and work in whenever I can. This is the first time in my life I have not had a dog live with us and I am finding it very hard. I had a rescued Great Dane who died just before we moved here, and I miss him so much. Thank goodness for special people like Anne. Rosie x
  7. rosielj

    A huge sigh of relief..

    Keep going Amber it will all be worth it in the end!Take loads of breaks as I think the mind can only digest so much info before it cuts out (I know mine did!) I was the idiot who did everything at the last minute including the 15,000 word dissertation, but it seems to be the way I work, I seem to be at my best when under pressure and with a tight deadline! The presentation in front of 15 of my peers was by far my biggest achievement, I felt physically ill for weeks before it, and even felt like leaving the course rather than stand in front of everyone for two hours talking! But I did it, and was quite proud of myself for overcoming my fears. All the best with it, and enjoy your break! Rosie x
  8. rosielj

    A lonely Path?

    Thanks Amber I am so glad I found this site as it has stopped a lot of the isolation I was feeling. I also think you are right about present day communities, maybe thats why I find it a bit odd because where I grew up the community was very strong and pulled together. Life has changed a lot since then though! I couldn't cope with spending any time with some of the folks around here, they are so far up their own arses that they haven't seen the daylight for years!!!!
  9. rosielj

    A lonely Path?

    I wonder if it is only me that sometimes finds this path a (sometimes) lonely one? Or am I just feeling lonely at the moment anyway so trying to blame something? It is nearly three years since I moved to the community I live in now and I haven't got any friends. My next door neighbour is a lovely Woman and she pops in sometimes, but other than her I never really see, or speak to anyone else. The place I live is somewhere were I felt I would fit in. I used to come here on holiday sometimes, and it seemed like a really cool place, full of interesting, alternative looking people. It will soon be four years since I moved here. I made the decision (in hindsight) rather recklessly! My relationship of 16 years was falling apart... in fairness to my ex mostly because of the way I was becoming. I was working all hours, trying to come to terms with having a chronic disease, it's a very appropriate name "lupus" as it means wolf, and like a sick or wounded wolf in a pack I withdrew from my partner thinking I was no good for him anymore. Because of the nature of my job I never wanted to go out socially because you could guarantee I would bump into somebody I knew. I worked for over 20 years as a Counsellor working with adult survivors of Childhood sexual abuse, and also with a Rape Crisis Centre, and also with Women who had experienced domestic abuse. My Doctor said that I was showing all the symptoms of secondary post traumatic stress, and to get out of my job QUICK! I woke up one morning and thought "What the f..k, I can't do all this anymore!" So I moved here. The place is not what I thought it was, and all the alternative type people just hang around together and don't allow anyone in their circle of friends unless they are of a certain class! I don't fit in here, it is either alternative types, or locals and I don't really fit into either category! Although I am welsh, and welsh speaking, I wasn't born around here. Didn't really help that weeks after I moved here my Mum got cancer so I was constantly driving back to the North to be with her, she died at the end of 2005. I suppose I am quite choosy about picking friends, and don't tolerate people who gossip behind your back,or who are shallow or false. I suppose you could say I have never had hundreds of friends, but I have usually had at least one true friend in my life at any given time, and I do miss not having that connection. I was reading the hedgewitch site that someone recommended on here, and there is a section about how this path can sometimes be a lonely one. There will be a reason for the last four years I am sure which will manifest soon. I have my two boys at home whom I love so much, and without their company I think I would have lost the plot completely by now!!! I really didn't intend for this post to turn into such a self indulgent whine feast!!!! Oh well, this is me as I feel today, and if nothing else I always speak as I find! Tomorrow is another day.
  10. rosielj

    First blogging post..

    You go for it Amber! My Son was really nervous about his University interview last year (he's really quiet and shy) but it wasn't half as bad as he expected. I was forty something when I finally got to wear my cap and gown!!!!
  11. rosielj

    Post Xmas Blues!

    As I took the Holly and fir cones down and thanked the tree for making my house look so lovely during Yule time, I also found myself feeling very sad. I think its like an anti climax, all the family have gone home, the younger Boys were due back in school and its like "oh, there we are then, its over for another year!" I will be fine in a couple of days, and I have a thirteenth Birthday party to organize for my youngest this Friday (who has decided he would like 10 friends from school to come) Arghhhhhhhhhhh!
  12. rosielj

    My First Blog Entry!

    I have never been on a forum before,never written a "blog" and am very new to all this, so please be patient with me! I have just returned from taking my Children the fifteen mile drive to school. They usually catch a bus, but first day back and none of us woke up very early! On this one journey I first pass the river, which today was frozen in parts. It looked so still and beautiful. The journey is very awe inspiring, loads of tiny, twisting roads etc. On the way back I stopped at the side of the road and just took in the views. I sat looking across the estuary, looking at the sea and the mountains in the background, and felt very lucky to be near such breathtaking scenery. I don't like it when the Boys go back to school. My eldest does not like school at all, he has never liked it since he started. He doesn't like the rules, he doesn't like the way the teachers speak to him. He is fifteen soon and is a very free spirit.He said he feels like he is in a prison when he attends school. He has had long periods at home, refusing to go, which has had the authorities knocking on my door more than once, and butting into our lives. I suffer from a disease called Lupus which is a chronic auto-immune disease. These people pounced on the fact immediately, and tried to say that the reason he didn't want to go to school was because I was ill, and that he was worried about me! It makes me so bloody mad that they always imagine there must be something wrong at home if a kid doesn't want to go to school!! He told them in no uncertain terms that it had nothing to do with my illness, and that he finds the whole school system boring and uninspiring, and that he feels like he's part of a machine thats trying to churn out a load of clones!!!That shut them up for a minute! He is clever, he composes music, draws the most amazing pictures, and is very talented and imaginative and he feels school dampens his creativity....but oh no, something must be wrong at home!! I would just like to take this opportunity of saying how much I am loving being part of this forum, and that since I was made a full member I have given myself a headache through all the reading I have been doing! It was strange how I got to be here. A friend of mine, who I used to spend some time with, died two years ago. We didn't see each other all that often, but when we did it was magical. She never said she was a witch in so many words, and I never said I was, but I think we knew.( it became very apparent at her burial and wake that she was a very highly respected witch) Anyway, this one day I was feeling at a really low ebb, and feeling very isolated and lonely, so I sat in my front room and started to talk to this friend in my head. I closed my eyes and kept calling her and asking her what I should be doing, and could she help me? The words that I kept hearing back where "Traditional Witch" When I got myself together I wondered what she meant. I sat by the computer and typed the words in, and yes, you guessed it, the first site that came up was this one. In the next few days I started to read your posts and felt so at home with you all. I have never discussed my craft, or beliefs in public before, and am still quite shy, but I am getting there! Rosie
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