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    Well, I am Greek Orthodox. They have incense burning and chanting and candle lighting and quite a bit more stuff that was blatently stolen from the old religion anyway. I was lucky-my parents never pressured me much into church. They sort of let me figure it out for myself. I have been a traditional witch for over 20 years now. I have never officially left my religion, but do incorporate some of orthodox saints as well as the Virgin Mary(goddess) in some of my magic.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    May I first say-very nice site. Thank you (Sandy Cristel) for informing me to check it out. Traditional witchcraft means to me: First and foremost-no rule book. I wish I lived centuries ago-when witches were truly wise women and used just what that could produce or what they had at hand-no 125$ athames back then! The classic old crone, who lived in a cottage, and did her "work"by her own set of rules. This is how I see it. No moral judgement on my particular "brand"of magic. A hex if you deserve one and a kick in the ass if ya need that to.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    Over 20 years now
  • What brought you to our site?
    Sandy had read a review of mine on Amazon, and thought I should check it out. I did and liked it so much, here I am!
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    Well, It is nice to know that I am not alone! The friggin wiccans practically stoned me (with love of course) when I even hint at laying a curse or the Dark Goddess or anything that isn't happy or peppy. I think it would be cool to be able to exchange ideas with folks of a like mind.
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  1. Happy Happy Birthday !!

  2. Happy belated birthday to you.. Hope you had a goodun!

  3. Wishing you a most Happy Birthday!



  4. I have read The Satanic witch years ago, as well as the Devils notebook, and Satanic Bible. If I remember, when he is talking about stockings, dress code etc. I am pretty sure he is referring to women using their "feminine wiles" to get what they want. Which pretty much sums up his philosophy. Do everything you can to get what you want. He was a hustler,with opinions that he wasn't afraid to speak, plain and simple. I did enjoy his books though, and found myself saying many a time "jeez, he's right about that!" “It has been said, 'the truth will make men free.' The truth alone has never made anyone free. It is only doubt which will bring mental emancipation.” ― Anton LaVey
  5. As long as they don't try and shove their peace and light crap down my throat-I could really care less about 'em. Live and let live.
  6. Nothing wrong with using "industrial bonemeal". I have-as well as cornmeal, chalk powder, coffee grounds etc. I feel the same about using mixed up human bonemeal-(as my mind popped automatically to a crematorium). It's strange-I do work with unknown dead, but feel that using their bones and not knowing who they are is a bit to personal? Is that weird?
  7. 9/20/2011

    Happy Birthday to You ! Enjoy your day, be extra kind to yourself, have wee nip as a toast to years of kindness spent, wisdom garnered, and wisdom shared.

    Warmest Regards,


  8. Very cool indeed!! And definetely has nothing to do with stereotypes,in todays modern enlightened (so to speak)world. I would consider that to be a true witchy trait, more than I would a mole or wart on a persons nose today. As we all know, these natural occurances during the 14th or so century(milk curdling etc.. because maybe their were no refrigerators?)were one of many excuses to lynch someone, during the witch hunts. But I'm just saying, even though someone may have "the mark of a witch" on them-doesn't necesarily make them one. Look at the witch hunts-nearly 100,000 killed, but, were they all witches? History tells us no, they were not. Now I am curious Jevne! And have a ton of questions which are definetely off topic, but I will sneak one in-how about plants? Do they grow better? Not at all? Jeez, I could go on and on,-sorry :red_witch:
  9. I am covered in moles, as well as a birthmark, and have strawberry blonde hair and green eyes...as do a gazillion other people, witch and nonwitch. Big whoop. Personally, I think all that counts for shit. Proof is in the pudding, not marked on ya'. I'm pretty sure if they wanted to burn me alive/hang me etc. back then-mole or not -wouldn't have stopped them. If you had a pet, it was your familiar, if the milk curdled-a witch looked at, if you had a strange looking broom in your posession or doll-must be your a witch! etc...People back then were governed by ignorance and fear of the unknown, still seen today in many places.
  10. Ah yes, the AT forum-total madness when a collectable deck goes up. The Russian print on the VR cards give it an air of mystery-if you don't speak Russian that is, and it has the 2 emporers (sp?). The BOGO-totally a love it or hate it deck. I will order the BBC, just for collecting purposes, as I cannot see doing a serious reading with them. They are lovely though. Keep an eye on ebay-I have seen the veeeeery limited OOP book, go for a good price (got me 2!), as well as all the other decks.
  11. I know they did a limited reprint of The Victorian Romantic, but it was in Russian. They may reprint an English version though,sometime in 2012-I think.
  12. I use a beaten up old Rider-Waite deck that I refuse to part with, but am also in love with gorgeously dark, Bohemian Gothic Tarot as well as the Vitorian Romantic. I am a fantical collector of anything by MRP. Now if I could only get my sweaty little hands on The Tarot of Prague deck...
  13. Never heard of slow-worms before, but those look to much like snakes! Can't help but to think of the fun you could have scaring the hell out of someone who doesn't know these are harmless (are they harmless?)
  14. Good for you! So many people I know want to get a tat and are to scared for whatever reason-, if you really want it-just do it! I am still trying to get my mom (shes 75) to get one! She regrets never having one done.
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