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    many and varied! if it invloves fiber I do it. I love to read and garden.
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I am quite familiar with witchcraft
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I come from an upbringing in christianity. There finally came a point in my life when I just couldn't go along with what was taught and believed by so many. I no longer could embrace the idea of a god that encouraged 'his people' to do atrocities that under other circumstances would send people to "hell" or in our world to life in prison at the very least. I think if other people find comfort and solace there, more power to them. I raised my own children to be good christians even. It seemed the right thing to do at the time and basically I am not sorry about it. I just am not there myself for the past several years. I diverged off that path completely in 2003 and have not been sorry.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I consider what I do as a traditional type thing. I work mostly in the wise-woman ways with folk & herb. magic
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Traditional witchcraft to means a path that is natural and earthy. I am not into elaborate rituals as a general rule and tend more towards folk or hearth craft. I don't come from a "lineage" which seems to be important to some, nor do I have any mother/grandmother/etc. that taught me anything related.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    Actively started this path in 2003.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I first found the site a long time ago when exploring what information was available online.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I hope to find like minded folks for conversation.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    not that I can think of currently.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    protection, banishing and space clearing.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Scrying...so far I just don't see anything. I tend to not be patient enough i guess.
  • Additional Information.
    I have my diploma in Holistic Health Practice from the Australasian College of Health Sciences and I am a Reiki Master/Teacher. I like to garden and preserve the produce of my garden. I am a Master Food Preserver trained by the U. of I. Extension.


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