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  1. Your modified console TV sounds like a really nifty idea! I like it. I do maintain a pretty stiff degree of secrecy even in my home. Hubby just wouldnt' get it and it isn't worth the fight to try and explain. However some things are hidden in plain sight
  2. If someone wants something expensive and they can afford it, fantastic. Personally, I don't get into designer anything. Just can't see the point of paying for a label. I do not enjoy shopping for clothes but when I get the gift cards I will finally pick a day and buy myself some. I so seldom buy myself anything that my kids get all excited if I do. LOL (my daughters are big-time shoppers...they must get it from their dad)
  3. I read the series before the first movie came out. I have not heard of Midnight Sun but will have to check it out. LOL
  4. *raises hand* Yup, read them and enjoyed them. I will go further in this confessional and admit that I went to see New Moon on opening night with my daughters and some of their friends and other mom too. The other mom and I agree.....we are on team Jacob. If only we were a a few years younger. :laugh1:
  5. Right now I am reading "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens. Actually the only book I have going at the moment....got lots of other stuff to do.
  6. I make quilts and also make afghans and when I am working on either for someone in particular I am constantly infusing it with intention. I have one quilt that I made for someone and was waiting to give it to them as a gift. Before I gave it, the person became an 'enemy' and I could not give it to them with the good intentions attached. So I gave it to someone else that definitely does deserve the blessings included.
  7. I am reading a bok about the Akashic records and just finished the first five sookie stackhouse books (junk food for the brain). I can't even tell you what books are waiting to be read!
  8. Oh SURE!! Just rub our noses in it. sheesh!
  9. I don't know whether to blame the date or the mercury retrograde but today turned into a sucky day for me. My car died on the highway about 40 miles from home. I had to have it towed all that way and hopefully tomorrow my mechanic brother-in-law will get a chance to look at it and fix it without huge expense and trouble.
  10. Just finished reading "Wicked Weeds" by Amy Stewart. It is from the gardening section at the local Borders. It is about plants that misbehave, are poisonous, noxious, and just bad mannered.
  11. oh baby!! I wish that sort of mistake would happen to me too...perhaps by a great herbal plant source!!
  12. hey...I resemble those remarks.....ROFLOL!! I will admit to several of those on the list. For example....we have a bird dog named Apollo....And just what is wrong with chanting "I've got friends in low places"??? and a love spell for livestock?? well, ok, I havent' done that, but could see it in the future..... Gretchen Wilson -- country singer, first hit, "Red Neck Woman" grew up just a few miles from me. My kids have accused me of being redneck because I do some of the things in that song.....then the next thing you know they are calling me a hippy or a witch or a black magic woman....sheesh...they need to make up their mind already.. A Redneck Hippy Witch! YeeHaw, hell yeah!!
  13. That is a great list! I know there have been a few times that I have felt a bit drowsy when I still had to go home from work. There is a REAL ginger ale soft drink that makes a great pick-me-up for me. Not that Canada Dry stuff....it is a bit heavy on the ginger flavor so it isn't for everyone. It is Reeds Ginger Ale and the only place I can find it around here is at a health food store.
  14. Oh..never fear, I am not really insulted or feeling bad. I just thought it was funny. You are right about one thing, we often do look back on our youth and wish we had made different choices.
  15. Oh man, you know how to make one feel "old". I am going to be 48 on my birthday and am thinking about considering a tattoo...it would be the first. I only hope I wouldnt regret it when I turn 50!! ROFLOL!!! :roflhard:
  16. Well, I finished reading the book last night and over all I think it is a keeper. There were a few things here and there that I don't necessarily agree with but I liked the ideas for different hexes, etc and there is a lot to work off of.
  17. I am willing to give this a try!
  18. I got this book Monday and started reading it that night. I didn't get very far, but spent some time with it while waiting in the car. I got as far as the 11 1/2" doll poppet. I am getting a kick out of that!
  19. I have read the first two of the Mayfair Witches books. I quite liked them but am a fan of Anne Rice's older works anyway. I finished the first two books of the Wicked series (not the wizard of Oz remake) and I have mixed feelings about them. I ended up likeing them well enough to read them, not sure if I will pick up the next two. They have put two novels into one book for this series, so the first two were actually just one book. They leave you hanging and I suppose that it is going to require all four books to actually bring the initial story to a conclusion. The authors take the POV that witches are mostly evil or good. Lots of "black" and "white" thrown about with some "gray". Also, there was a sentence in the first one about wicca being THE authentic witchcraft. Only the inheritance/familial witchs & warlocks have any REAL power...everyone else is jus small time. The bad guys are warlocks worshipping the horned one and the good guys are witches worshipping the goddess...you get the idea. Once I mentally got past all this though, the actual battle between good and evil has been pretty good.
  20. I do not feel any special need to feel a connection to some land over the ocean from here. Last time I checked, the earth is the same age all over. The histories of different lands may be different and not always as obvious as ancient architecture. However, I live about 40 minutes from the Cahokia Mounds and there is some awesome energies there! I love to go there by myself and wander the grounds and the museum. The mounds qualify as a ancient historical place and is supposed to be the oldest archaeological site in America. http://www.cahokiamounds.com I do find the histories of other places fascinating study though.
  21. I feel very connected to the land where I live. I was born within a few miles from where I live so this is just where I feel I belong. I have ancestors from far flung places in Hungary and other European places as well as rumors of native american in northern minnesota. So my connections really settle locally rather than scattering to the four directions. When I was growing up, I always felt like an outsider,looking in, so spent much time walking in the woods behind my house. To this day, I often still feel like that. Some habits are hard to break.
  22. I did read this trilogy by Nora Roberts and found them to be nice summertime reading. I also have the trilogy of hers, the Circle Trilogy...also a witchy series and also enjoyed them. I absolutely loved Gregory Maguire's "Wicked". My daughters and I went to the stage production of that in StL. and were very impressed and had a great time. The book "Wicked" I referred to earlier is a different author...looking at the cover it is apparently a compilation of two novels by co-authors Nancy holder and Debbie Viguie. What can I say, they had this book just laying around at Borders... Another book that I read sometime ago that I enjoyed as light summertime reading was "Garden Spells", (can't recall the author right off). It sort of reminded me of the Hallmark movie "The Good Witch".
  23. I have read "Bitten" (liked it) and intended on reading the rest of the series...but haven't gotten to any yet. I happen to be a fan of the Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and also the series, The Mayfair Witches. I tend to gravitate towards vampire novels for some reason. have read a couple of series of vampire books that were written for a younger audience and enjoyed them. I just picked up a book called 'Wicked" which is supposed to be a witchy novel written for younger readers too.
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